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  1. I don’t suppose that many (if any) here can comprehend that the problem is not illegals voting; the problem, as such, is voting./ S//

    • Thumbs down on that.
      Illegal aliens who are so
      freely running roughshod
      throughout the (non) sovereign,
      (former) Constitutional Republic
      of America have unrestricted
      access to election polls is a
      also a major GodDamned problem.

    • SFC Barry, it is a mute point now. The tree of liberty has been taken to the sawmill. We can revolt or we can kick the can down the road until the globalists define the time, place and rules of engagement. Sadly, the latter will probably be the legacy of the so-called patriots and ‘Liberty Movement’.

      • Agree the point is mute. As much as I loath and despise the republican form of government in general and the Constitution in particular, for all those who insist upon a “return to the Constitution,” pushing the reset button on that willful act of destruction would at least have a meliorating effect of disfranchising Negroes, women, aborigines, the illiterate and “renters.” And if the “reset button” crowd were wise (I know, that is beyond hope), they would also disfranchise Jews.

        Yes, that is “racist, misogynist, xenophobic, etc., and anti-Semitic.” I don’t understand the objection.


        • Correction: “Moot.”/S//

        • Well Steve that should just about piss every one off.
          Yet few will take the time to learn of what you speak.
          They will just react like Pavlov’s dog and spout off all manner of bs.
          I still have a few points of difference with you but this isn’t one of them

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Of course, in modern times, everyone is a renter – some have human landlords, others have the government. In either case, if you don’t pay your rent (or taxes, to use the governmental language), you lose your place to live. Either way, it ain’t your’n.

    • outlawpatriot

      Hey, Bugs, there are a few fine countries in the world that still have monarchies. Saudi Arabia comes to mind. Why not avail yourself of one of the choices and relocate your ass. 🙂

  2. in the Uniparty Negress vs. Latina Mexifornia Senate “contest” about 40% (i.e., mostly Whites) of the “likely voters” continue to poll “neither”. Meanwhile the current Senators, (((Boxer))) and (((Feinstein))), have endorsed the Black. So racial battlelines are clearly being drawn, at least in one part of the country. Elsewhere in ‘Murka, once Trump has been disposed of, it’s possible that some significant portion of his frustrated White voters will have the same racial epiphany. But I expect most to go back to their usual distractions: watching cars drive around in circles and teams of Black thugs play kid games on behalf of their Jew-billionaire owners.

  3. voting got us here.

  4. Uncle Larry

    Consider this. Someone made a secret tape of a private citizen (Trump) and held onto it for 11 years, for no reason. What could be the purpose of such a tape. What could be the motive for the person who recorded it? The outcomes of our major elections are pre-ordained, many years in advance? How could they know ahead of time who was running for President? Unless. Unless. OMG. It’s true. It’s true.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      What could be the possible use of a tape that could embarrass a multi-millionaire/billionaire? Potential payday, that’s what.

  5. What SFC Barry Is driving at is that the artful illusion of the constitution brought us to this point as well as the colossal mistake of universal suffrage finished off what may have been a good theory if not mistaken one.
    a constitutional monarchy free of petty fiefdoms. With loose confederation of city-states might be one option that SFC Barry would be more likely to endorse. But I would not assume that I can speak for The good SFC.

  6. No,voting didn’t get us here, WE got ourselves here, by inattention to detail, half truths and innuendo. By not directing your elected leaders daily. By allowing criminalality and corruption to happen.

    No sir, we have ourselves to blame.


  7. Steve Kristmann

    Politics is the false religion peddled to the masses; voting is going to the virtual confessional where the non-existent priest sells you the aforementioned religion by making you believe you need ‘gov/authority’ or you’ll be ‘committing sin’ by not being under someone’s control.

    Here is is in visual format:

    Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

    Ya Gotta Vote! Larken Rose

    The Jones Plantation

    The take away….
    Stop being someone else’s indian…get the hell off ‘the rez’
    and never be anyone’s nigger no matter how pretty and comfy
    the ‘plantation’ is…escape the plantation!

    Freedom is largely between our ears…live it!

    Yours In Liberty thru Anarchy/Voluntarism!
    NorthGunner III

  8. I think that one of the ways we got here is because in the post War of Federal Aggression –Reconstruction, conditions bred apathy from many Americans

    Add to that the influences and corruptions of the “Robber Barons,” the ComIntern and the appeal of socialism to popular scholars, poets and pundits. We also became an imperial power by design of the politicos who engineered every war since 1861.

    Now add mass distractions of organized sports and unchecked mass immigration for political gain and economic oppression and there, we have it!
    The EruoTrash infusion and the developing social unrest caused by it, the constant political warfare by the two parties and yellow journalism and it seems the fall of the Republic in 1861 was by design of people with a good plan and patience.

    We formed a more perfect union, but the document was flawed.

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