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Leaked Benghazi Email Proves Hillary Clinton Killed Chris Stevens




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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. We’ve already had illustrated for us the situation whereby she can do whatever the fuck she wants and it not only not accountable, but no one cares. The bodies have been piling up for decades and…no one cares. She plans to pile up a LOT more bodies…and no one will care. If she lasts much longer into this next year, that is. It could well be that because she is so full of hate and poison she’ll deliberately light off a nuke war with Russia before she croaks and goes straight to Hell; that’ll be about as sporty as things can get here.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    I hope that I am one of the chosen few to watch when she goes before the firing squad. This woman is evil incarnate.

    • A firing squad? Too easy, quick and humane for this creature. We first need a genuine exorcist and a gallon of genuine holy water, followed by burning at the stake.

    • There won’t be any lack of volunteers to pull the trigger.
      I keep thinking about the what if, because the what if is very important to us, what if the bastards jump the shark, and against all sanity go all in, ignore the universal derision and fundamental dislike for this blood soaked crone and install her as the next usurper?

      I understand these people live in their own world and us dirt people do not exist as far as they are concerned, we are only serfs and slaves to be used when convenient and spit on when we have the audacity to protest or our usefulness is not deemed necessary.

      It’s not that I’m saying what they will do if they install her that is of great concern, we are already going down that road, it is what we will do if it comes to pass. By that I’m saying if they make her the crown bitch, it will be like what the FBI and Comey did, but different, like on orders of magnitude. Know what I’m trying to say here?
      This country will come fucking unglued.

    • I recall hearing about an old torture method where a fast growing plant (like bamboo) would be planted and the victim staked over the plant. The bamboo would eventually grow right thru the person who was staked out right on top of it. Must have been painful to have a fast growing stake impale a person from below. Do you think the Hilda Beast would like something like that? I have a shovel (not an assault shovel) that I would gladly loan to someone who wants to do some planting.

    • The Romans knew how to deal most effectively with treacherous enemies of the republic: crucifixion.

      Imagine the Mall in DC lined up and down with the most treasonous criminals hanging from crosses, just like at the end of the movie Spartacus!
      And each ones tacking up televised worldwide.

      I’d bet there’d be a lot of singing going on immediately after the first dozen or so were hoisted up.

  4. Off Topic: Bruce Bochy is a dumb sonofabitch.

    SF Giants Fan

    • AA,

      You need to take something for that cranial-rectal inversion you’re suffering from. Few folks here give a rat’s ass about some overpaid, contribute-nothing-to-the-good-of-society, pro athlete assholes you appear to worship.

      You’re at the wrong blog to be belching about fucking pro athletes. The country is getting close to explode and you want to interject some lame remark about some asshole who wouldn’t care if you live or die.

      BTW….fuck anything to do with Kaleefornyeeahh !

      Get a clue.

  5. Marlo Stanfield

    The Departed – She Fell Funny

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    | | | | The Departed – She Fell Funny some of my favorite lines in this small snipet of movie film | |



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  6. Obama and Hiligula didn’t want Chris writing any memoirs about the 400 tons of weapons they ran from Libya to the ISIS/Sunni terrorists in Syria. Anyway, Mrs. Clinton’s time in the WH is going to be unhappy and short. She thinks she can disarm both Whites-in-America and Russians-in-Syria. Bring it, Hiligula.

  7. Take a moment today and pause for these guys, Stevens had to know what he was in to but Woods n Dougherty simply tried to save their fellow man.

    God rest their souls. God rest the souls of the departed including those killed during the FF that was 9/11 as well. You treasonous shit bags who killed them should be warming a seat in hades.

    Why the fck are we still in an undeclared war in Afghanistan?

    • Tom,

      What the fuck were those four departed doing overseas in Libya anyways ? They were highly paid mercenaries protecting the crimes of soetoro-obama and H. Klinton….running guns. Not much different than soetoro-obama and Klinton’s Fast & Furious gun-running deception.

      It is sad to lose any countrymen. But, these guys were embroiled in the political shenanigans of the illegal Kenyan. These types of guys are the same type who will kick down one’s door and shoot your pet looking for the wpns Klinton will make contraband should she be annointed. I shed not a tear for them or those like them. Wake up !

      What side will YOU be on Tommy ? Let me guess….

    • Amen.
      LeVoy Finnicum too.
      The dead cooked alive at Waco
      The countless dead because of operation fast & furious
      The Weaver’s
      Pretty sure bet Oklahoma City was a bag job to disappear the paper record repository of evidence storage of the Clinton crimes syndicate, coincidence?
      And isn’t it convenient how every single federal agency, without exception, entirely missed 911.
      It is a mountain of people murdered for power and greed plain and simple.
      They are all dead victims of the same agenda of blood thirsty psychopaths.
      If that

