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  1. I hope they disavow Trump, and then the SOB wins big. At that point the GOP are the Whigs.

  2. The Usual Suspect

    They should all preform ritual Seppuku, filmed in
    Hi-Def color, preferably.
    Should anyone need a second to prevent them from
    further disgracing themselves, while disemboweling
    themselves, I am available.
    Have Sword, Will Travel.

  3. Double-Down on stupid.

    The disconnect from reality is simply mind-blowing. Self-immolating, booger-eating, retards. The entire lot of them.

    Remember when they defunded Obamacare?

  4. Exactly. And the dumb sumbitches are too stupid to even realize it.


  5. Hopefully, the post-2016 season will feature the birth of the American party.

  6. Amen.

  7. Isn’t that John Boner in the middle of this picture?

  8. Jimmy the Saint

    Yubitsume first, to apologize; seppuku after to regain honor.

  9. Jimmy the Saint

    Neither drunk enough, nor orange enough.

  10. I’d guess Pence has had a crisis of conscience about pussy grabbing or reach arounds or something and must now leave der Donald in the lurch. Classy Freddy Blassie has been resurrected to fill in the gaps.

  11. Thank you for the vocabulary lesson.

  12. Pence says he’s not leaving the campaign.

  13. Ya know something? I can believe it was Trump himself which leaked that 10 year old tape. He has already decided he is going all in.. it’s now or never. He has been plagued with RINO cowards and the Bush fags who hate him and are doing all possible to make him a loser. So, he decides to leak the tape so he can attack clinton without being crass enough to bring their sex crimes up cold. This he did. In spades.
    Second, he firmly identified all the RINO whores who hate him, including his own VP, pence. They all are now firmly stuck to the tar baby of having railed against him, for the PC crime of talking to another man in private about pussy. . LMAO.

    Theres Nothing like knowing who to trust before you have to trust them for real.
    Trump is not a dummy. He is in fact scary smart. One don’t get to be a billionaire by being stupid.
    He has said on several occasions that this election is FUSA’s last chance.
    He knows this shit is not going to last too much longer. We do too.

  14. Perhaps he’s being tapped for the Steel Cage match. Either way I’m not voting for any of these “folks”. I’d rather vote for Freddy, but he’s dead. I still think he’d do a better job.

  15. A political rorschach test ?

  16. More like Roach Motel.


  17. Via the same “patriotic” people still whining and moaning that the irs won’t grant them tax exempt status I’m sure.

  18. I am a Registered Democrat, Veteran and I am voting AGAINST HILLARY

  19. they already are. With Florida just now going ethnostate, the Dead Elephants can no longer win a Prez year election in the EC. Not this one, not any. The DE’s might hang on in the House and/or Senate, via off-year elections when the urban ethno-mob votes less, for another cycle or two….if the System lasts that long. And that’s all. With the Trojan Horse Republiscams gone (see: Mexifornia, already), non-urban Whites will have a stark and simple choice: go to the Gun, or go Extinct.

  20. you jest? ‘Murka is as dead as the Republicans.

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