Six Impossible Things To Believe Before Breakfast


Just be more patriotic and it will all be OK.


That makes seven.

10 responses to “Six Impossible Things To Believe Before Breakfast

  1. #8: The check is in the mail.
    #9: Black is beautiful.
    #10: Not suitable to print in mixed company.
    But it’s a favorite of the Trumpster.

    • Steve Kristmann

      #9: Black is beautiful.
      Yep, especially in the form of the 70’s model Azizi Johari.
      That woman was fine!…lots of wonderful thoughts for me
      as a teenager back then ;^D

      Yours In Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    “The final tab will be picked up, not by the political class, but by the electorate.” Ummm….no. We will NOT pick up the tab! This country is nanoseconds from Civil War, and it won’t be good. And it won’t be about getting the budget balanced, paying more for Obama/Nationalized Healthcare, or worrying about Global Warming/Climate Change/Weather is Different. I personally gave up wondering about paying back our national debtbux when we hit 2010. It was already NONpayable!
    I liked the rest of the article though. Time to think about a nation going Galt.

  3. #6: If the US is not currently “The” Best country, then another country must be #1……but that was not provided. Declining from #1 is a big-big leap to #2; a quantum leap IMO.

    Australia? Nope. Far East? Nope. Europe? Nope. Caribbean? Maybe.

    So the US is still #1 by default because of the Constitution, the Ammendments, & the Bill of Rights?

  4. How very true…

    I certainly feel more free in a supposedly oppressed turd world country than I did in Amerika…

  5. Confederate miner

    Hope the link works if not I will try again. This is one of the most interesting and frankly scary things I have ever heard. This should really get people motivated! We are not ready. We have to get organized!

  6. While gardening with Mrs. OD and 6 of our 7 children, I mentioned this article I had read and wanted to get their response to all 6 (7) statements. To a man (and a lady) the immediate response to all statements was bulls**t. Of course, the ladies were more….genteel in their choice of words but you get the gist. It’s a good thing when you realize you’re the Patriarch of a family who all get it. Moar! Faster!!

  7. News alert! Most men are dogs.Many men are pigs.Many men are pig-dogs.Donald Trump is a man.
    Would it be okay if he was a homo? Lets get it going that the Donald is closet gay,torah reading,third degree green belt in flipping real estate.. Who gives a fuck.
    Better tighten up your shit. People are losing their fucking minds. Razor thin edge for many folks.Die looking good or die ragged.You are still dead.

  8. Mostly decent article, but I just have to point out that it makes my ass itch to hear a foreigner trying to tell me what our issues are.

    Thanks, I guess… But also no thanks.