GoV: As Islam Marches, Some Compassion is in Order, Even Overdue…

Read the text, then watch the video.

Current electoral course and speed delivers FUSA unto The Islamic Pit in 100 or so days.

And you will have voted for your dhimmitude no more than your brothers and sisters in the Old Countries.






23 responses to “GoV: As Islam Marches, Some Compassion is in Order, Even Overdue…

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  2. Bill O’Reilly put forth the point on his show that part of the reason Columbus went exploring west and stumbled upon north America was because the muslims were a serious problem for Europeans that wanted to go by Africa on the way to the orient.
    I’m sure it’s true even though I haven’t read up on it as Bill is not going to go off on muslims unless he’s right, but that gave me the thought bubble to throw at liberals and no nothings that would send them into confusion and profanity at the same time at you. You should tell the no nothings that hate the usa(even though they wont move somewhere else) that is because of islam/muslims that the usa exists OR for those that are muslim deniers/apologists, tell them it is because of islam being such a violent religion since the 1400s, that the usa exists.
    IMO, either way, you got them.

  3. Certainly Islam is an evil creed and it has inspired evil behavior, but why the hypocritical double standard? Why not criticize the fundamental racial supremacist genocidal precepts of Judaism—”Kill even the best of the Gentiles!”—and the crimes against humanity inspired by Judaism? Who is human? Who is not?

    • you – almost – got it. The Muslim invasives are merely one of the arrows in the open-borders Judeo-globalist quiver. See also: Nigras, Mestizos, Slants.

  4. I’ll add this food for thought… Are you less enslaved as a noahide than as a dhimmi?

  5. OT: Prayers for the Carolina folks. That looks mighty bad. Hope y’all are ok down there.

  6. And they will take us over without us even putting up a.fight.


    • “We are ‘cowards’ all. Self included.”
      Fixed it for you, since I notice you ain’t doing anything either.

  7. Dear Al: You’re full of shit. But I therefore conclude that islam must be destroyed. But Al, to go on, there are MAYBE ten million Jews in the entire world, PRACTICING Jews, that is. Mind telling me how, if they complete their plan of world conquest (insert suppressed guffaw here) how in the fuck they are going to control all those billions. And please, spare me the lackey bullshit, because even lackeys know how to count, and have ambitions of their own. I also don’t want to hear about a lot of bullshit about the internet and global banking control. All that uses electricity, a commodity that has only been in widespread use for 100 yrs, and is very delicate in its distribution. Or are you really the foil here, and your real name is preceded by your profession, as in Al-Qaeda? One more thing. If the Jews take over the world, what are they going to do with it? Make us come home by ten o’ clock, and eat our chicken soup before the lamb course? Pick up the dry cleaning before going home on Friday? Marry a nice Jewish girl, for G*d’s sake?

    • Why not ask you same questions when GoV drones on and on about the Muslim threat? My verifiable evidence trumps your indignant and uninformed rage. The links I provided are to pages with hundreds of verifiable quotes from the rabbis, their “holy” books,” and the Israeli press. Here are a few more pages with mountains of verifiable quotes and facts, most of it from the mouths of the perpetrators themselves:
      perpetrators, instigators, & profiteers—not “victims”
      Jewish terrorism and genocide—a partial listing

      As for your oh-so-predictable fantasy that I am a Muslim, I am a Catholic. We have had 600 years more experience than Muslims with Jewish crimes against humanity. Further, God (no hyphen) warned us in almost two hundred verses about the “adversaries of all mankind,” etc. God’s warnings are compiled in the right hand column here:

      Have a nice day.

      • So you’re a catholic muslim. If you’re going to use Scripture to defend anti-semitic views, perhaps you should include those Scriptures condemning those who do not support Israel. Of course, to support Scripture, you’d have to suspend your catholic beliefs and that is anathema to catholics. After all, the poop’s word is god’s word.

    • the woodsman

      Then why is it “anti-semitic” to criticize the 1%?

    • Meyer Anselm Rothschild, 300 years ago: “Give me control of a country’s money supply, and I will control that country.” True then. True now.

      Theodore Herzl, 130 years ago: “When we rise, there also arises our terrible power of the purse.” True then. True now.

  8. In the late 1400’s it was becoming dangerous to travel to the Orient over land as much was controlled by Muslims.
    Africa was a long haul and it seemed better to head West and enter the Orient through the back.

  9. The takeaway for me is in the years (centuries?) to come Islam must be eradicated or Western Civilization must be eradicated. Interesting that the elites in Spain did well while giving their people over to the muslims. Sounds familiar.

    • the woodsman

      Are you kidding me? I believe it was the (((elites))) of Spain who did well after turning it over to the Muslims.

  10. The *only* reason Columbus went West in 1492 was due to moslum control of the Med and the waters off Africa. There was simply no other way by sea.

    1400 years of jihad control, slaughter and destruction of all things not moslum, all originating from their pedophile, murderous “prophet”.

    They are the ones that brought Egypt down and destroyed the greatest depository of knowledge in the Western world at the time, the Great Library of Alexandria. 

    Fuck all things, mosulm. We should nuke Mecca and Medena. From orbit.

    “it’s the only way to be sure.”

  11. Fuck compassion. Those begging for it with a tin cup by the side of civilization’s road may not have voted for it expressly, but they ratified times without counting, and gladly took their ease laying in the lap of socialism for nearly a century.

    Days are coming – like an express freight train – to either stand up, or step aside.

    Compassion is what you dispense after the conflict, to any deserving who still exist. I hold no illusions of how few that remnant will be. Anybody who wants ease in their old age better get used to the idea of fighting for it now. The gravy train days of dispensed largesse are over.

    We’re all about to find out what two generations and more of general softness will cost us, and the gods of the copybook headings teach a stern lesson in that regard.

    • FrozenPatriot

      Damnit, you’re right. The gods of the copybook headings are a harsh mistress…nay, a true bitch…especially for those unaware of the depths of their bitchiness.

  12. Moose limbs believe that their ‘holy shrines’ are protected by allah ((we cannot profane his ‘profit’s’ (no, I spelled it correctly) name, per the pResident ))…
    So, a simple test is in order. Either we can nuke them from orbit and see if moose limbs will worship a smoking, glass-lined hole; or the weapons will turn hard and miss, validatin Al Ha’s protection.
    We’re fucked either way, so let’s get it on. “We didn’t get dressed up for nothing”

  13. “They picked up their swords and went out whacking Christians”…..

    For 1400 years now.

    I’m for the ‘smoking glass-lined hole’ option…..

    • FrozenPatriot

      +1. We can drill for oil through glass, even many consecutive feet of it.

      Let that pagan moon rock glow…