How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich Off Poor Haitians


Surprised the NR cucks printed this piece.

Three words:




Or RICO, if you are making indictment notes and think the SOL on the Mena, AR drug pipeline stuff has lapsed.

9 responses to “How the Clinton Foundation Got Rich Off Poor Haitians

  1. Of course, this has been known for awhile. But a reluctant 2** for NR…

  2. Mike Bishop

    *Kevin Ives and Don Henry could not be reached for comment.

    • <–Mr. Bishop is correct. There is a pile of rotting corpses surrounding the Clintons, hence the fly.

  3. LightninBolt

    Fear in the eyes….the fraud game is up! So-called “Perfect World” is crashing and burning down….a weeping and gnashing of teeth is what’s really going on. Scary clown sinisterness….promoted by “scrum” politicians!

  4. Now we get to see how much corrupt political power the Clinton’s have.
    I look at Bill and see a guy who is America’s Caligua in waiting. Tyrants do not like to be mocked, to be mocked in front of the world is something ol bill is not accustomed to. The guy has been getting away with rape and murder and theft on an unimaginable scale for decades. He and his family are crooks through and through. They are so accustomed to getting away with everything they have become arrogant on a level Caligua would find much to his liking.
    The thing is, what is bill and Hillary going to do? This kind of affront to their “image” is the thing that brings tyrants down, sometimes after they swing from a rope.
    Will Bill and Hillary get their musloid agents to fly a passenger jet into Trump Towers?

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  6. Clinton must have been caught cheating at golf again while playing with Buckley and Lowry. The boys at NR are just getting even. They’ll all laugh it off next Saturday when the play again…..”you boys got me good last week, ….hang on a sec…hold my beer while I make this putt…yuk yuk”

  7. The so called Don of the Dixie Mafia looks a bit nervous.Hide your wimmen folk Slick Willie won’t even get a sit down with St.Peter.

  8. He he he wheels, coming, off…..