Moisture Farming



Those who wish can skip the semi-bolshie intro in the vid and start at 1:15.

Have you got a better way of getting non-grid water where you are?

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  1. Hmm sounds interesting.. Even though I am not sure I want them to donate a unit for every one I buy to help future invaders breed successfully.

  2. I have a spring on my property that runs the same year round, drought or no drought, so I should be fine if necessary.

  3. I agree, sounds VERY interesting.

    Heh, they think that SF is “arid?” What do they consider South Texas? I wonder if they get the 11 gallons/day down here?

    Still, $134 for what is pretty much a guarantee that your family (unless very large) won’t die of thirst ain’t bad. I’m not real keen on the cleanliness of the water (and not the particulates, the organisms), but that’s easily solved with a Berkey-type filter.

    As for saving future foreign invaders…well, there are plenty already, a few more potentials won’t make much difference. I value my family and worry far more about losing them to an EMP or solar flare vs. the potential of more of “them” coming here.

    • odds that you lose your family to an “EMP or a solar flare” are infinitesimal. The ethnics – if UB White – are being brought here to exterminate you.

  4. FrozenPatriot

    Shallow well with a hand pump in the basement. Unlimited well water — the same water we drink and use now — with no power.

    Can also swap out the big 110v jet pump with a 12v pump sitting on standby and power off solar or wind from the 12v battery bank.

    • Damn FP that is a nice setup. I have been thinking about adding in a hand pump to my well but I hadn’t considered putting it inside the crawl space. The alternate juice is great too. In the summer I typically gather quite a bit via rain barrels and I’m prob gonna double that this year as I doubled my garden area as well. Worked out great this summer didn’t hit the well for garden water once despite some seriously intermittent rainfall. Water’s like firewood you can’t have enough.

      • FrozenPatriot

        Thanks. 🙂 The hand pump can also be connected to the pressure tank to develop a few gallons in reserve for things like flushing toilets without buckets or electricity.

        Flush toilets are not taken for granted in the FP household now, nor will they be when the power has been off for a year…

  5. If they’d simply sell them now for $75@, they could funnel 100% of the profits to their goals, instead of the recockulous buy one-donate one for $134 plan.
    Fucking commie college kids.

    • Condensation is easy-tech, and it could be done with a 10W solar panel and a fan. Using the below-ground cool against the warmer air above is going to work pretty well in the dry-warm places, but not so much in winter WY or Mongolia. This is straight out of Frank Herbert’s Dune.

      Getchur cheap desert “junk” land soon, or it won’t be cheap.

  6. outlawpatriot

    I’m in south Florida. Water is not problem. Hard to walk 400 yards in any direction without encountering a body of water. A Katydyne filter or one of the other things insures water forever. And there’s always enough rain to insure that seed.just thrown on the ground grows. 🙂

  7. The Jundland Wastes are not to be traveled lightly.

  8. FrozenPatriot

    While this isn’t the same, it’s close. Watch out for scams in this product genre…

    Good explanation from an electrical engineer down under…

    • Thanks for the video. The laws of Thermodynamics will be obeyed. (No matter what politicians say.)

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. When, and if there is actual data from the real world, concerning water output in high desert areas, I want at least one. Storing a year’s worth of water is a pain. Sounds like a great product for expanding your preparations, but installation looks like a bitch.

  11. Just sent the $134 to reserve mine. I had to overlook the whole “buy one we donate one” thing, but for $134 you really can’t lose. I agree with Y, but I also figure that the “people” these are intended to go to will just end up using them as piss buckets, so not real loss there I reckon.