Deus Ex Machina: Crucifying The Dream Of Limited Government In The FUSA


VFS looks at what’s coming.

And shudders.

As do all rational folks.

Trust God.

Love people.

Remember Mattis.

21 responses to “Deus Ex Machina: Crucifying The Dream Of Limited Government In The FUSA

  1. wealthy farmer

    The French and Russian revolutions distill 2 primary lessons for me:
    1) The actual revolution is a phase-shift and it happens FAST. While the pressures may build up for decades or generations, the violent blow-off will happen with lightning speed. And it will be very very bloody.

    2) After the phase shift there is NO GOING BACK, but there is very likely to be a civil war between those who benefited from the old system and everyone else. As a former government worker I can attest: there is one and only one priority for the 20 million or so government workers in the USA: the PENSION. It is what they eat sleep dream and shit of-that secure defined benefit pension, which is unknown to the rest of society.This is especially so for public safety, who can vest after only 20 years. They will NOT enjoy seeing this slip away…To get ahead of this and prevent further bloodshed, whoever assumes control in the various regions must explicitly guarantee the pensions of the old, gone-forever government.

    • “To get ahead of this and prevent further bloodshed, whoever assumes control in the various regions must explicitly guarantee the pensions of the old, gone-forever government.”

      Using what?

      Assumption of the debts and other fiscal obligations of the deposed .gov?

      Why just the .gov employees?

      Why not the seniors?

      Why not the ‘disabled’?

      Why not the ‘poor’?

      See what a shit-sandwich this issue is?

      • wealthy farmer

        I don’t know using what. Maybe cigarettes or jars of peanut butter. I do know laid off cops and soldiers have a tendency to form up into gangs squads units and hold onto their guns and training. The system incentivizes their loyalty. If things are really blown up,like in Iraq, you get something like ISIS. Civil war can go too far and end up giving us a heaping dose of what everyone was trying to get rid of in the first place. (Russia). Exhibit A could be the Zetas…..

    • “To get ahead of this and prevent further bloodshed, whoever assumes control in the various regions must explicitly guarantee the pensions of the old, gone-forever government.”

      NO and FUCK NO. This gravy train is an essential part of the disease which is Fedgov, Stategov and in some cases localgov. If they will be “angry” and would like to “fight about it” well that can be arranged.

    • I hope all those relying on defined pensions have a back plan.
      They may get it but it won’t buy squat. Almost all state .gov pension programs are unsustainable even as we speak.
      He who panics first (and retires asap) panics best.


      Sir: You may want to google the article concerning Loyalton, California. CalPers has just thrown their retirees under the bus. The same thing will occur in spades in The Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic Of Oregon. The Cosmic White Leftist Judiciary there has ruled that the Tax Termites, who contribute NOTHING into their pension funds must still be paid, per contract.
      Sooner or later, the cupboard will be bare. It is already happening in the Blue Hive we all know as Illinois. There is not a politician on this earth who can control the laws of economics. Get ready for the FUSA to turn into Argentina and then Venezuela.

    • , you stopped way to soon. I kinda agree, however the rest of the story is, after the blacks , the American farmer IS the most subsidized, entitled group in the nation.


    • outlawpatriot

      I can’t believe what I just read. Amazing. Just absolutely amazing. 🙂

  2. colddeadhandsdays

    So basically we have entered what movie Idiocracy” outlined. That’s us.

    • Maybe, but it can’t last or be institutionalized for long.

      Idiocy is “unsustainable.” Heh!

      Self limiting entropy, no innovation or production.

  3. Hey, didn’t someone say something about having a population with an IQ below 96 = third world shithole? —> I think we’ve made the grade. Just a matter of time now….

  4. Glad to be talking about reality. I agree that freethinkers who become libertarians are born not made, and may number only 1%. Education to create libertarians demonstrably doesn’t work.

    But consider, what happens if those 1% of existing libertarians loudly stop paying income taxes? Especially when so many of them are educated computer techies with high expectations? Can you imagine this group getting processed into prison? Or would government just collapse from lack of logistics as others realize they can also get away with not paying taxes?

    I don’t believe sociopathy (weakened sense of empathy) necessarily goes with high IQ. Lots of bullies, like LEO, have average IQs.

