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  1. Thomas J Krumenacker

    ?Please loyal Americans wake up to this imminent threat !!
    How can we reach and alert our bretheren (sic) brothers and sisters of America, read, understand and tell all you possibly can of our peril !

  2. I’m new to this site but like it already!…..but what are all the abbreviations?….RTWT, FUSA, DERP, DJT, GVDL?….as a newbie I want to be able to follow the topics….is there a glossary? Thanks

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    This is pure gold.

  4. outlawpatriot

    Not too shabby. Kinda where I’m at. And what I do for the most part and encourage others to do as well. I’ve burned through 1000 rounds of pistol ammo in a couple of hours more times than I can remember. When I trained with Max, everybody in my class went through about 400 rounds and I burned just short of a 1000 for the week-end. Done that kind of thing more times than I can count too.

    I’ve been blessed that I’ve been able to afford the cost of that ammo. I also reload which ameliorates that cost, but now, even components have gone through the roof. Ammo is fucking expensive. Even for me now. Couple that with the fact that we don’t allow the Russian shit in our training and some of the guys, especially the younger ones just can’t keep up. I can have them burn 200+ in an hour or so. We can open a can for everyone now and again, but regular intense training? Not gonna happen.

    Hence, airsoft. Excellent supplement in my estimation. Especially since you can actually shoot somebody. And it’s as close to the mayhem as you can get in my opinion. Downsides are limited range. Though some of the jacked up guns are good out to 50-60 yards. Those guns are also brutal at close quarter range. You can sometimes bleed when hit close by those things. There’s also the problem of effective evaluation of a scenario when guys are dishonest about the hits they take. Still, none the less, an excellent way to practice tactics and such for little money. Especially when guys like me break out a jar of 10k BB’s. 🙂

    I’m reading a book about Francis Marion at present. I’m learning to do what you can with what you have at the moment. What you have will change from time to time. If they have live ammo, great. If they don’t airsoft. No live ammo or airsoft? A stick and they yell, pew, pew, pew. Whatever it takes.
    Condescending articles to the contrary. 🙂

    • +1 on the airsoft.
      Wanted to add some caveats to yours OP.

      Dont allow the training situation to get “gamey”. Understand what you are trying to simulate in a specific scenario and call cease fire before it turns into a game. Dont let the students become “players”.

      I would also go to some local airsoft fields and participate in some of their games. Find one that takes it fairly seriously but understand that some of the players are there to just have fun and will do things like he mentioned in the article. (I was at that specific training session where the guy walked a mag over to his buddy BTW). Just know that the larger games do a couple of things for you. They do a good job of simulating chaos and uncertainty. When you set up small training sessions all of your participants have a greater amount of knowledge than they would have in reality. The big game takes away all of that, and you are faced with making decisions based off of very incomplete information. The other thing the big game presents is the opportunity to interact with larger numbers of people who are unknown to you and your team. They are on your “side” but you have never worked with them and they have no obligation to do anything you ask them to do, just like real life. It will give you a real good lesson in leadership and people skills.

  5. Nice article. Why do people like articles? Because the favored ones re-inforce existing prejudices. What’s not to like? Appendix carry; a .45ACP set to stun aka 9mm; spending money in order to learn how to hit what’s being pointed at, etc. To not quit the love: putting tritium sights in their place; talk of the need for white lights; and being less than full retard doctrinaire on the subject of mag retention.

    Flexibility is going to be a key thing for getting by, both physical and mental. The author appears to be flexible enough to have avoided doctrine traps.

    And I like the pics. The first is pretty blotchy, but guns appear to be No1MkIII and likely (odds) have the special post-’16 special snowflake *. I like the second pic also. An Armalite in Belfast?

    To balance out the review: The author could have brought out the topic of mitigating ammo purchase costs (no one has enough ammo, bty) with the suggestion of a 9:1 ratio of presentations/snaps, to actual rounds fired. A person can improve much, within the confines of their own four walls. For more indoors rifle work, prone, the neutral leg socket hole of a wall outlet makes a good snapping point, H/T Spartacus2002.

    • Excellent point on Dry Fire practice.

      Pictures on the posting were chosen by Mr. Buppert when he posted the article.

  6. “….45 ACP will hit someone in the arm and go back in time and kill their grandparents.”

    Golly, that’s hilarious and very quotable. Some people have a way with words.

  7. I concur, the most reasonable approach is to make what you have work for you, Flawlessly. A couple personal notes, the 308s a great weapon how do you pie a corner? Just like I would with a m4,

    I’ve got short beretta BM59s and BM62s, short fast handling and fuck the corner, shoot thru it.

