GoV: The African Slave Trade – The Islamic Connection



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  2. [yawn] This Catholic observes that GoV has superlative vision in one eye from which he can see the minutiae of Islamic transgressions in the “overrunning of Christian Europe,” sharia, and slavery. GoV bemoaned the term Islamophobia. This Catholic also observes that GoV is stone blind in his other eye, hence unable to perceive that “the children of hell two fold” (Matthew 23:15) who follow the Pharisees have already overrun and defeated formerly Christian Europe (and the FUSA). Not one to bemoan the term “antisemitism,” GoV sees no noahide law, halakha, “Yankee” and “Portuguese” slavers who were actually Jewish, the disproportionate rates of slave ownership by Jews of the Confederacy, the Jewish central bankers of Europe, the Confederacy, and the FUSA, and the inconvenient history of the instigators and profiteers of revolutions and gentile-against-gentile wars, even world wars. Who is surprised? Not Catholics—because we have had 600 years more experience than the Mohammedans with Jewish crimes against humanity and with bootlicking shabbos goyim.

  3. inasmuch as the entire trade in Black slaves (about all they’re good for anyway) was organized and financed by wealthy Brit and Portuguese Jews, this is just another outstanding example of Islamic/Zionist co-machination.


    “All this happens through the corruption of the West. There are not enough families. We supinely accept practices that are contrary to the natural law, such as abortion or so-called “marriage” between persons of the same sex. It is proof that we are not strong enough in faith, and easy prey for conquest.”

  5. yep, it’s only the usa, that actually went to war with itself partially to eliminate slavery. yet, its the usa that has to self-mutilate itself over slavery.
    I want my reparations for having to live with offensive music, behavior and culture brought on by those who have been given every break the country could possibly give them since 1964.

    • Small correction: The US went to war with itself over states rights, most notably the right to secede. Slavery was the big black (oops! on me) boogeyman in the closet the north sold the public who had no appetite for war with their neighbors to the south. Then, as now, the effing politicians lied their collective butts off to make war.
      Other small note here: Mr. Lincoln’s much ballyhooed emancipation proclamation ONLY FREED THE SOUTHERN STATE SLAVES. The northern practice of slavery was allowed to continue….and it did.

    • Hear hear !!