Dear Senator McCain: Our National Security is Threatened by You, Your Policies, and Your Soulmate, Hillary Clinton



But at least the FUSA .gov is taking de-escalatory steps:

NNSA and Air Force conduct two successful joint flight tests of inert B-61 nuclear bombs


11 responses to “Dear Senator McCain: Our National Security is Threatened by You, Your Policies, and Your Soulmate, Hillary Clinton

  1. Look at all the sleeper agents in positions of political power.
    The barren Vagina
    Then look at the lesser known operatives within the regime.
    Outside it also, from Soro’s and his ilk to corporate and media power brokers. The great majority cultivated by the Fifth Column of the intelligentsia operating within the education system, progeny cultivated to supplant and usurp every concept of the culture of the West and it’s people. Specifically America.
    It is a veritable Comintern infiltration of red diaper babies and their sycophants in collusion with a corporate complex of fascist collaborators.

    • Mike Bishop

      Don’t forget, Lindsey-How-In-The-Fuck-Are-South-Carolinians-Still-Voting-For-This-Asshole-Graham.

      The senators interviewing Gen. Dunford are high on insanity, when asked why we couldn’t simply control the airspace in Syria, his response was:

      “For us to control all of the air space in Syria, would require us to go to war, against Syria and Russia. That’s a pretty fundamental decision I am not willing to make.” – Dunford

      These people are fucking insane. When we’re all getting turned into pillars of salt over a fucking natty gas pipeline, I hope it was “worth it.”

      We’re in trouble…

      • Bishop,

        I could care less about the Middle East or any of the hundred other countries we have a presence in.

        At best how about Dunford and the Joint Chiefs initiating a coup d’etat against the illegal Kenyan ? Or at a minimum start talking about securing our borders ? Start with pulling 2 ID out of fucking Korea, put them on the Mexican border and do a John Pershing on their ass !

  2. thesouthwasrght

    And yet the people keep sending the same cast of shit eaters like McCain, ryan, McConnell and so forth back time after time. No wonder we are so screwed.


      You are right. There is no reasoning with the bulk of the Dead Elephant voters. They are still channeling Ronnie Rayguns. They are clueless, flag-waving Lemmings. I avoid them at all costs.

    • thesouthwasrght, you got that right. The US is corrupt alright. The greatest corruption might be the voters in this country. The majority is not principled nor well informed.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        All politics are ultimately local. If local elected officials bring home money, then local people vote for them, as it is in their best interest to do so. The fact that other voters in other areas get fucked doesn’t matter to them.

  3. Dr. Strangelove is IN the room…..and her name is Hillary..

  4. Sometimes it seems like *Groundhog Day* (the movie) in american politics – for all of my adult life it’s the same old names over and over and over….nothing ever changes, except for the worse. The worst get worster and the better get worster still.

    I’m mostly maxxed out, and staying way back here in the sticks where I can pretend I’m safer.

    Ammo up!

  5. The way things are escalating every day with Russia and with the saber rattling on BOTH sides, I would not be surprised to see the psychopaths in charge of the U.S. light off the WWIII roman candle. No need for an election, just rally round the flag boys and then they get to kill hundreds of millions worldwide.

    Grey Ghost

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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