Z Blog: Two Worlds




The only issue is the manner of the separation.

“Amicable” is right out.

Somewhere between “vicious no-holds-barred street fight” and “murder-suicide” is the MLCOA.

You don’t have enough allies.

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  1. The Usual Suspect

    Your aware of the ‘ Peter Principle ‘ where you rise to
    the level of your incompetence ?
    Hillary Clinton is the perfect example .

  2. Unlike 1861, the two tribes don’t live in separate regions anymore.
    Unlike Northern Ireland, neither side will be backed nor supported by a greater outside power.
    Therefore this will be most along the lines of a Yugoslavian divorce.

    And the cloud people will discover, to their chagrin, that the Hamptons, the hills of Berkeley, and West L.A. not only don’t produce anything of substance, but that they are poorly disposed in a tactical sense as well.

    And then festivities will begin in earnest, and go hastily rather pear-shaped. The most shocking revelation will be that, absent a moat and copious barbed wire, “safe spaces” and “gun free zones” are the places where unicorns live.

    • “…And the cloud people will discover, to their chagrin, that the Hamptons, the hills of Berkeley, and West L.A. not only don’t produce anything of substance, but that they are poorly disposed in a tactical sense as well…”

      A lot of those Berkeley cloud people don’t seem to realize that they’re living at the top of a chimney. October is the 25th anniversary of the Oakland Hills fire. And Americans are famous for having a short attention span.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Unlike Northern Ireland, neither side will be backed nor supported by a greater outside power.”

      Maybe, maybe not. There’s certainly no superpower waiting in the wings/lurking in the shadows, but if there’s serious money to be made, or if someone sees a major strategic advantage in getting involved, there could be significant outside support for one or both sides. There are always games outside the game.

    • How true. It will also point out the strategic capability that just three states would have in grinding the cloud people to dust. 1) Texas, Louisiana could shutdown the Colonial Pipeline forcing compliance if North Carolina wants gas, hence the Northern Midatlantic region would be bereft of fuels, all blue states. 2) Louisiana, Mississippi in a coordinated effort could close down traffic on the Mississippi River. Imports/exports would be severely curtailed into Illinois, Ohio, Indiana all blue leaning states.

    • outlawpatriot

      Exactly. The main reason I gave up the secession gig a long time ago. Equally stupid is are the rantings of the anarchists. The country is just too homogenized.

      You gotta win it all. Daunting it may be. But you gotta win it all. 🙂


      Aesop: As far as SoCal is concerned, one can only hope. I was born in LA in ’47 and grew up there. It was a wonderful, safe place to live. It all changed in the ’60’s. Now, the descendants of the Marxist (((eskimos))) and other cosmic white SJW’S have totally destroyed it. I only hope I live to see them being pulled out of their Prius’s, Escalades, and Foresters in the Whole Foods and Gelson’s parking lots when the mother-of-all-chimpouts gets going.

  3. Father Thyme

    The Indians didn’t get a divorce. Deplorables won’t either. Might want to pray for a halfway decent tract of land for a Reservation of a small remnant White population. The problem we face is the progress of civilization into bigger and bigger cities. The crowded urban environment makes people into progressives.

    Yet bigger and bigger “blue voter” cities was not the plan for America, per the author of the Declaration of Independence:

    • “The mobs of great cities add just so much to support of pure government as sores do to the strength of the human body.” (1785)
    • “When they get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, they will become corrupt as in Europe.” (1787)
    • “I view great cities as pestilential to the morals, the health and the liberties of man.” (1800)

    But you can’t stop progress, as the city slickers say. Maybe they’re right. Maybe not.

  4. I believe it all hinges on one scenario. The dirt people take up arms before their arms are taken from them. I’ve no idea how it plays out.

  5. We require an outside sponsor … and the scary part is that there will be something they want in return. But without aid from an ally it will be much tougher and brutal if not impossible all together. If we were not competing with the propaganda box (TV) we would have a better chance.

  6. “This is similar to the Brazilian model, except that in Brazil, the ruling elite is at least a full standard deviation more intelligent than the lower classes. ”

    Great read, thanks for the post. Couldn’t agree more. There is a wake up call coming and it won’t be pretty. Hell we’re on the path to the Brazilian/Venezuelan model, most folks just hold their eyes shut and refuse to see it.

    Stay positive, keep prepping. Grow food. Hunt food. Chop wood. Forage.
    Do these things now while you can still learn without someone shooting at you. It will probably be a lot harder then.

