Claire Wolfe: One month away – What’s the best possible outcome?



But good threat analysis.

This is not a drill.

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  1. Bullshit.

    Even if the gop holds and senate and house she’ll do exactly as Obama has done and congress will do exactly as they have done under Obama – and that is fold like cheap blankets. They’ve shown themselves useless and if anything complicit in the “fundamental transformation”.

    • This is dead on. Where is there one congressional gop’er standing up anywhere or at anytime since after the 2010 election calling the democrats liars like joe Wilson did in the SOTU; they’ve all been quite as churchmice. I don’t know where the endpoint is for the road the country is one, but the republicans are definitely onboard.
      I imagine the DOW will be up 300 points Monday after Hillary finishes trump off sunday night and the banksters see they get to keep playing the game by their rules.

      • CW is right, but for the wrong reasons. Hiligula – cf. the “deplorables” remark – will complete what Obama began: full polarization and internal war and do it quickly. Maybe a major dust-up with Russia/China as well, which will have similar effects. Trump, like Bush43, would throw a patriotard wet blanket over FreeFor and, when civil war comes, be a far more dangerous opponent.

  2. I did not have sexual relations with that pussy!!!

  3. Trump was never meant to win. You Trump supporters go grab a fist full of married chocha? I hope you can see it now. Character matters and Barnhardt IS RIGHT. There is no one in local, state or federal government at this moment that is fit for office that I can see. Now put down the ballot and step away from the booth slowly. Go home and sharpen your fcking ax. Today.

    Stay positive, keep prepping. Learn. Do.

  4. Some times I read a link from here that is so on it, so centered, that it makes me very, very uneasy. As the truth is wont to do. And as for me, I smell a whiff of 1934 in the air, not 1935. 1934, June 30, Night of the Long Knives.

    • I’m Ernst Rohm and I approve this message.

    • Night of the Long Knives has already begun. In the internet age, it means silencing voices. I can remember 3 TV networks (only 2 broadcast in my area), a local paper and a bookstore where you could buy NYT & WP. They want to silence our side, while they retain the internet advantage to exchange ideas.

      This is where Claire is wrong: it isn’t Hillary’s actions only we need to be concerned about, It is the actions of Hillary’s NGO allies: suppressed email, twitter, & facebook accounts, as well as bank account cancellation, or businesses that go e-transactions only. You won’t get a loan from any bank because “too many” guns makes you a bad risk. Your Wall Street broker will make bad decisions only for your account. ad infinitum. You won’t appeal a company’s arbitrary business decision to a court without going broke.

  5. Claire Wolfe is now dead to me.

  6. Best outcome?

    Rogue meteorite from deep space takes out both candidates at the last debate, or better still, hits the dais on Inauguration Day, wiping out the winners, losers, formers, and most of SCOTUS and the Congress in one event fully supporting the existence of a benevolent deity.

    I’m more likely to get a pony for Christmas on my fifth birthday, some decades previously.

    Since you asked.

  7. Claire reiterates her Hillary delusion, which seems to be largely based on a personal hatred of Trump. But giving up, with “plague on all their houses” virtue signaling, is for losers.

  8. Not that I give a shit but Trump’s done. He’ll be spending the next 30 days on the defensive. Get ready for the hutus and the tutsis. They’re coming with the full backing of the next administration. Baltimore? Ferguson? That’s child’s play compared to what’s around the next corner.

    • Second. I live in Houston and I was anting to stay until my parents pass on, but I am changing that mindset and if an opportunity presents itself to move somewhere in New Hampshire(my chosen state to try and maintain a conservative island as the usa descends into whatever) at somewhere near what I make now, I may go ahead and go; big cities are the worst place to be as we “Enjoy the Decline”.

      • Red sir,
        Good luck with that, I hope you make it. some parts of NH have also gone over the falls, was in Manchester not that long ago was shocked by all the gang tagging everywhere. As with most things the mountain folk still have their heads straight but the hives are a mess. good luck to you tho, if I had it to do over I’d b in NH, northern ME or AK but I’m not fond of those 1000 lb bruins so ak’s prob last.

