WeaponsMan: Tracking Point – Precision Has A Lower Price


Not cheap.

But comparable to other toys.


Plus it will scare the flying-bejeezus out of the collectivist coprophages on the Left and the Right.


23 responses to “WeaponsMan: Tracking Point – Precision Has A Lower Price

  1. Geez and here I thought shooting was all about mastering the art of shooting, cold bore and all.

  2. I’d buy one of these if I wouldn’t have to guard it 24/7 from the lowlife dirtball murkins. If anyone found out you had one, they’d back up a tow truck and rip out your gun safe thru the wall of your house… The sooner hundreds of millions of murkins die -the better.

    • You’re so cutting edge and cool tfA-t. No wonder lesser men’s wives throw themselves at your feet. Normally one has to go to a bowling alley to meet a man of your stature.

      • You fucking loser.

        tom – get on your knees and blow my Horn.

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        Tell me tom, how did I taste?

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            Like I said.

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  3. Shinmen Takezo

    Wow–let me run out an get three of those!!! (not).

  4. For me ?? Gosh thanks !! Guess I’d better start saving even more for another toy for the box

  5. Centurion_Cornelius

    …as Pa would always tell us boys: “It’s just more in there to bust–keep it simple.”

    …for Pa:

    ….for us boys:

    • I am with Centurion, keep it simple, and spend the difference on a whole boat load of matching ammo.

      • Yep! ^^^^


        K.I.S.S my rosy!

        Oh, and I can’t wait till all the defectives now being enlisted/conscripted (soon) can shoot well enough thanks to auto tracking optics. ‘Course, they have to keep their eyes open and peek out of cover, so maybe I shouldn’t worry….

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Honestly, I rather have that M1 from WWII.
      When you shoot someone with that fucker–they stay shot.

    • I do appreciate Pa’s rifle much, and I’m in the generation that the first black rifle issued to me was an M16A1 made by the Hydramatic Divison of General Motors.

      The M1 does as well as any other for me, better than most all. Mine has never had a hiccup. Its caliber allows much for arcane bullets. Those who really prefer the M1 over just about anything else, might avail themselves now of a 7.62 x 51 barrel when their stocks of ’06 get to the diminishing point. Spin it on and get into those next caliber reserves. Gas port diameter on many 7.62 M1 barrels is tight, you want it to be .396.

  6. I’ll stick with my dreary old M40A1 with ZF69./ S//

  7. Virgil Kane

    If you want to blow their liberal minds, arm your kids with AR15’s for the price of one of those. Unless you have a Duggar family and then arm half and the other half can carry ammo.

  8. Rlly? Only FIVE PERCENT first shot hit with a top-of-the-line $7300+ 5.56mm shooter? These have to be low-level urban kids who are in non-firearm MOS’s who then go on to get jobs as cops (PTSD/0% disability & Honorable Discharge (denied re-enlistment)) = Plus Ten Points!) and their departments hot-stamp training documents to save money (get grants!) as well as forget to do relatively-free cross-training and self-training. Or, they do “dress-up, line-up” training. Oops. Free donuts & coffee from Dunkin’ in the War Wagon!

    How’s that Tracking Point hold up to EMP? Does the rifle fire with dead batteries?

    300Yards/5 inch target “off hand” means non-stablized standing? This is not how you shoot a first shot! At very least, sit down and fire over your boots to get a minimum 80% first-shot gong-hit with peep sights (just like 1942 training films) while reducing the “HERE I AM, M-F-er!” return fire. Betcha I have 8 friends with rifles (+ammo and training) inside the $7300 budget, and at least 6 for six grand. More, if Nuggets and Smiley’s are acceptable. There are folks who can get first-shot man-sized hits at 300M using a handgun, but they are special. Peep sight batteries don’t fail, nor do they make shine or get auto-targeted by their coating laser-return.

    • “These have to be low-level urban kids who are in non-firearm MOS’s who then go on to get jobs as cops…. 300Yards/5 inch target “off hand” means non-stablized standing? This is not how you shoot a first shot! ”

      I, too, would like to see “off hand” defined and the shooter(s) sampled.

      Also, be advised there are plenty of us from “non-firearm MOS’s” who can shoot very well since that skill can be developed outside of the military and often through better training than what the military provides. By my 3rd shot ever taken at 1000 yards, I hit center mass torso. It was through a .308 hunting rifle which cost <$1100 new. My trainer was a civilian. That said, the crucial engagement distance for those individuals most skilled with a rifle which might improve the statistical odds for their survival in the field will still be 300-600 yards. This is between the very long range shooters and those who train with their rifles at <100 yards. Most fighting with small arms and resulting death will still take place at 600 yards that is of little risk to those who would be pushing the button to punch your ticket. I didn’t need multiple deployments and x# firefights to figure this out. My first day in the field under an indirect fire attack and a basic understanding of statistics garnered from modern wars around the world illuminated that reality perfectly for me. Where were the majority of combat MOSs when this was happening? Under the sandbags with me. They and their rifles were useless at the moment.

      BTW, many deaths in wartime even among the military have been caused by famine and disease. In some locations you were more likely to die by a combination of bad water (or a mosquito bite) and malnutrition than by a bullet. Despite bad press about the VA the US military has actually done a great job with prevention and treatment in the medical field. And where do they get their most qualified people when there’s a mobilization? Part timers in the Guard and Reserve.

      My image of future wars still involves plenty of small arms and mortars, but with drones bombarding the barren places and viruses running rampant in cities under siege. Kind of like the Dark Ages, but more dangerous.

  9. Plus it will scare the flying-bejeezus….

    ….until the batteries go dead.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. on second thought i think ill take 5000$ and uparmor my truck and just run the fatherless fennions over

  12. Lost Patrol

    Since we are comparing toys. My tricked out M1A (semi M14) with LRB receiver and Douglas match barrel with military small parts is right on with Leopold intermediate tactical scope 3.5 to 8 power. If I desire an AR clone, I drag out my Sig 716 Patrol likewise in 7.62×51 with ACOG 3.5×35. Minus optics they together are less then this expensive hog and willing to bet I can stay up with it.