Curtis Sketches The Big Picture



And btw, the Elites live by the rule below.

That’s how they justify the murder, en masse, of nice folks like you.

Shouldn’t you live by the same rule, at least in your efforts to stomp them?

By any means

8 responses to “Curtis Sketches The Big Picture

  1. Grandiose plans for people who seemingly can’t count nor understand percentages…..

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Not exactly sure how they plan on getting the Sunni and Shi’ites on the same page, either. They’re not exactly besties.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Good ol days

    When / how will the elites modulate populations? Do they really want to live on an earth with 9-10 billion people in 30 years.

    8.5 billion by 2030 is sooner than later. Prepare for great human migrations and a multitude of refugees (economic, environmental, war, etc). How compassionate will future gens be? Especially towards people who are not required but who still want to exist.

  4. Damascus – and the rest of Syria – is already “a pile of rubble”. Any “union” between Shia Iran and Sunni/Wahabi Saudi Arabia is of course a chimera. And, when/if Mrs. Clinton and her Zionist neo-con handlers attempt to destroy the Russian AF in Syria…things will start going all wrong for the Judeo-globalists in a hurry. The Saker (he’s the Russian equivalent of Dick Morris: whatever he writes, predict just the opposite, and you’ll usually be right) first stated the Putin would never intervene directly in Syria; now he’s saying that the Russians in the Middle East “don’t have a chance against American might”. I dunno. It’ll be interesting to see just how well the ‘Kwa’s PC’d military – led by either a Black faggot or female C-in-C, with 4-star Negress “Admirals” and 3-star sodomite “generals”, performs against a country (or countries: + Iran, + China) led by real Men. My own feeling is that ‘Murka would have to escalate quickly to all-out nuclear war to get even a “draw”.

  5. The problem with superunion nation states — they are unmanageable. Libs bemoan this all the time just about the US. But look at the EU even before the muslim invasion. Greece, Italy, Spain are economic basket cases on the brink due to one size fits all economic policies. Britain broke away because they got tired of the brats in Brussels. Russia for all intents WAS a superunion state before the fall.

    There is ample evidence to suggest just the opposite of what the Globalists intend as the right direction.

    • MichiganderJim

      “they are unmanageable”

      Good point. Probably related to the fact that a person is unmanageable. Individuals are only overpowerable, and that takes resources–of which opporessors have a virtually infinite amount–AND production. Too bad for them they are woefully absent of that. It’ll be their breaking point—they’ll get all the money, but we’ll keep all the wealth.

  6. “This is the broader plan of the globalists to create a Sunni Arab/Persia Union, with Turkey and/or Saudi Arabia being its head (King). My bet is Turkey, after all, it is a globalist NATO member.”

    The writer certainly has a vivid imagination. Dead wrong, but vivid nonetheless.