The New War Between The States


We’ve only just begun.

Cue Karen:

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  1. Every time I hear that dumb bitch sing, I get hungry.

  2. New war?,really don’t believe the last one ever ended,just went into hiatus for a bit.

    • The war of northern aggression never ended as you say. It just has changed shape like a chameleon, adopting what marxist camouflage suitable to the political moment to sneak up on us and destroy this republic.
      Note how both obama and the barren vagina both mention their inner President Lincoln. They admire Lincoln and his marxists. I believe it is because they would very much wish to complete what Lincoln did to the South to the entirety of America. Enslave it for their sole profit and power.
      I think they think this time “we” will do it right.

  3. Real Clear Politics sounds like a never-Trump, we’re-in-the-bag-for-Hillary kind of bunch, thirsting for the death of the Republican Party that it so richly deserves. They really believe people will be massively upset because Trump discussed pussy with some pussy journo who go fired because, BECAUSE! They’ve got a general idea of the split in this country, but they don’t have the inside dope, because they’re camped out in front of Hillary’s tent, waiting for the scraps. And the inside dope is this. A lot of her “voters” are lazy assed fuckers who will not show up on election day, because they figure it’s a done deal, or they don’t have any enthusiasm for her anyway. She couldn’t whip up an election day turnout if she wanted too, she’s just way toxic, and don’t forget, way too white, for a crucial part of the electorate. Throw in the fact that Repubs, the Alt-Right, and a lot of others REALLY don’t want to see that bitch win, who sat out the last one, and will probably get off their dead asses and vote this time, from desperation and fear. Probably a squeaker, but a Trump win, and then G*d help us.

    • Hillary does not need ANY voters to show up on election day. Between the corruption in the electoral process by the Democrats, and the collusion with that corruption by the Republican Elite – who ALSO cannot stand the thought of Donald Trump as President – I would not be surprised to see her “win” by over 50% of the “Vote”. And that’s when it will be time for dead pigs.

      • Your ‘50%’ will be the electoral college.
        Still, I don’t hold out much faith in the electorate doing much worse.

      • outlawpatriot

        Well, Mark, it will at least validate the absolute corruption of the system. As to the response being to start zapping cops? Not so sure about that. I find it highly unlikely that cops are primarily responsible for that corruption.

        I do understand your sentiment though. Once they commit to defend it, they become fair game. But the war has to be initiated against those primarily responsible.

        As of the moment, stugots. 🙂

    • Sean has a point about the Clinton voters’ lack of enthusiasm; where I live, in deep Mexifornia, in a White cosmic suburb, the usual forest of Demoncrat yard signs and bumper stickers is conspicuously absent. Nonetheless, between the Demoncrat urban vote turnout machines and the SEIU-rigged voting machines, Clinton45 will do will enough in the popular vote – c. 45% – to win easily in the EC. Just look at the “no toss-ups” current state map at RCP: Trump would have to flip Arizona, Florida, NC, Ohio, and one other to win in the EC. Not going to happen.

  4. I have noticed that these dreamers of a better planet seem to want the producing areas to fund their schmes. Its remarkably similar to Canada in that regard.

  5. They’re flooding the “heartland” with illegals, h1bs and Muslims now. They’re the ones taking over manufacturing(what’s left of it) etc. won’t be long now. You can’t swing a cat without hitting a Muslim down here in tx let alone an illegal.

    • <—winner. In fact just about every state in the union is fully infiltrated. Now there are areas where I think folks will push back much harder than others. Places like the hives and everything around them are toast imho. Appalachia, Intermountain west, parts of the Southland, etc. But they have done a great job of spreading the dream like pig manure on this land everywhere. Cleanup on aisle six coming.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      When it gets hot they will be killed.

  6. My favorite song that depicts what the country and western civilization is going through is the legendary Phil Collin’s song, “Throwing it all away.”

  7. MichiganderJim

    Very insightful essay IMO.

    “Oh, you’re hungry? Go click your dinner, asshole.” It’s why they NEED the slavery.

    • “Very insightful essay….” Agree. Well thought out and well written. Always enjoy reading material written by greater minds than mine. Like sports, the only way to better oneself is to compete with better athletes.

  8. Something Trump could do as president, that would go a long way towards persuading me he isn’t ultimately just another kabuki actor, would be to take an grievously overdue chainsaw to the climate regulatory vampire. However, I’m not going to restrict my personal CO2 emissions in anticipation. And it amazes me how many “Ephemerals” think electricity comes from wall sockets, with no concept of what is on the other side of those sockets. An essential and effective tactic for the “New Heartlanders” will be to induce enlightenment (so to speak) on this subject. By whatever means necessary.

    • Introduce them to 4 hours a day of gridpower, erratic gas delivery, crumby roads, hostile aliens, anti-“normies” propaganda, corrupt officials, reliable local gangs, and “boil water” alerts for the foreseeable future. DIY won’t be just a fun hobby/website.

      • Don’t let your DYI turn into an OMG

      • For most of the ephemerals all one would have to do is force their iWhatEver to go belly up and lock the door to their safe place.

