SLL: The Politics of Porcine Proclivities, Propensities, and Predilections


Sample graf:

…Hillary has been her husband’s biggest enabler and defender. The woman who once said, “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported,” vilified and defamed every woman who publicly accused Bill Clinton. The hypocrisy has been breathtaking, but well in keeping with what’s become a standard liberal trope: we love mankind (or womankind), it’s individuals we can’t stand and will treat like shit. Calling attention to Bill’s depredations, she also calls attention to her own less-than-honorable role in them…

Paging the cigar-inserter himself:


12 responses to “SLL: The Politics of Porcine Proclivities, Propensities, and Predilections

  1. LightninBolt

    Look at the “Fear face”! Gotcha! All she (Ms. Convenience Marriage Clinton) does is re-enforce the “scary big-nose” clown “cult of personality” image and at the same time, normalizes it in the faces of the sheeple! The Clintons do no wrong….lying dogs!

  2. Trump rolled in with the nukes already armed this time….

  3. Wow. I looks could kill. Trump better watch his bck

  4. If you don’t buy this President Vagina, we’ll shoot this pig.

  5. Orville Pounder

    I call it that Ft Marcy look.

  6. “Regardless of who wins the presidency, a much larger question looms: will the U.S. be ungovernable 2017-2020?”

    Well, so far no one has noticed the current ungovernable state of this country so I will answer Yes.


      Tom: You could be right. Bigger issues are in play. SMOD may come in the form of a huge economic correction. One can only hope. But, this is why it will be much better, as Haxo has opined, to have the Hildabeest at the helm.
      On the other side of the coin, however, The Donald, with his business acumen, may be able to divert or neutralize the impending economic meltdown. Time will tell.
      I have no dog in this fight. I just want to sit back and watch all of these legions of Dead Elephant lemmings, Ronnie Rayguns channelers, Lee Greenwood-listening flag-wavers implode. They are just as much, if not more to blame for the loss of my liberty and the confiscation of my honest-earned wealth as the Cosmic White Marxists who inhabit the Jackass Party.

  7. I imagine Vince Foster had a similar look on his face when he heard the footsteps behind him at Ft Marcy Park in 1993.

  8. Richard Raymond

    And Ann Barnhardt really thinks this look is manufactured ( along with the whole presidential race)
    The country has been ungovernable for along time except by a gang of psychopathic oligarchs.

  9. He looks like he’s seen a ghost…….. A nasty cum-splattered ghost…..

  10. Back then, Klinton “lied about sex” – enjoyed full demoncrat support because of it.

    Now, Trump didn’t lie about sex – vilified by the left, because of it.

    Interesting times.