    Lastly I was in tears with the pic at the end. What a classic AR180. I’ve owned several my last two are Costa Mesa made. Had to go get one out and fiddle with it. What a classic weapon.

    Good article, don’t we all evolve at some point. I’m critical of max and Mosley, not out of disrespect, but I’m 60 now, and those days are long gone for me. Keep training, learn the fundamentals, and do them well.

    One concern I have is all this new wizzbang shooting stuff. I am a product of Col Jeff Cooper, and that crowd. I don’t think they missed much.

    I learned to shoot long guns, hand extended forward on the fore stock back in the 80s, some folks out of South Africa, sporting FAL’s, taught us, along with some guys out of the H&K training section. singleton? And the mp5 were the shit then.

    We became very very proficient with the mp5 SDs, and the Navy version, way back then. Anybody shooting then especially anybody training noted the deficiency of the round, yet we made it workd.

    I use to Carry a Mac 10 45acp and a m-14 E with a selector back then, while working UC. Our m4s were all colt, and all had semi, three, and full selectors. Nothing fancy sight wise, but they worked well.

    All the gun gadgets in the world don’t make you a commando, or a bad ass. You would be wise to listen to folks like Mosley and Max, their training isn’t always on a square range, as most fire fights either. Moving seeing and hearing is critical.

    We were on the long range last Thursday, shooting out to 1410y. Admittedly I’ve not been shooting much lately. I spent twenty minutes dry firing and breathing. Before we went to,the range. starts at 560y and works out, to 1410y. ar 500 targets 30 of them all over the ranch.

    I cleaned the course out to 900y, and had a two shot string at 1410y. I train with a couple retired SF guys, they push me hard to work thru any flaws in My shot process.

    Enjoyed the article, just enforces my resolve to continue to push my training.

    Lastly we all do what we do best, often . I spend about 1/4 of to 1/2 of my time training with my opposite hand and eye, for muscle reflex related work.


    • “fuck the corner, shoot thru it”


    • “Keep training, learn the fundamentals, and do them well. ”

      Indeed. There is no such thing as an advanced gun fight. Just more advanced application of the fundamentals. It still largely comes down to triggers and sight package.

    • In regards to the Greatest Generation of gun trainers…I was listening to a podcast recently where they were pointing out that Louis Awerbuck had all this stuff figured out 30+ years ago. “Shooting is 90% mental, probably stemming from the fact that shooting is 90% mental.”

      • I was privileged to host Louis for 7 years as an instructor. He was one of the Giants of the modern training movement. I attended his memorial service in Phoenix, a great man and one I do miss.

      • MichiganderJim


  8. The Usual Suspect

    This is all very interesting but I assume Donald Trump
    will be defeated by the assembled forces of darkness
    who can never let him win.
    The present administration has frequently acted in direct
    violation of all norms and Constitutional standards to advance
    their agenda and judge the amount of pushback from the
    House and Senate, and there is none.
    Americans don’t march on Washington to express their
    displeasure with the status quo.
    The Obama administration has unabashably violated the peoples
    in government in general by weaponizing various agencies,
    not necessarily arming them, but they have done that too,
    but using the agency as a weapon to beat opposition by decree
    and bureaucratic interference.
    They have interceded for Hillary and made a mockery of the FBI
    and DOJ and don’t even attempt to hide their contempt for the
    rule of law and the Constitution.
    Which brings me back to this train of thought, there will be no
    armed militia groups in the backwoods bringing the hurt to those
    who will enforce the soon to come draconian changes in the
    Bill of Rights and reinterpretation of the Constitution its self.
    The only pushback will come presumably by individuals who will
    risk all to avenge the the theft of our liberty and the eventual
    enslavement of this entire country.
    Throughout history armed revolutions begin with targeted assassinations
    of the people enforcing policy, and morph into outright revolution
    in stages.
    Assassinations prompt response that bring more assassinations until
    things spin out of control, dragging the uncommitted in against their
    Everyone needs to set down and soberly consider what they are prepared
    to do by themselves, without and help from anyone at anytime, you will
    be a pariah with a price on your head and scorned by all.
    That is unfortunately how revolutions begin one individual act at a time,
    we are not the Minutemen at Concord , our government with the force
    of the medias unrelenting attack on anything resembling nonconformance
    have alienated us all.
    Not trying to be a defeatist but instead pragmatic and look the devil in the
    What are you prepared to do?

  9. Back in the mid 1980’s, there was a National Guard recruitment poster in circulation. The poster featured nine N/G soldiers taking a knee in a wooded security halt; all 9 had their muzzles pointing at each other….they must have been trying to emulate the over-circulated Rangers in a zodiac poster…….😁

    Good article; the more logic-the better. The article is also a good exemplification of how much the CQB terminology has changed since 2003…. thanks!

