Barnhardt: Kayfaber Trump Actually Entered Professional Wrestling In 2009


Post-American Politics Is Kayfabe. The Word Is KAYFABE.

2009 sham ‘sale’ of WWE Raw by Vince McMahon to The Donald


Her closer:

Post-America, if this doesn’t make you understand how totally, completely over it is, then neither I nor anyone else can help you.

To quote Mr. du Toit:

“And with that, I am off to the range.”

25 responses to “Barnhardt: Kayfaber Trump Actually Entered Professional Wrestling In 2009


    Show me who you are with and I will tell you who you are. Brace for impact.

  2. man, it’s not even noon on sunday and I’d like to get blackout drunk. think i’ll hold off, going to b a lot of days in the future I won’t hesitate; we’re still whistling past the graveyard currently imo.

    • You are an adult and can tie your own bootlaces and everything, so I can’t tell you what to do.

      Even though (like any self-respecting oldster) I have a cabinet well stocked with the juice of the barley (and corn, and…), I can tell you I felt the same way last night. Ass deep in IDGAF territory and wanting to tie one on, just because…

      But, it’s best not to do such things at this late date. Forward planning and all that…

      First, you’re out however much primo adult-beverage-of-choice you just turned into piss. The good stuff costs – life is too short to drink bad booze.

      Second, if you’re anything like me, it will take you about 3 days to recover from a bender that hard. Longer if you’re over 50.

      Third, you really don’t want to get crossways with the law this late in the game. Last thing you want is them thinking “violent drunk” when they hear your name… you want them to not even know your name.

      Last, is that unintended consequences often take us to places where we really don’t want to be. My old daddy told me “Boy? You should never make important decisions while you are upset”… Getting upset and getting blackout drunk falls under this heading…

      That’s all I got. Good luck.

      • okay, just to clarify; I’m not a drunk. I’m actually going to work today and likely will work 12 hours tomorrow and I do not have to do either but I’m a responsible person that takes ownership of work assigned to me.
        I was just venting. it really is distressing that I am certain I would be a better president than Clinton or trump and my behavior over the past twenty years blows theirs away.

      • Another oldster here: Actually more of a geezer. I decided to stop drinking and start taking vitamins about 2 months ago. My reasoning as best I can put it together is that events have gotten so serious, so fast, I feel any sort of avoidance of the current reality is a detriment to my loved ones. Honest to God, I’ve actually lost my taste for the stuff. I don’t completely understand it but I believe it’s something primal from within.
        Kind of like me heart’s telling me “something wicked this way comes”.

        • I’m not “old” yet… but I can see “old” from my front porch. It is what it is. The arrow of time points one way, as much as we wish the contrary.

          I wasn’t trying to cast aspersions on redcoog – just a word of caution. Didn’t accuse him of anything, either. Matter of fact, I have felt the exact same way. More than once.

          When I was in my late teens/early 20’s and on deployment or whatever, I did not expect to make it back in one piece, so coming home intact was a cause for celebration and stress relief. At that age, you can get passed-out drunk, be carried back to the barracks and dumped in your rack, then be out running morning PT a few hours later. Lots of unpleasant things happen when you push yourself like that, but anyone who has been there knows what I am referring to…

          Can’t do that anymore. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I was drunk. I still have a couple fingers of top-shelf bourbon or rum (Pusser’s English Royal Navy Rum – the genuine article – makes Captain Morgan look pretty weak. He wouldn’t even be Chief Cook and Bottle Washer on that boat… ), but for medicinal purposes mostly. After a hard-ass day, after dinner, just kick back on the front porch with a glass and just relax… or maybe a shot of schnapps. That’s it. One and Done.

          I don’t drink to excess any more because I dislike being out of control. Plus, as a parent, it sets a poor example. Anything can happen at any time, and knowing my luck the minute I tie one on, something Sporty will happen and I’ll be caught with my fly unzipped… Murphy don’t take sick days.

          Be well.

        • Yes, remember those days. The Navy Relief actually paid for
          a power pole that was in my way.
          As time passed, heard that vitamin B-6 is really good for detoxing
          that ethanol out, and then as time passed, just decided that it was
          doing some long term damage, physically and spiritually.
          I might have a beer or two, but for the most part, those days are over.
          Reminds me of barefootbob’s link:

          He was a good man, and his family made sure his site stays up.

          “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • …right there with you but I can do one better – beside all the truly depressing and depraved goings on, we have a MIL with two screaming spoiled 9 year old girls visiting our small (very, very rural) ranch. No shooting today (too much ETOH to dull the pain) but I can understand …
      On a side note, since I mean nothing to the current spat of pols and their ilk, to me it is all grand entrainment watching the whole mess head toward the bottom after going off the cliff some time ago …….

  3. As opposed to the Bushies, McCainiac, the Gored Climatologist, Mittens, the Clinton Crime Gang, etc…Trump is a major improvement. But the last great Presidents were Harding and Coolidge…

  4. I miss Mr. du Toit. Always enjoyed his scribblings…

    Off to the range indeed. Next weekend, I’m giving a couple kids (mid teens) – and one or two of their parents – a BRM class. 100m to 400m. Reading the wind, etc. Kids need solid fundamentals, and they soak up information much faster than adults. No bad habits to un-learn. And shooting the genuine article is way more fun than button mashing in CoD.

