Two From Stefan Molyneux: Deutsche Bank & The Donald Trump Brouhaha (With Mike Cernovich)

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7 responses to “Two From Stefan Molyneux: Deutsche Bank & The Donald Trump Brouhaha (With Mike Cernovich)

  1. Bush family ambush. They waited 11 years, then edited out Billy Bush’s part of the conversation.

    • Exactly! and Johnny McCain with the Lyin Ryan/ Romney ticket were ready to pounce too.
      Marxist DemocRats are easily seen as the enemy, while for some, far too many, the ChamberPot Repubs are Traitors and Offal far worse as they sabotage any attempt to successfully attack their “friends” the DemocRats.
      One Big Prog Party in DC sycophantic supporters of One Big NWO.
      Nationalism is Waacist,….. America1st is xenophobic and misogynist too!
      Insanity Rules!

      • the ChamberPot Repubs are (Not Seen) asTraitors and Offal

      • I’ve long used the analogy of the bug zapper to describe the GOP. You’ll see them setup in restaurant food prep areas, broadcasting their ultraviolet light that is so appealing to flying insects. The bugs fly in only to get zapped and drawn away by fan suction.

        For decades that’s been the GOP’s mission for the DC power establishment. They exist to draw in the donations, optimism, and votes of conservatives — and to then methodically kill it off. The GOP is there to keep conservative America well away from any actual levers of power.

        Trump is the wrecking ball candidate. It’s probably true that we’re well past any political solutions, but regardless the GOP needs to be destroyed, and Trump is what we conjured for that purpose. He’s our Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

        • Trump to the Feral gubmint goofballs…….”You’re Fired”
          If only……but the Feral Beast is too fat to go on a diet and is going to die off from constipation.

  2. Cernovich was on the money regarding the Republicans who have made such a big show of clutching the pearls and running for the fainting couch. They’re a bunch of beta males, or to borrow the parlance of Da Hood, a bunch of “player haters.” There’s really little more pathetic than these White Knights, these Captain Save-a-Ho types who profess this outrage on behalf of all women. These are the guys still bitter about the fact that they did everything “right” according to what popular culture told them, and yet the girls they pursued always ended up with a slightly arrogant guy who was a bit of a dickhead. Just a glance from those types has been proven to give women a barren womb. Absolutely nothing — nothing — is a bigger turn off to a woman than a guy who is a big whiny pussy.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    Enjoyed the tales of Deutsche Bank: it is a bit complicated for a fairy tale, but entertaining all the same. I was waiting to hear a play by play; Red Queen to corner & be crowned. So, the banks aren’t safe-so your money isn’t safe: the players & powers that be are all related & intertwined or they went to the same skewll: your house, property, and thoughts belong to “the government”: and no one from any gubbmint/frothy school/think tank/uber-cool startup company/Dynasty can figure out this unholy mess. All of this good news fits right in with my work on a business plan that is tax(es) free. I have no desire to continue to contribute to this downfall of western civilization. As a neighbor said, “I’m already on social security. What do I get out of paying more taxes into it?” Well, there’s that, plus no one offers a “retirement plan” when you’re 67. You are simply too damned old to be taken in by that one! Once around the block, etc.
    And we are afraid of nuclear war? Weather forecast: sporty, physical, and hot!