Happy Dead Che Day!


Buppert sends, with the following endorsement:

Happy Dead Che Day!

How do you eliminate communism?

Shoot back when they come for you.


12 responses to “Happy Dead Che Day!

  1. “Shoot back when they come for you.”

    Being a little more proactive than that is probably OK, too. Maybe even a good idea.

  2. Alternate title: “Bolivian Army Appreciation Day”

    • True that. They made sure to take pics of his rotting ventilated corpse too. For posterity of course.

  3. Do you know what Che’s first words he expressed after he died and discovered there was an afterlife, and he was condemned eternally to Hell?
    “Well I’ll be damned!”
    And guess what, he was!

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Yeap, many control diluted freaks like him, male & female all over –
    still breeding and brainwashing that world which Jesus said “ye
    are not to be like”

    Just concentrate in The Way – Faith, Hope & Charity – Without Force.
    But… definitely, defend yourselves and others part or future part of
    being Living Stones, building yourselves stronger than the seeminly
    strong structures made of mortar and stone.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”
    of course women too…

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  7. That can be updated to read: How to get rid of Radical Muslims – SHOOT to KILL. A dead Jihadist will NOT be shouting Allah Akbar.

  8. And all I got was a stupid t-shirt…

  9. LightninBolt