Many Will


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. and many won’t. And those of us still alive, if any, will be quite thankful if Vlad the Just vaporizes the entire Beltway…and Left Coast.

    • Just so, Haxo….and if any of the Demon Princes are still alive, they can expect no mercy…

  3. The fact that the US aka Obama restarted the cold war hasn’t really been addressed in the media. Wonder why? Ruskies restarted their draft. Ruskies pulled out of SALT II. So they are cranking out nukes again. Simple playground survival really. This one is gonna make the earlier world wars appear cakewalkish.

  4. Thompson knew that television was insane bullshit propaganda 45 years ago. And it’s ten times worse now than then. Turn off the tv kids. Don’t rot your mind with that stuff.

  5. …and the regular rank and file (that would be you and me) have NO say in any of this …just like always. Your betters know what’s best so (as usual) shut the fuck up little person. Or … make your list, check it twice (kind of like Christmas) and take special note of where your local pols (and their enforcers) reside for when the time comes …. (again kind of like Christmas [insert ‘smiley face’ here], hint, hint…).

  6. Prediction. Within 10 years, the mail order bride goes full reverse and instead of Russian women wanting to marry American men, American women are wanting to marry Russian men, especially russian military men.
    The more I think about it, the more I am convinced Obama hit the hyperdrive on transforming the usa into a mess for the rest of its existence, not one of the serious foreign policy issues that the usa will have for a decade or more(islam, Russia, china and iran) were thought to have the threat capability they do now, eight years ago.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I’ve been on the road for a few days, finally got out of my little town and seeing more of the outside world, even though it’s still in Wyoming.
      Across the board, I’m seeing low/middle class blue collar slugs, staring into their cell phones and towing their fat families around the hotels, restaurants and Walmarts. These folks have no idea how neutered, brainwashed, and lazy they are, perhaps a reset is mandatory now. We’re almost at rock bottom anyway.

    • “…American women are wanting to marry Russian men, especially russian military men.”

      Probably not. The average AW wants some beta male so they can push him around. Even today RW’s by the gut believe they marry into the male tribe. Married to one. But it is quite possible for the pendulum to swing the other way.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      What Russian military men? The Russians have a severe shortage of men, and have for quite a while. They’re in a demographic death spiral. They’re acting now because it is their last chance to do so.

  7. If the Russians want war (they don’t), they are more than smart enough to trick Washington DC into appearing the aggressor to the rest of the world. Our American leaders will be stupid enough to fall into the trap.

  8. It seems as though we are stuck in a long drawn-out epilogue……..

  9. LightninBolt

    Yeah, it’s always Russia that’s the culprit. BS!! Insiders in our own country exposing these frauds that supposedly “work” for the “good of our free American country”….lol….

  10. thesouthwasrght

    People are waking up to the lies. Recently Drudge had a Soros v Putin story from Reuters or a i forget. Usual crap: Soros good Putin bad, blah blah. Then the comments. They were all anti-soros and anti-war with Russia and complimentary towards Putin. I found that encouraging.

    As to what us commoners can do? First off, again I post this, KEEP YOUR KIDS OUT OF THE MILITARY, deprive the grinder of the fresh meat. If there is a war and nobody shows up will it be heard?