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  1. Brilliance!

  2. that’s an excellent takedown of Van Gogh…why? Because it mirrors my thoughts exactly. Then there’s a link to cuck Richard Fernandez’ latest, warmongering anti-Russian rant along the usual lines: “why did Putin put his (really weak) country so close to our encircling military bases?”. And another site with a long and useful list of Alt-Right and hardRight sites; 3 notable exclusions: Greg Johnson’s Counter-Currents, Anglin’s Daily Stormer, and CA’s Western Rifle Shooters. Finally, some whining about Google declaring that niggers “can’t be racist” (even though they all are)…which fails to mention that all 3 of the Google billionaire owners – (((Brin))), (((Schmidt))), & (((Page))) – are viciously anti-White Jews.

  3. The link to the Fernandez article takes you to some of the worst warmongering hogwash I’ve encountered for a long while. Putin has gone all in? Yeah, that’s because the psychopaths in D.C. have pushed him till his back is against the wall. Now he is preparing to kill somebody and destroy people who have made themselves his enemies in wholesale lots. That’s what any rational man would do.
    Putin is playing his last card? His isn’t the country with over 800 military installations scattered around the world, nor is his the one with $20 billion in debt, a trillion $ “fighter” plane that can’t fly, multi-billion dollar “warships” that can’t move under their own power without breaking down, and an “election” coming due where the two major candidates are an insane old lesbian who is tottering on the brink of the grave and a 70 year old real estate developer who has never served as dog catcher. Mr. Putin also enjoys popularity levels with his people that no US president could ever dream of, certainly none of the last four.
    Russia isn’t the country that is bogged down in a 15 year long war to protect the largest source of heroin on the planet, nor is it the one that just paid $38 billion in tribute to a foreign nation, nor is it the one that has been flooded with 42 million “immigrants.” Putin will fight to the last ditch for Syria and Russia’s naval base there. The neocon game is up, the US and its “allies” have lost control of the middle east, and there won’t be any Greater Israel next year. Not unless you want to see Washington D.C. turned into a smoking, radioactive crater, which might not be such a bad idea.

    • “The neocon game is up, the US and its ‘allies’ have lost control of the middle east, and there won’t be any Greater Israel next year.”
      I wish I could share your optimism in that sentence. And I think you meant to say “$20 trillion in debt” (not counting the 10X larger unfunded liabilities). But otherwise, yeah, you got the picture.