        Back in the day I used to watch a show called ‘Frasier’. Originally it was a hokey-pokey series making fun of citified nabobs. I have seen reruns and now my impression is it is damn near a training manual for the Hive Minded.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Hell, if he just goes in a fires every bureaucrat that can be fired by the Executive, he’d be the greatest president ever. I would expect Congress to fight him like they were the Japs on Iwo Jima as far as any legislation goes, but as far as stuff that is strictly within the purview of the Executive Office goes – he could wreak some serious havoc on The System.

  9. thesouthwasrght

    My Southern ancestors were right then and nothing has changed since. I refuse to sing The Battle Hymn of the Republic, can’t get through the pledge without altering it to favor Dixie, and wouldn’t possess nor fly a 50 stars and stripes if you paid me.

    Nothing pisses me off more than to hear good southern people proclaim we are better off having succumbed to Lincoln’s unconscionable war on a people merely looking to leave a union they had freely joined.

    • FWIW….there are plenty of ‘good northern people’ who also believe the South was right and the War of Northern Aggression was an unconstitutional invasion of a sovereign state, especially when they either become aware through self-education or someone with the facts is kind enough to help them get unvarnished history.

    • 150 years of Lincoln bootlicking in public school causes most people to believe Lincoln abolished slavery and that slavery was THE reason for the war. Nothing could be further from the truth, slavery was a component but not THE only component for the war. I haven’t flown the stars and stripes in over 11 years and have no plan to ever fly it again regardless of who wins the election.

      As to the RCP article, that guy seems to think the upcoming war between the states is gonna just be an economic/political battle of wills and demographics. I have news for this poor sap.

      Grey Ghost

  10. The Usual Suspect

    Very interesting, starve the monkeys? literally !

  11. It’s gonna be hard to draw the lines this time. I guess we’ll just have to shoot them amongst ourselves.

  12. MJ, don’t know what you mean by “click” my dinner, must be the new small talk. I have often been an asshole, for lesser things, but you seem to know a lot more than I do about it. In case you lack understanding, I said I get hungry when I hear that stupid DEAD bitch sing, because she was so smart, and mentally fucked up, that she starved herself, regardless of what the mirror told her about her weight. I don’t have any sympathy for deranged people who can’t see reality, and kill themselves thereby. She did the anorexic thing so many times she damaged her heart permanently, and died of heart failure as a result. I have a brother in the living death of a retirement home, that put himself there ten years ago. He can barely see, and has no feeling past his elbows or knees. Drank himself there. Warned, many, many times. Flies into rages on occasion about his family conspiring to “lock him away”, and that it’s “their fault”. Almost no one goes to see him. No sympathy from me. You get what you pay for. Real Clear Politics has for a long time now, lost the string. They don’t see it, because to see it would scare them to death.

  13. Excellent article.

    The ‘New Heartland,’ flanked by two regions of cloud dwelling pajama wearing snowflakes, will see more intensified use of ‘mercenary’ combat teams (BLM, ISIS, Cartels, etc) against it when the fun begins. I’m really curious as to how long the ‘combat arm’ of the cloud dwelling pajama wearers will last once the NH people say, ‘enough’.

    I’m betting that one day in the foreseeable future, somewhere in New Heartland, some BLM, ISIS, Cartel, etc, will beat down, pull a knife to decapitate, surround a car, try to rape, etc, the wrong New Heartland resident, and then, to steal the concept (and apologies to) Fred On Everything, “all hell will break open.”

    Every where I go across the country, the anger is palpable…..buckle up and keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times.

  14. The Hildabeest will bankrupt the feral government, THEN the EBT cards bounce, the inner cities riot and burn, and it becomes a self-culling herd. Then the suburbs need to grow some stones and be prepared to repel or destroy looting gangs and FLEAS feeling their oats. That is the future we face.

  15. The coasties also rely upon us to serve as soldiers, as well as producing the food, energy, and manufactured goods. Personally I think that since we are such a burden to their sensitive souls that we should just go ahead and split the union. It would make them feeeeeel better. And to help them stay true to their environmental dreams, we should charge the hell out of them for food, energy, and manufactured goods. To listen to them tell it, they’re just subsidizing us anyway.

  16. Fuck ’em all! Fuck ’em all!
    The liars, the traitors ‘n All;
    Fuck all Repugnicans and Demonratz too,
    Fuck all SJWs and above all fuck you!

    So we’re saying goodbye to them all,
    As back to our foxholes we crawl;
    There’ll be a helluva commotion between the Great Oceans,
    So cheer up my lads, fuck ’em all!

  17. Farmer Phillip and retired army guy

    I wrote an article when pursuing my terminal degree concerning the electrical grid. The majority of the power comes from flyover country. This can be switched off with relative ease and those blue states would come to a “screeching” halt. Texas is well-suited to stand alone. They produce everything they need to survive independently. Though they would need to clean out Austin and Houston. Not a hard thing to do really. Glad I live right on their border and things to trade. The coming endarkenment is not going to be pretty but at least I will have food.