    Try teaching a militia to utilize Centralized Planning and Decentralized Execution……heh, then Economy of Force.

    Bless their hearts none-the-less.

  10. BLAH BLAH BLAH! EPIC DERP. The religion of the AR pie cutter shall not be questioned. Black rifle fan boy bullshit in criptech or multicam. OH wait I here black is making a comeback. Sorry tacticool; No sale. Strawman arguments with circular logic frosting don’t impress. I don’t need to give my money to some internet jerk off know it all for some pretend weekend Rambo school, and I HATE AR-everything. They suck. Each and every one ever made. AND I don’t use the NM Garand for house clearing. I use the 870 and 1911. Who wrote this? Range Rambo? Gecko .45? You know if you smear your 10 inch AR all over with KY jelly it will finally be good for something.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Some things I agree with, some I do not.
    “The older generation of survivalists who grew up in an era when the AR15 was less reliable tend to be very fond of full size .308 battle rifles for all situations. A myriad of multi volume prepper novels will be sure to point out the superiority of the HK91 over the poodle shooter 5.56 rifles or how great God’s Gun in .45 ACP will hit someone in the arm and go back in time and kill their grandparents.”
    Although I think the .308 and the .45 are the best “Survivalist Rifle/Pistol Cartridges” if you can handle/hump them, I conceal carry a 9mm regularly, and have actually used an M4 in combat.
    “For the .308 M1A/FAL/HK91 only crew, have you ever tried to work that platform in tight or confined areas? Have you tried searching your house or slicing corners in confined spaces? Close quarters work with a cumbersome platform often will turn out like a monkey screwing a football bat.”
    Actually, yes, I have. Have you? that’s the point of using a “CARBINE” instead of the full size rifle version. Yes, it’s heavier, it also can do more, but what was it you said later, “I don’t want to hear it. Toughen up buttercup.”
    “If you want to see a soup salad, try to deploy and run an your m1a national match while seated in a vehicle.”
    Same with a full sized M16A2, but we did it (yes, the full sized M1A is about 5″ longer than the AR), and the M4 was better for that role, and the 11 1/2″ AR is even better at that role, isn’t it? What’s your point?
    “Hondo Rolling into the nearest riot with a bayonet mounted Pump gun for anti-BLM Protest Ops.”
    Here’s a personal favorite, because I don’t remember anyone posting to take a bayonet equipped riotgun to a riot, but I did suggest in a post that having one in your home or retreat if that occasion came to you was a good idea. So you think that’s a bad thing? Why?
    “One of my ideological mentors is Boston T Party.”
    I wonder what Ol’ BTP thinks of your assessment? Pretty sure he is or was (haven’t read him in a long time) a huge .308 fan in his recommendations. I guess he’s “Ol’ School” huh?
    “Have you considered how much those 17 magazines of 7.62×51 weigh? If you cant walk up a flight of stairs without passing out, but think you are going to carry a 120lb ruck and 500 rounds of loaded 308 mags on your chest, you may not have thought all this through.”
    I can tell you exactly what they weigh. Although I don’t carry 17 mags (Usually 10 twenty’s and a 50 round drum plus ammo on strippers), I’ll be more than happy to go ruck with you carrying what I normally carry, then you’ll know, won’t you?
    Some of this was dead on, but some of it was just plain subjective opinion based on….what?. Just because you are unable or unwilling, doesn’t mean others “Can’t” or “Shouldn’t”.

    • I thought it was pretty sound logic for the most part- but you’re dead on with thay last part. Though it might be a bit much for some or most people, who is to say what absolutely is or isnt a good idea when youre talking to the internet.

      What I’ve seen while training is sometimes pretty similar to what I’ve seen racing bikes. Some people just cant not obsess over equipment. Some people will want to spend enough money to make you blush (subjective, I know) because the only way you’ll ever be the best is if you had the best stuff!
      I guess racing hand me down bikes was a good lesson. Just cause you show up to a ride with gear thats worth 10x less than everyone elses, it doesnt mean your legs are no good. There might come a time when that new wheelset really will make the difference between victory and defeat- but by then, you will have spent enough time racing to know enough about these things to draw your own conclusions.

      With firearms, in my far less experienced, most humble opinion, is that if youre safe, and youre training, the rest is just details. Make it work and lets not fret about the next guy.

    • I guess I hit a tender spot.

      My question is why do you feel the 308 is superior to say 556? If something is lighter, easier to maneuver with, more reliable, easier to handle, the ammo is lighter, can be adapted to a wider range of uses, easier and FASTER to manipulate, why poo poo it?

      I can ‘clear’ a house or run Post Collapse Vehicle Op’s with a 338 lapua bolt gun, does it mean I should? Or should I choose the most optimal tool for the job?

