Updated Version Of MSF Public Heath/Sanitation Text


Save and print hard copy.

Thanks to the sender.

5 responses to “Updated Version Of MSF Public Heath/Sanitation Text

  1. Excellent advice. Do keep in mind that in printing this out, you may want to print it on a laser jet type printer, the toner is not water soluble. Go booklet style to conserve paper, make more copies to hand out.

  2. And BTW, the same site has
    Clinical Guidelines
    Rapid Health Assessment of Refugee Populations
    Refugee Health
    Essential Obstetric and Newborn Care
    Essential Drugs
    available for immediate pdf download for $0 on the same site.
    (Also guides on dealing with Measles and Tuberculosis, for that matter)

    Get them all. You can’t beat the price.
    They are grid-down standard of care, and a free medical goldmine.
    They aren’t teaching you how to make do with Civil War era medicine, they’re teaching you how to deliver 21st century standard of medical care in a 6th century world.