      Look here, this is how truly fucked up these people are. This Hypocrisy defines to a T how corrupt these people are. After all that has gone down. The murder, the mayhem, the protection racket, the elitism of these scum and their extortion.
      The FBI, is “investigating” who stole the emails that where not disappeared or hidden into the Clinton crime syndicate. These people have lied to us, killed us, deceived us, steel from us, imprison us, they walk around like their shit doesn’t stink, and after whitewashing the single greatest act of political corruption and most likely treason for profit, those whoes only job was to defend us from crime, they are going to “investigate” those who did the job they where supposed to uphold. It doesn’t get much more insane government than that:

      FBI Confirms Investigation Of Clinton “Cyber Intrusion” As Podesta Goes On The Offensive


    davidx nailed it. No one cares. The sheeple have been dumbed down for decades. During the Viet Nam War, people cared because their sons and husbands and fathers were being impressed by a military draft and sent far away to die for our military-industrial complex, a corrupt, banana-republic government, and foreign interests.
    They revolted. Nixon rode their revolt to power. The draft ended. Jobs were outsourced so Wall Street and the Republicrats would have an endless source of cannon fodder. But, no one has given a rip because their loved ones are no longer impressed to fight for the Illuminati. The sheeple will care only when their money is worth nothing and they cannot feed themselves and their families. Then they will riot and burn. Get ready.

  9. wealthy farmer

    Anonymous video:

    The depth and breadth of the cliton’s criminality is MIND BLOWING. And it leads me to ask a couple of questions:
    1) Are the Clintons LUCKY or just brutal? Over and over and over they just skate away, on to their next crime. Maybe they have a dark spiritual ally….
    2) What don’t we know about our other american political dynasties, the bushes and the kennedy’s?
    3) These people literally reek of heavy sulfur they are insanely satanic. Any videos of hellary drinking baby’s blood? Has the BITCH proven her chops to join the big boys (hitler, stalin, mao, pol pot, etc) up in the reviewing stand as the millions are SLAUGHTERED down below? Laughing, of course, amused by it all…….

  10. Shinmen Takezo

    Come on guys–this is not the real story of Benghazi.

    These men killed there (including Ambassador Sodomite) is not the REAL story–Clinton/Obama incompetance is not the story that needs to be shouted out. It’s not sticking–it only sticks with the choir here.

    THE REAL STORY that needs to be shouted out is what was Ambassador Sodomite doing in Benghazi in the first place… and why were all these so-called ‘security-men’ (ex-spec ops types) doing in the county?

    THE REAL STORY which needs to be shouted out is… THEY WERE ALL INVOLVED IN MASS WEAPONS SHIPMENTS TO SYRIA! AMBASSADOR SODOMITE was the point man for the operation. And if you actually believe that the spec-ops men were being used for embassy security–you’re all insane. They were in fact paid by Saudi shell companies and not actually under the employ of the USA.

    When I mention weapons shipments–I am talking thousands and thousands of tons of weapons of all sorts, including SAM missiles. Some of these SAM missiles made it to Afganistan–and one was believe to shoot down a Chinook helicopter killing over 30 Navy Seals aboard (remember that one?!)

    So if you want to harp on a story–harp on a real story that involves TREASON.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      SOFREP called it for guns 30 days after it happened. See Brandon Webb. This story is about deceit, treachery, patriots, and power-all in one ugly mix. It is SO time to clean house!!

    • Yep. And Stevens was a 9/11 anniversary gift to the muslimes.

    • Takezo,

      With the recent WikiLeaks email revelations the realization that every individual politically involved in District of Columbia, are literally traitors. 1 + 1 + 8 + 535…..should all see the hangman’s noose. Every one of them. And that is just for beginners.

      Then we have the 4th Estate, the heiarchy of the alphabet agencies comes to mind, FBI, IRS, EPA….the list is long. And last but not least are those citizens supporting the .gov status quo. Your family, friends, neighbors who loves them some big government….the nòse would only be too good for them.

      The spiderweb of deceit is beyond belief there in District of Columbia. 1600 Pa Ave would be the perfect ground zero for a Putin nuke.

    • Truth! That is where ISIS has acquired the weapons from.

  11. That bitch should have died as a child.


      keith park: It proves that time travel is impossible. Otherwise, some patriot would have strangled her, along with Lincoln, Hamiltion, Teddy Roosevelt,LBJ, and FDR in their cradles!

  12. “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny”
    – James Madison

    On a lower echelon, Hillary is a “lawyer,” which by the way, even
    in that world (form of government), not only control all judiciary,
    but most of the legislative and executive, not to mention all else,
    public & private.

    Me thinks all is shot to hell in a hand basket.

    Hindsight is foresight:
    “Call no man your father” – “There are many gods”

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”
    “Ye are all kings”

  13. The country will come unglued because the establishment will never just allow Trump to win. Won’t happen. Economic collapse, WW3, major terrorist attack or some other false flag will appear and usher in a shit storm of biblical proportions.
    Plan on it. You have less than 30 days to get ready. Buy as much dry food as you can’t afford. Really. Nothing takes the fight out of a people like wholesale starvation. During WW2 hundreds of thousands of people died of starvation. This shit storm will make that look like a picnic.You can’t eat ammo and you can’t use weapons to acquire food if there just isn’t any to be found.

  14. Ambassador Stevens is Gary Condit.. get over it