4 responses to “Banzai!

  1. Shinmen Takezo

    FYI–the fix was in from the very start.
    They/them in the GOP were going to sink any candidate not to their liking.

    It could have bee Ted Cruz had he not spazed out with all of his behind-the-scenes shystering, schemeing and travels with Glenn Beck clutching his shirt-tail.

    They/them in the top of the GOP Establishment would have just released video of Ted Cruz babbling away in tongues with his nut-job evangalist father at some revival–making them both look like a bunch of kooks (which in fact they were). In their case the weapon of ‘ridicule’ was to be employed.

    This is a very powerful weapon FYI.

    Billy Bush knew of this tape for a long, long time–and it was forwarded sub-rosa to Mr. Peepers-Bush III (Uncle Jeb), to be used against against Trump when it came to a head-to-head contest… but this never panned out.

    As I wrote earlier, Jeb was crushed. So the tape languished waiting to be used–even if it were a neck and neck race with Cruz and Bush.

    The GOP elite leaked this video with a wink-wink, nudge, nudge. Billy Bush don’t give a shit about being shit-canned at NBC. Payola and grift awaits him in some form shortly.

    The GOP Establishment and the DNC Establishment are in dreadful fear of Trump and thus the tape was released to finish him off. These people are despicable pigs whose only motive is to remain on their gravy trains and in power at the controls of this country forever… feeding the numbskulls out there the drivel that Trump was destroying the GOP brand.

    But alas–they fucked and screwed the pooch at the same time.

    In reality, the “GOP Brand” had been destroyed long ago by their sheer incompetance and spinelessness. Their version of the GOP brand is about as relevant as was the Montgomery Ward’s brand and soon to go bankrupt Sears brand. If you look at photos of the fools running Sears and other “dead-man-walking-companies” and compare them to the fools running the GOP –the suited, balded-headed, Mr. Peeper types look practically identical. In short they are clueless and devoid of new ideas or talent.

    Win or lose Trump has ignited a revolution–and this revolution (win or lose) is going to destroy the GOP establishment forever. If these fools like Romney and RINO-Ryan think they have any long-term future in conservatisim, they are completely deluding themselves.

    All of these fecks, from Senator Sodomite (Grahm), to Senator Psycho (McCain) to Mitt-The-Mormon-Twitt-Romney and the rest of the usual suspects who show up with narrow, dark ties on FOX will be regarded as the traitors who threw this election to the leftists for over a generation. As they walk down the street in retirement they will be spat upon and ridiculed for the scum they really are.

    If any one of you were to visit George Town near DC or some of the upper class neighborhoods across the Potomac where these elites live–you will see how they live in grand oppulance, surrounded by guards and driven about in government provided limousines.

    Trump is the threat to their existance and the endless gravy train of grift and graft–and this is why he has to be destroyed at all costs… even at the cost of a presidental election to thier party.

    However since this bit of treachory has unfolded upon Trump–and if by somehow Trump does win this election. Yes it is still possible–knowing Trump and know how much this mans regards loyalty and integrity, Trump will burn them and eveything they love to the fucking ground in his first term.

    If in fact Trump does win this election–the establishment elites are on the outside looking in forever.

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    The fly is our new icon. I now picture that filthy black body on every politician’s face.
    The best thing about Trump running is that the mask of the Elites is off. They don’t even pretend to be “just like you”. The whole charade is right out in front and it is all about them! Just like the refugees-it is not about them, it’s about us. Not bringing refugees up to our level, but bringing us down to their level. If I hear one more word about how “better educated” people are backing Hillary-I will shoot the tv out. In the end, we are going to be in civil war and there is just no avoiding it.

  3. As a VNV, I’m hard pressed to think of a man more loathsome than John McCain. But this cocksucker Ryan comes close.

  4. Civil war, indeed. I hope it includes a Trump victory for a couple reasons: sheer entertainment value, and also an effective delaying action while we stack more assets for the coming festivities. Likely to be the only not quite totally rigged fight on TV in the forseeable future…