      A 308 still won’t punch through B pillars on a vehicle without hitting the same spot 20+ times. Its not the end all be all.

      Its great to fantasize about engaging the Blue Helmets @ 600+ meters with 308 battle rifles because their poodle shooters are only good to 300 yards and all but….I personally don’t care what anyone else carries, uses or shoots. I’m a libertarian. I don’t care if people rub the button or stroke the slide while reloading a pistol. That is a lifestyle choice.

      But when people continually peddle myths based on 1960’s era problems with AR’s or 556, it just gets laughable.

      • It’s not “a tender spot”, I’m just sick of the “anything but 5.56 is stupid.” paradigm.
        “If something is lighter, easier to maneuver with, more reliable, easier to handle, the ammo is lighter, can be adapted to a wider range of uses, easier and FASTER to manipulate, why poo poo it?”
        More reliable at what? Please don’t say killing, because thats’ BS. Wider range of uses? Pretty sure the .308 carbine has a wider range of uses than a 5.56.
        “I can ‘clear’ a house or run Post Collapse Vehicle Op’s with a 338 lapua bolt gun, does it mean I should? Or should I choose the most optimal tool for the job?”
        I know a few guys who do those things with a a .308 carbine, and think it is “optimal” for those jobs. They can carry it, and they shoot them well.
        “Its great to fantasize about engaging the Blue Helmets @ 600+ meters with 308 battle rifles because their poodle shooters are only good to 300 yards and all but..….I personally don’t care what anyone else carries, uses or shoots.”
        Right there is the issue. You think you know that someone is carrying it because they want to shoot blue helmets at 600 meters (fantasizing). I understand that point of view, but there are plenty of people out there who actually know what they’re doing, and don’t fall under what you term “The Shoot UN helmets, Old school crowd.”. Just because it’s old school doesn’t mean doesn’t work. Hell, even Max got on the .308 bandwagon last year with his CUTT/.308 posts.

        • Yes. The AR platform in my experience and in a plethora of others experience, is more reliable mechanically than an m1a. I’ve played the m1a game for years with a tuned up rifle. It offers no advantage to me. With an AR platform, I can run it faster, splits are faster, recoil recovery is faster, reloads are faster, I can carry more ammunition, I can work it in tighter quarters and it will run better than any full size battle rifle. 308 kills people, 556 kills people. Who cares? I know why I choose what I choose. I merely made the case that 308 is not the only option. And outlets that promote 308 calibers exclusively never mention the downsides of it, only the perceived, and often not so real upsides.

          When the fedgov phased out the m14 platform 40 years ago and nearly all parties of relevance consider the AR a better all around fighting platform in 2016…in detective work we call that a clue. Others mileage may vary

      • No tender spots, bro.

        Any butthurt is a direct result of getting sacred cows kicked in the nut sacks.

        Training is worth its weight in gold. I was recently introduced to pistol-shooting while simultaneously getting a BCT-esque smoke-session thrown in the mix. It’s incredible to see groups open up to embarrassing levels when slinging 100-lb sandbags around and doing 100m sprints.

        No one ever took two to the thoracic cavity, looked down and said, “Hmmmphhhh. 5.56? That all you got?”

        No one, I say again, no one has good “natural night vision.”

        It’s 2016.

        If you’re not carrying a handheld light, or using a WML, you’re doing it wrong.

        Further Newsflash: It’s Low-Light/No-Light Approximately 50% of the time. While you can’t control what time of day a fight breaks out, you *CAN* control your own level of readiness along with having the tools needed to apply said readiness. If you can’t roll out of bed at 0300, and go from 3-300m with a quickness, no matter what; you’re doing it wrong.

        Night sights are a fucking joke. Yes I have them. Yes, the rears are blacked out. Yes, with a WML, they’re rendered obselete at best, but are, ultimately, functionally worthless.

        Solid points in the article, and any issues derived from said article are emotionally-based, not rationally-based.

  13. When the time comes pick up and gun, any gun and shoot the evil you see.

  14. Buppert,

    Great essay. Will be printing it out and placing in my reference binder.

  15. Willing but not Able isn’t the toughest leadership challenge….;_ylt=AwrTcYKxQf5XRE8A_VWJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTIyZXU5Z3JzBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM1MzZiMjZhYjQxN2MxODE2N2RhN2EwZmQ2YTIxZjNiZgRncG9zAzUEaXQDYmluZw–?.origin=&×250.jpg&

  16. To those who can’t run and gun with the youngsters any more, you can still walk up behind an enemy and put one in the back of it’s head. In the doorway, gangway or whatever. .22 is ok for this. Then walk away.