WeaponsMan: It’s Over – Glock Won


WM explains.

Quality has a quantity of its own.

And note the closing point re the number of rounds expended at live targets.

That will not be the case in FUSA, where the handgun will be in many cases the primary tool.

18 responses to “WeaponsMan: It’s Over – Glock Won

  1. Randall Flagg

    “That will not be the case in FUSA, where the handgun will be in many cases the primary tool.”

    Boston T. Party begs to differ.


    • ANY handgun beats no handgun. I prefer 1911s but that’s just my choice. If you need more than 8 rounds, you probably shoulda reached for your long gun in the first place.

  2. oh well, someone has to state a position ….
    all handguns should be Glocks
    all Glocks should be 9mm
    all 9mm should be the 19
    AmeriGlo tritiums, ghost ring rear / blade front
    CorBon ammo …… or Hirtenberger 100g truncated cone if ya got it
    Fobus, or Galco Fed Paddle for dressup
    Let the contention begin ! …

    Comrade Igor

  3. Mike Bishop


    RTWT, then, read it again.

    Divest oneself from sentiment. The dudes mentioned by Hognose don’t do shit for the “feel-goods.”

    A large, on-line retailer sold out of its latest shipment of AR mags within a span of about 4 hours yesterday…

    T-minus 30 days ’til garment-rending, tooth-gnashing, panic besets the American gun owner.

  4. Since the military is all queered out now will then then be moving to sig mosquitos so as to not offend all the limp wristed pussies?

    • They’re quickly moving away from any weaponry at all. The end goal is to be able to sensitivity train our enemies to death….

  5. I don’t think the American gun owner is panicking,just realising needs more ammo/mags as he or she can still see the ceiling in safe/closet.On a side note,plenty of mags for sale on the net,at least at moment.

  6. So says a fanboy. I don’t have one. I don’t want one. I really don’t care what someone who spends every post telling the world how big a badass they are, says about it.

  7. Wadcutters come in all flavors.

  8. A good choice. Even if you’re not a Glock fan, you can at least admit that they’re reliable, simple, economical, and with readily available parts and mags. I have pistols that are much prettier, that feel better in the hand, but I still go back to my first ever gun, a 2nd gen Glock 17, as my overall favorite and go-to pistol.

  9. The Usual Suspect

    Ditto on the 100gr. Hirtenberger semi jacket truncated cone
    soft tip, P+P FL Police load.
    Good expansion and awesome penetration, it is a killer round.

  10. No thanks, I’ll stick with my 92FS.
    After 8k rds it still fits perfectly.

  11. Glock 23 still better. .40 usually has 25% to 50% more momentum — much easier to find options with at least 470 ft lbs of energy from 4 inch barrel. Matters when hitting bone. Only 2 less rounds in Glock 19/23 size gun.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Love my G23, it’s what I carry when I downsize from my G20, and the G20 also shoots .40’s just fine too.
      Never thought I’d leave a 1911A1, which I’ve shot since 1972 (high Pistol Expert USMC), but I actually learned to like and carry the Glocks, a lot! They are simple, accurate, dependable, and almost maintenance free.
      I get mine filthy in the woods, chainsawing and moving timber, come home, punch the bore and hit it with an airhose. Good to go. Carried one for yrs riding dirt bikes in the mtn’s and desert. Never hurt one, even after high speed dismounts. No rust issues from sweat like my other steel guns either.
      No safety? It’s loaded, treat it as such.

  12. ALCON,

    My S&W M&P 9 has been as reliable as any weapon can be. But, so much for nationalism and supporting one’s fellow Amerikans in, what’s left of, the manufacturing sector. Hell, now I can enjoy knowing my fiat tax dollars are being used to buy Austrian Glocks along with German H&Ks and Hyundai and Kia cars that GSA embraces and buys in droves. Fuck Remington, S&W, GM, Colt, Ford and all those other domestic manufacturers. No wonder Ford is moving to Mexico. Ain’t nothing better than an Austrian Glock or a Korean automobile, eh Glock guys ?

    NWO, globalism….you Glock fanboys love that free trade eh ? In turn, you must certainly embrace Hillary Klinton, the no-borders, free-trader, 2A -despising, turn-your-guns-in Hillary Klinton. No wonder this once great nation is a shell of it’s former self. Courtesy of you free traders who love nothing more than product originating outside the borders of your homeland.

    Your descendents will be lucky to even find a job shovelin’ shit in Louisiana.

  13. Glock fan boys,

    Why don’t you Glocksuckers just petition your multi-millionaire congressmen to simply outlaw anything not made or originating outside fUSA’s borders ?You may certainly help dumbass nationalists like myself from daring to believe my fellow Amerikans can engineer and produce a world class product. Of course, in keeping with Klinton’s PNTR of 2000, product made in Red China preferred.