    • If the 1% stops paying taxes, .gov will just print. They printed in the neighborhood of $1.5Trillion in fiscal year ending 30Sept16 because taxes didn’t cover their slushfund give-aways.
      What’s another $3-4Trillion more among friends ?

      • gov will print

        Fine, wipe out the middle class’ savings, worse is better. No government can print logistics, they can only print currency. Currency only advantages governments when it’s bookkeeping for tax collection.

  5. Well the good news is we are importing lots of highly literate immigrants. Because dreamers have electrolytes. It’s what makes country’s grow.

  6. Author takes great pains to simultaneously over-simplify and over-complicate. Stating: “Anarchy, panarchy, paleoconservatism and libertarianism are all exciting and largely untested forms of government. Interesting to contemplate and discuss, I do not discount the ideas as invalid, ignorant or irrational. What has been lost in translation is their unattainability.”

    What is there that is untested or unattainable about “Get off my lawn”? It won’t come down to which side of the bell curve the general populace is occupying, but how well that populace comprehends self-preservation, and how much individuals, then neighborhoods, then communities, then larger definitions of “country” outsource BOTH their values and security, or conversely refuse to do so.

    Someone told me once that whether you believe you can or you believe that you cannot, you’re right either way.

    People who think they can’t live without ceding some control of their future to some nebulous “system” should go ahead and do it. Just keep it pleaseandthankyou right the fuck off of me and mine.

    • Local community organizer and 1000 followers (child’s play in most areas) v. lawn guy. Scots couldn’t figure this out, and Longshanks did. Greeks didn’t until it was almost too late. Point being, you can’t find enough people to stand on your lawn to make a damn bit of difference. You’re free to pull a GFY and run odds against you by several decimal places but it doesn’t make it realistic or smart. See siege of Masada for relevant outcome.

      • Thanks, jessejames, but dying does not mean losing, and these Scots don’t plan on being stationary targets for your 1000.

        How many will be protecting your community organizer?

        See Major Lewis Redmond for relevant outcome. It is not now, nor has it ever been, the size of the dog in the fight.

  7. This essay assumes a few things. First that average intelligence has a correlation with the level of government that is desired, and second that given the current conditions of average intelligence in the US we cannot install a “higher” level of government.
    Both faulty assumptions.
    While I do agree in general with the first assumption, the fact that the assertion sounds way to close to the type of assertions used by progressive leftists to justify all levels of their abuses in the name of “whats good for them” is to close to my taste.
    “We cant have a nice government because there are too many morons in this country!” is basically what it boils down too.
    I find myself increasingly seeking to understand why people are doing something and coming to the conclusion that yes this country is indeed filled with stupid people. That being said however its not a problem I think should be solved by “throwing more government at it”.
    One has to wonder what is cause and what is effect?
    Is bad government the result of stupid people or are stupid people the result of bad government? Knowing the leftist like I do I am inclined toward the latter.
    The second assumption that because we have so many stupid people we cant have a higher form of hands off government assumes a couple of things.
    One that those same stupid people will actually survive the up an comin, and two that once the fire burns the forest floor it will not regrow with new more capable life.
    I am inclined to believe that once the smoke clears we will be looking upon an entire new landscape devoid of much, but replenished with a new type of people. A type of people who respect their past and their soil but unfettered by the shackles of government tyranny, unleash a force of innovation and advancement unseen since the Renaissance.

    • I don’t believe JJ is proposing or advocating for “more” (please note spelling, all) government.

      He’s making the case, correctly in my view, that the Liberty side spends too much time debating entrenched and heavily invested advocacy for systems of governance, or none, which are unattainable, requiring as they do, and as the Founders principles did as well, a level of human understanding and participation so obviously impossible with the present population.

      I hope your projection of the future is correct. It should be, given the cleansing fire and the necessity of intelligence, adaptability and creativity for survival. The flip side is that the struggle may well be to retain and foster the kind of humanity necessary for your world, given the brutal aspects likely.

  8. The authors implicit assumption that government represents an acceptable quid pro quo arrangement for “citizens” is exceedingly risible.

    Government provides NOTHING it hasn’t stolen from the rightful owners first. That is an inescapable fact.

    Government exists only because it is tolerated, to varying degrees in different times & locales.

    What 99% perceive or believe to be reality is often of no value – just consider the morons supporting the status quo.

    Remember your Mattis.
    Remember your Dorner.