Let’s Get Ready To GRRRUUUMBLE


Live moderation starting at 2055e.

This is going to suck.

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Drunkblogging the Sex, Lies, and Wikileaks Debate



2101e: Denninger rumors an HRC bombshell.

















Stephen Green gets the last word; his closer is worth the read.

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37 responses to “Let’s Get Ready To GRRRUUUMBLE

  1. The candidates should take it to a cage match or the mud pit. Either will be a walk in the park compared to what “we the people” will go through no matter who wins this election. Fasten your seat belts boys and girls. It is going to be one hell of a ride….

  2. I’m watching CNN and they already started to berate TRUMP!

  3. You’re a braver man than I am.
    Trump could set babies on fire and I still wouldn’t vote for the Hildebeast.

    Whether I’ll vote for Hairpiece, esp. in this unalterably blue state, is an open question.

    At least with locker room language, there wasn’t a body count.

  4. The big winner will be futures of 5.56 and 9mm no matter who allegedly wins. Also, it won’t matter if Hillary sacrifices an infant on live TV, the media will still cover for her.

  5. Trump – “make police respected again”

    More like fuck those pigs to hell. They did it to themselves.

    • hammer, meet nail. This is exactly why Mrs. Clinton is the choice of every intelligent hardRightist: when the Ponzi dies, patriotard Trump would be a much deadlier enemy to FreeFor.

      • Chigurh,

        It’s good to see you spewing the same ignorance as your alter ego, Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/Mohammed.

        And what do you and YOUR ilk offer there Mohammed Jr ?

        You are pitiful.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Could be a valid point, if he means “by re-instilling responsibility”. I doubt that’s what it is, but one can always hope.

  6. And they’ve already gone after Trump for his statement.

  7. LightninBolt

    An understatement! That nasty c..t!
    It’s a shame that she and other minions have redirected the debate about stupid non-issues instead of the state of our “t..d” world country! Nothing but “harpy banter” !!

  8. Man, going full cage match! Trump brining up the emails and now has said that if he wins, he’s going to go for the special prosecutor.

  9. Hillary advises to ‘fact check’

    Trump- “you’d be in jail” SCORE!

  10. “Live moderation starting at 2055e.This is going to suck.”
    Don’t do it ! Packer football and playoff baseball is on, will be much more enjoyable for you and this election is over. only thing that will save trump now is a serious islam attack in the usa.

  11. Trump not backing off of the Islamic terrorists. Hillary going full PC again.

  12. Twice I thought I saw a fly land on Hillary’s forehead. Every horror picture I have seen equates flies with the devil. Trump may be the slower slide into hell. Either way I think we need to remember local, local, local….

  13. LightninBolt

    At least The Donald “breathes”…she’s just barely breathing with help of drugs from the pharmaceutical companies that she holds stock in….
    This “debate” just makes me angry…what an orchestrated “establishment” joke….OMG!!!

  14. Time for everyone to admit that the nation is over. It’s going to split.

    • It’s going to be ugly. Never forget, the American left believe we owe them….
      To quote Jerry Garcia, “Hard to run with the weight of gold, other times I’ve heard it said, just as hard with the weight of lead”. Turns out Garcia was a little like Zappa, a stealth patriot with an eye to the future.

  15. She just used Regan’s “Here you go again” line. Bitch isn’t even original.

  16. The Republic has been lost for quite some time. Get over it and get down to the business of survival if you haven’t already. Secession begins in your mind and spreads from there. I’m done…

  17. Heh… Garcia and Zappa in one post. Both of whom I followed in my youth. I was also a Boy Scout which gives excellent training. Although I was asked to step down as Senior Patrol Leader after setting up raids on other units at a regional jamboree.

  18. LightninBolt

    Lol! Umm, why am I still looking at this debate debacle? If she gets in the WH, the “real” American President will be “Red shield”…German code word for??!! Sinisterness!

  19. Stealth Spaniel

    These 2 pussy moderators can’t ask honest or thoughtful questions. I am so sick of leftist/political correctness. We might as well have Moochelle sitting there.
    And I do hate Hildabeast. Donald won’t stop the slide but I am still voting for him. That bitch is a murderer.

  20. FrozenPatriot

  21. Mike Bishop

    Rickrolling the press with a staged “presser” only to be hosting the rape victims?

    This man is on FUCKING FIRE!

  22. Stephan Jerde

    I didn’t think the moderation was that horrible, apart from glossing over Hillary’s appropriateness for office.

    By the end, they were definitely trying to keep time fair. Not pointing out that Aleppo is ISIS was The Donald’s fault. Why didn’t he explain that Obama was pro-ISIS, even if he didn’t care to link Hil to it through Libya?

    Similarly, The Donald miffed the tax question, and maybe didn’t have the background to explain WHY the “recovery” mostly helped “the rich” (spoiler: it’s the Fed).

    I can’t stand either of the moderators, but I don’t think that they did that bad of a job once they got to audience questions. It was about as fair as Trump has any reason to believe it might be.

  23. Trump goes 1 on 3 and wins easily….

  24. After Trump said Hellary should be in jail, he’ll be lucky if she doesn’t have him whacked by Wed.

  25. And her son Cooper is a dicksmoker. And an asshole. Actually, I think his asshole smokes dicks, too.
    Trump won. Despite ‘their’ efforts.