      • And we have to wonder why our side is fucked…Fucking New Hampshire…

  9. Stealth Spaniel

    Usually I enjoy Claire,and mostly agree with her. However, this one left me in the weeds. I will vote Trump-as much as voting for a Republican can count in Commiefornia. Then, if Hildabeast the Pussy wins, I know everyone will be Going Galt. There is no GOP prick like Ryan or Chaffetz doing anything to stop Hildabeast the Pussy’s agenda. They will lay their coats over the horseshit in the streets for her. There will be an immediate cancellation of all of the Bill of Rights, the Holy Black Robes will be stuffed with Lenin Wannabes, and she will be sending her goons to confiscate anything you have that she wants. IE-land, family jewelry, antique autos, or your hot 14yro daughter. So, then we go to war with Russia……..I’m thinking the mountains in a thick forest are good for starters…….

  10. A lot of nads fell to the floor on this one

  11. To Hill with Hellary and anyone, anyone, who thinks there is any scintilla of good can come form her “winning” this selection.

    The usually lucid/Claire is running on tremulous, threadbare, wishful thinking, Trumphobia, denial and fear.

    Claire, Dear Lady, it is NOW time to shoot the bastards, especially if you get your wish.

  12. Buckaroo Banzai

    Getting sick of this anti-Trump nonsense coming from our side. Trump talked dirty about a whore, so what. The Republican Party leadership has been composed entirely of cucked weaklings who have bent the knee to the Democrats ever since the Reagan Amnesty of 1986. Trump finally stepped up and cleaned house and deserves our votes just for that.

  13. That, was hopefully, the stupidest thing I have read so far today.
    I used to have respect for that woman, now I’m just disappointed.
    If you have nothing intelligent to say, just shut the fuck up.

  14. Pablo Honey

    Not saying that Trump will fix everything, or that voting will even fix anything… but worse than Hillary? Claire needs to check her medicine. Maybe her preps have expired?

    First, Hitlery has already stated that she will pass gun control via executive orders.

    Second, the Supreme Court appointments she will make will not be something that can be reversed.

    Third, her idiotic foriegn policy will get us in a nuclear war for sure. Trump is a better deal maker and less of an ego freak than Hillary.

    Fourth, everything she said negative about Trump goes double for Hillary. You don’t really think she don’t like grabbing the poon tang too? Character? Maybe look at that whole beam versus mote in the eye thing again. Trumps emails and comments have killed far less people than Hillary’s. Never forget that. This reminds me of England being warned, and saved during WWII by an alcoholic poofer. Probably not enough character for some of you Christian perfectionists, but Churchill got the job done when the “people of character” turned out to be spineless cowards and traitors.

    Lastly, speaking of traitors, Cuckservatives will be standing in line to take a ride on Hillary’s strap-on. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and John McCain will all strip down and let her pull them in a train at the first Bohemian Grove meeting after she gets elected. No resistance will be offered. Slick Willy will stand there approvingly while he bonks an underage Epstein girl.

    It is sad that Mormon prepers are still naive enough to believe in the two party system and that Republican actually means anything. Maybe Glenn Beck has some Cheetos left that they can all rub their faces in while they all cry about Goldman Sachs Boy Ted Cruz loosing and endorsing Trump.

    Still, only one candidate since Reagan has had the balls to say: Build the Wall, enforce the law. That’s Trump. Now if he does it is quite another thing, but don’t pretend there is no difference between Trump and Hillary just because your favorite Puerto Rican Canadian carpetbagger who pretends he’s from Texas didn’t get the nod.

  15. I see the game at last. It’s all political theater. A Democrat president, and Republican Congress merely play their respective Good Cop/Bad Cop roles to make it look like there is real debate and choice in DC, while preserving the status quo for each other. You can bet after they leave public view and go behind the curtains, they both shake hands and have a good laugh at the audiences–us citizens—gullibility.

  16. Problem is that Clinton is the Deep State’s representative. The people who did 9/11 need a war, because if they allow peace and normal politics, their probability of hanging goes up a lot.

  17. Wolfe seems to be trapped in that ‘libertarian’ 2D thought box again. If she worked half as hard lobbying Gary Johnson to learn about foreign affairs and be a viable candidate as she does running down the only other viable option, we might be in better shape. Alas, she hasn’t, and I severely at this point question her motives.

