USA 2017-2020: An Ungovernable Nation?


Charles Hugh Smith asks a key question.

The FUSA will split.

The only real issues are “How?” and “How many casualties?”.

Tempus fugit.


7 responses to “USA 2017-2020: An Ungovernable Nation?

  1. Been following Charles for many years now. A forward thinker, with generally realtime solutions. Recently purchased his newest book, a very good read.

    We all know the outcome,e, what I’d like to know is, the time line. We all want to know the answer to that.


  2. The Usual Suspect

    We are already split ideologically and have been for decades.
    Now it will just be a matter of real estate.

  3. Many have said, “Bring It!”

    I say, “Send It!”… right back to them in spades. Waiting on the opposition is fatal.

  4. “After what has happened during the last two years, my only wonder is that we consented to live for so long a time in association with such miscreants, and have loved so much a government rotten to the core. Were it ever to be proposed again to enter into a Union with such a people, I could no more consent to do it than to trust myself in a den of thieves.” Davis’ address to the Miss. Legislature, 26 Dec 1862.

    Consent of the governed is only achieved when it’s asserted.

  5. Ungovernable in its present incarnation — yes. But have we ever had a nation that was not at odds with itself — no. The difference is this, so long as the political/social battle was at the local levels the battle between the factions was a self levelling affair. Nobody was truly satisfied but a point of reasonableness was reached among the factions and if somebody truly got out of hand the body politic would slap them around till they got the message.

    But as the power slowly creeped ever further away from the local scene the stakes and as a consequence the vitriol rose as well. The stakes are now so high for nearly everything in the public square that no faction feels they have the breathing space to relinquish on a particular issue. As a consequence we have grid lock, public, private and govt.

  6. The elite will be unable, because of their nature, to restrain their plunder. In fact the rate of plunder will increase. As certain elites fall, there will be a feeding frenzy over the remains. Something like a season of Survivor on a world-wide scale with billions of lives at risk.