    That said, I think 3 words can sum up our situation quite well:

    “Captain! Iceberg ahead!”

    One thing is for certain – we will not be bored.

  5. DGAF. It honestly just cracks me up because st least he’s honest about what he is, a showman. I’m probably more qualified than both. As an aside, some of the best people I know are simple rednecks, know they are simple rednecks , and are up front about it. We don’t all have to be rocket scientists, but the problem is people lying about who they are. Malevolent sociopaths and functional retards who are enabled to Disney their way up the food chain. Wishing your dreams true isn’t good enough anymore.

    • anotherusualsuspect

      ” We don’t all have to be rocket scientists, but the problem is people lying about who they are.”

      Back in the day, I once worked for a pretentious middling restaurant which set aside a mid-week happy hour for a group of people known as a local “Who’s Who”. These would be those people on their way up in the business/professional world and camp followers attending. I am sure they all grew up watching Annette and Spin and Hardy. Its a wide world after all.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. MichiganderJim

    “better president”

    Oxymoron, in fact. Being president over someone–anyone–nonconsensually is in contradiction with being better. Period.

  8. thesouthwasrght

    As if this is an indictment on Trump’s abilities to run a country that has been grossly mismanaged for the better part of the past 150 years. Get over it. Trump will easily make a better preezy than the past 4 louts and probably on par with reagan.

    Either way things have gotten so bad economically and demographically that shit is likely to get real anyway, but with him there is at least a chance. And as a parent that is what I am obliged to aim for.

  9. Barnhardt axiom is solid. It’s so painfully obvious and yet people still want to frolic in their denial. I was at a Pro Gun rally today at a state capitol and spoke to a gentleman who believes the Donald will save him. I informed him that I was aware of Donzis wedding and his success in the NY real estate market and that this meant his candidate was as clean as a Bangcock toilet. The look on his face, that moment of awareness flashed then was gone. I said “I hope your voting thing works, cause if it doesnt it wont be good””

    Tyrants you have misjudged.

  10. If ‘we’ (meaning you, or me, or someone else) believe what Ms. B. is peddling, it’s way past time to start shooting the bastards. Ms. B. showed abundant psychoses when she shit-canned her life because John Corzine hosed a bunch of investors and walked away from it. Consider for a moment, she ‘might, just, be, batshit, crazy’. Just consider, that’s all I’m asking. If there is no alternative…..

    • I think she was just early Henry. But hey, I think my rights come from God and not from piece of paper or group of overpaid kiddie diddlers who suck lobbyist wiener for their day job. So just maybe, I’m batshit too.

    • If she be batshit, I be batshit. She’s just got more fortitude than me. For some reason I simply have not jumped ship; am still paying my disproportionate share in taxes, and file all my forms on time, with the every “t” crossed, and every “i” dotted so that my master don’t come knocking at the door.

  11. A drowning person will grab at a straw for one more second of life before he dies.
    Trump is the last straw.

  12. Man, I miss KdT. Anyone heard how they’re doing?

    • He tried to hide from the consequences of having opinions.

      When he tried (and failed) to purge “The Pussification of the American Male” from the internet, that was the sign the sharks needed that he could be scared into submission. If he had stuck to his guns on the matter – even and particularly in discussions with employers – it would have never amounted to more than a minor issue. There ARE companies that hire gun nuts and have no problem with it. Instead he showed he could be intimidated. Like Vox Day says: never apologize.

      There is a reason I used a pseudonym nearly from the start in my online political discussion – I was employed in areas that tended to the left, and I could foresee the consequences – they were plainly obvious, and should have been to anybody with the sense to say objectionable things. I’m reaching a point where I don’t need that cloak anymore, but anybody who desires to speak the truth about anything should think twice before casting it aside.

      The homeschooling software company they nearly launched and then aborted was a retreat on equal scale; the reasons the du Toits gave was that one or more investors had pulled out and the federal rules governing investment made things impossible to make it work with taking money from their readers and ohnoes sorry guys we gotta cancel the whole thing please hit our tipjar while we scramble. This was right at the dawn of crowdfunding (and as I recall people were explicitly telling them to take steps to save the project that would have been basically what crowdfunding is now). Talk about getting the moment exactly wrong.

      How is he doing now? Does it matter? Should you want to find out? He’s gone to great lengths to erase his presence from the net and from the knowledge of the general public, presumably for reasons of safety and familial security. What respect I had for him got mostly frittered away by choices like the ones above, but I can respect that desire.

  13. Didn’t you use to have a very low opinion of du Toit?

    I seem to recall in particular a comment about seeing him shooting in person and that he was terrible at it. Which isn’t itself an irredeemable flaw (people are good and bad at different things) but it totally doesn’t fit with the online persona he projected.

    • KdT had a lot of flaws.

      As we all do.

      He was an important voice in his time.

    • He did say on several occasions that he was a “recoil wussy”.
      I bought his first book and read it. Not bad. It turned me off when he re-wrote it and asked his readers to spring for the latest version.
      I miss the guy’s blog.