    The reality is, no matter how you slice it, that the Supreme Court will be re-shaped by this election. And while some of you are convinced all that’s pre-planned or irrelevant, it may be it may not be, but this much is for sure- WE KNOW CLINTON’S INTENT.

    We know what this country will be if she wins. And this site, Wolfe’s, mine, and every other voice of dissent will be extinguished one way or the other.

    She’s dead wrong, the defeatists are fools, and the blind fatalism exhibited leads in one direction. That is of course, unless she decides to kick off her ‘revolution’.

  18. Wikileaks,,,, Hitlery Team Evil document dump —

    Executive order to ban “gun show loophole”:

    Open border globalist hegemony of western hemisphere:

  19. So what’s the solution, not some closet commando fantasy. How is this fixed. that’s the weak link on these sites, everybody sees the problem, nobody seems to offer up viable solutions.


    • It’s all local.

      If your area will hold in the coming storm, work to make those preps better.

      If your area won’t hold, GTFO now and to someplace that will, after which apply the above.

      • People aren’t honest with themselves and you could give them step by step instructions to more Liberty and they would come up with a lame reason why they shouldn’t do that…Look at all the people who should know better still living in cities and hoping it doesn’t go to shit before they start planning to get out…Sad That…

  20. ALCON,

    Today was my first class on Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 certification. I thought I was well aware of how deep the tentacles of fedgov reach into our lives. I was wrong. This FAA class today only helped to make me even MORE aware of how deeply these bastards we call “government”, are in every freakin’ aspect of our lives. After this class today I’m even MORE hateful of those citizens we know as “government”.

    While I have often remarked there are no good cops I truly feel that they’re the tip of the tyrannous iceberg. Those holding .gov jobs are just as culpable as cops are when working to attack Freedom & Liberty.

    As the 4th Estate gins up new attacks against Mr. Trump based on an ’05 video of his commenting about one of the opposite sex, they ignore H. Klinton’s decades of criminality. The Republican E’s join in the chorus of attacking Trump and in turn, provide support to Klinton. Their calling for Trump to quit the POTUS race because of his healthy, masculine, heterosexual remarks, is unheard of. Unbelievable. Every last hetorosexual male on this earth has oggled and commented on the attraction of a female. Yet, now the fact that Trump openly verbalized an attraction to the opposite sex, he now has become the scorn of Kriminal Klinton and her GOP establishment enablers. Truly, the fUSA is at a crossroads of history.

    After several decades as a registered R, I changed to Independent. While many of you say voting is a waste of time and effort I basically agree. But, “vote” is a four-letter word that for me is synonymous with another four-letter word….HOPE. My hope is to see Trump in the West Wing directing his AG to charge and arrest H. Klinton.

    I’ll be voting in the HOPE that Trump is elected. He will not be the best. But, a Klinton election will be the end of life as many of us know it.

    Trump is the great “Fuck You” to the weasels in D.C. and throughout fUSA. He is, for me, the last great HOPE.

    Let your conscience be your guide. But for me….

    GO TRUMP !

  21. If talking about a failed seduction 11 years ago can be whipped up into something more important than the Clintons’ endless stream of crimes and scandals, then the American public has reached a stupidity level that makes survival impossible. Northern Montana or the Cascades sounds best….

  22. Alfred E. Neuman

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  23. I agree…we have a choice between two evils. I will choose the one not bought and paid for by the Saudi royal family. Which again hasn’t been brought up by anyone. Just in case you haven’t been hit in he forehead…it’s called the 3rd jihad . clerics have been preaching it for a few years now. Move in and slowly take over bombs are almost a thing of the past. The US govt calls it incrementalism …a little at a time until you get what you want. And we are letting them do it. Enjoy.

  24. I’ve said all a long that Trump would not be allowed to enter the White House. People wake up, it is not you little make believe vote that elects, but the ELECTORAL VOTE. The public vote isn’t in the Constitution. Yes Amendment XV says the right of the people to vote shall not be denied. It does NOT say you have the right to vote for the president. Amendment XII says ELECTORS shall vote for president. But if by some miracle Trump wins, I believe he will be assassinated.