TL Davis: The Hearts Of Patriots


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Jimmy the Saint

    Russia/China vs. US is certainly possible, but not a given.

    Steyn laid out a very good case for China vs. Russia: Russia has land, resources, and women, but no men to populate the land or defend the resources and women. China needs land, resources, and women, and has lots of men to take the land, resources, and women. Would Russia fight a war it probably wouldn’t win over land and resources it can’t hold? Maybe, maybe not.

  3. Shinmen Takezo

    Christian Mercenary/Goof-ball leaves out the fact that the USA is primarily responsible for the situation in Syria…. not Russia.

    Mr. Christian Mercenary/Goof-Ball–please do a search on the term: “Benghazi Gun-Running” and you will come to the stark reality that the USA started, funded and then armed that group now called ISIS.

    All of these so-called moderate rebels in Syria have sworn allegiance to ISIS and Al Queda.

    And why are we screwing around in Syria?

    Answer: becasue western financial interests want to run a natual gas pipeline though that country, up in to Turkey and then into Europe.

    This is what it’s about.

    We are interfering with a nation’s sovereignty–and Russia is helping to defend that sovereignty.

    Russia is “the good guys.”

    American and US forces = the “bad guys/globalist enforcers.”

    Obama is just continuing policies set up by Bush II (the retard).
    The globaloney policies.

    And now he (Obama) is pushing the Russians into an open conflict–which when it happens will escalate into a regional nuclear war.

    Happy about this Rapture Retard?!!

    Your Christian wet-dream about Armedeggon may unfold. Except Jesus is not going to float down with laser shooting out of his eyes and ears to save the day.

    Not going to happen.

  4. his latest steaming pile of warmongering neo-con/Christian Zionist nonsense. It’s like that map CA posted: damn those Russians! For putting their country so close to our military bases!!

  5. TL is very late on this one.

    America surrendered a long time ago. Our government at all levels is already a Soviet bureaucracy and the Chinese own mineral rights inside the FUSA. Meanwhile, “our” soldiers are sent overseas to defend Chinese and European mineral rights as well as pipeline terminals/junctions owned by arab sovereign wealth funds, ie, royal families.

    Your FUSA government is already flying in muslim enforcers to help make sure you all stay in line in case your local boys in blue can’t/won’t do their real jobs. Using cartel enforcers in certain areas of the country is ok while in others it might stir up the locals to actually commit to some action (which would upset elite agendas).

    It’ll be hard to tell whose black site/killing room is whose until the media spins the cover story. Rogue cops, cartel, jihadi, or domestic terrorist. But, if missing people people don’t even make the news, you just might never know it ever happened. It could all go own the memory hole.


      GS has pretty much called it, in my opinion. Why would the Chinamen or the Russkies risk a nuclear exchange when they, through their state-run corporations, have already acquired land, mineral rights, shopping malls, and other concessions to enrich their economies? Think for a minute, Given the state of our politically correct, pussified, LGBT “military”, our dumbed-down, mind-numbed, public, and our semi-literate brain-dead Yutes, you will not see the “patriotic fervor” that was present after the Japs attacked Pearl Harbor.Sure, the old farts at the VFW or American Legion halls would be ranting and raving, but that is about it.
      Keep in mind when the Hildabeest was SOS, she met with the Chinamen and made all kinds of concessions for their opportunities to exploit the wealth of FEDGOV lands in the west of Amerika. Common sense dictates you do not bite the hand that feeds you. And, that hand is attached to a withered arm and a corrupt, syphilitic body. The whole Red Dawn, Armageddon, Rapture/Eschatology industry has made big bucks for years playing on the End Times fears of the average person. And, some of the books/videos have been quite entertaining and have given me plenty of food for thought.
      Thoughtful, analytical examination of what is really happening points to another Clinton Presidency, a substantial economic correction, and further erosion of our rights and liberties. That same type of examination will also show, in a historical context, this all started a long time ago. All we can do is prepare for the inevitable and, to quote others on this site: “To each man his family and his belongings.” Bleib ubrig, one and all.

  6. With the current revelation that Trump has a “potty mouth” and the pre-planned dumping of trump by the Chamberpot Repubs, it only reaffirms the Elitist stranglehold on the USSA.
    I personally believe Trump is a Patriot, lice and all. There will never be a perfect president, and even a flawed one that speaks against the NWO has to be eliminated, one way or another.
    Plan B just became Plan 1 for me.

  7. Nope. Hillary will start WW3….

  8. I’m going to be the guy who starts an argument and disagrees with the premise of T.L.’s article.

    The problem is not in Peking – or Moscow. If Americans think that the Chinese and the Russians are coming to get them, it’s because they (and by “they” I’m thinking more of the people the “right” than people on the “left”) – have watched Red Dawn too many times and have taken the bullshit propaganda our leftist government spews continually to heart.

    The problem is in Washington D.C. and has metastasized across the country into all levels of government – and into the minds of the people in this country.

    You want to see how deep the rot goes? Take a trip thru the wayback machine and go read some of the dumbassery posted by typical “conservatives” as people who supported Ron Paul tried to defend him when he said we should pull back our military from overseas. “ISOLATIONIST!!!” all the lefties and righties would scream, as if we were going to become North Korea or Albania during it’s commie years.

    Worrying about the Russians and the Chinese “invading” us is just an excuse to avoid dealing with the REAL problems we have right here at home. It’s the same effect as the busybody neighbor who is constantly in everybody else’s shit – while on his (or in most cases her) homefront everything has gone to shit.

    The Soviet Union is gone. The Chinese have only expanded into neighboring countries and islands in the middle of the ocean NEAR THEM. “We” on the other hand – stick our noses into shit EVERYWHERE on the planet.

    Doctor heal thyself.

  9. The author does not specify what he thinks Russia or China would gain by a war on America. Until that is more than fantasy, I see no reason to worry about the will of our executive in opposing them.

    Obviously, the push to war is coming from America, not from Russia or China. Just as obviously, it emanates from the Israeli-Neocon political faction, and does so because they cannot allow peace. If peace, they hang for the Treason that was 9-11, false flag operation. Their operation, their responsibility.

  10. Here is history many do not speak about:

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  11. T.L. is indulging his imagination, which is slightly amusing, but doesn’t seem at all probable. But then he’s a big believer in bronze age Jewish mythology, too.

  12. To all the excellent commentary above, I can only add: Even if China and / or Russia did invade and take over, how could it be much worse than what the DC mob intends to do?

    • I work with a few Chinese – and have come across a number of Russians in my travels (I bought a Russian SKS from a Russian emigre who was literally an ex-rocket scientist a few years back). Every one of these people were more “American” than a good many of the natives I know who were born here.

      Watching my Chinese co-worker eviscerate another one of my co-workers who was a dumbass and tried to argue that WITHOUT the Federal Reserve we would have “communism” – was immensely satisfying.

  13. MichiganderJim

    I haven’t even read it yet…tough crowd here. I’m bettin’ the piece doesn’t speak ill of TL anyway; never seen anything that did.

  14. “The point is, I don’t trust Obama to fight the war when he can surrender. I don’t trust Hillary to fight the war when she can surrender. I don’t trust Trump to fight the war when he can negotiate a surrender.”

    I had to stop there. To equate those 3 people is at the very least ignorant. If not ignorant, it’s propaganda and thus worthy of wrapping around the clean end of a dog turd.

    • MichiganderJim

      “If not ignorant, it’s propaganda”

      That’s hardly an exhaustive list of possible motivations. Why not just take it at face value—“I don’t trust…I don’t trust…I don’t trust…” Seems to make sense to me.