  7. The two contestants in this Kabuki Theater debate, as well as the so-called moderators keep ignoring the elephant in the room—uncontrolled spending by the congress. This phenomenon assumes we can spend forever and never balance the budget, i.e., commit to a sustainable government. It is totally out of control, and it will not be long until the feral government is insolvent and the currency collapses. The trajectory is set, and candidates and congress are letting it go. If the Hildabeest gets in, she will drive it into the ground. If Trump gets in, he will be fought every step of the way by congressional dems and RINOs so he will be neutralized.

    I do not see any way out of this at this time. We will have to go through the crisis, and how we come out is anybody’s guess. I hope thinking and rational people have prepared themselves and their families for tough times ahead. We’re goin’ in, folks.

  8. All of this shit makes my brain hurt. Fuck it. It ain’t rocket surgery. Just get ALL of your preps in order, make sure your tribe knows protocal, and wait for the festivities. Let’s quit trying to over-analyze this clusterfuck.

  9. All engineered & orchestrated by the Shadow Government behind the Curtain. It is destined to fail & the planet will not allow this tyranny. While some are slow to the awakened we are close to a mjor attempt to force the NWO. Russia & China appear so far to be repelling the NWO however it’s not over until the Fat Lady Sings. Looks like the planned economic Crash will be the final card to play when all else fails. Hard to imagine & fathom real success to create a cashless society & I suspect they are caught. It will be interesting to see ‘who has a chair left’ when all the music stops.

  10. So.. they will act the same towards us, demeaning , condescending, lying and accusing but they wont lie about it or apologize anymore ?
    Good, I was sick of the fakery anyway.

  11. just plain todd

    fuck west LA. my wife and i grew up in culver city. in the 70s it was great. now its yuppie faggot lib central. hopefully at the next chimp out the negroids burn it all to the ground, not just parts. thank god we are in the dez of SW AZ. guns up and ready. with a little bit of luck we can drop I 10 in the river at the start of festivities and keep those fuckers out for a bit. just need similar actions on I 8 and I 40.

  12. LightninBolt

    The dirt people are “standard rednecks” according to big nose scary clown Clinton, Bill. This is absolute class warfare. The “not yet serfs” against the filthy establishment types, I can’t see any empathy behind the eyes of these “psycho” establishment! It’s a huge wake up call and hopefully, the majority of the “little guys and gals” will see before it’s too late. 27 days left…tick tock….

  13. Let’s get to smashing it then. I’m sick of these people who aim to rule over us.

  14. http://thezman.com/wordpress/?p=8721

    “…society run by broken women cannot last.”

    It’s time for the divorce.

  15. colddeadhandsdays

    Spot on.

  16. But will we fight? Obama and McCain destroyed our Bill of Rights with the NDAA. Not a shot was fired. That was 4-1/2 years ago. I have come to the conclusion that so-called ‘leaders’ in the liberty movement are hell-bent on kicking the can down the road until we face anarchy. What a plan….

  17. “Cloud People”? More double-talk from the alt-Right. Its merely the Jew billionaires, Jews in general, and their bought-off White political class. And nothing much will happen after Trump is disposed of…most of the White Trumpaholics will pop a beercan, plunk down in front of the Jewbox, and go back to watching cars drive around in circles. Only caveat would be Clinton45 following through on her repeated threats to KO the Russians in Syria; Almost certainly the missiles will soon fly and most of the White population – not to mention urban ethnoids – of Russia, Europe, and North America will shortly be dead. Given the galloping intensity of the anti-Russian braying in the (((MSM))) right now – even Coast-to-Coast a few hours ago had some Regime twit claiming Russian hackers are “stealing our election” – I think this may be precisely the Zionists’ intent. The diaspora Jews (see also: 1941-44) being ultimately disposable, and Israel, in theory, sufficiently south of the main blast and radiation zone.

  18. Some would describe the so called ‘cloud people’ as willful ignorants.

  19. The area I live in has more millionaires milling around in it than most other places outside D.C. They are new money, having found ways to make money in this economy in Texas, that is quite prosperous. I mingle with them, once in a while, and always accidentally. When a dindu, paki, or other swarthy type meanders by, I see hands moving to waists, and backs, and the females, if not reaching inside their purses, edging ever so carefully away. I thought I was reasonably prepared for the coming Excitement, but these guys around here have got some world class shit stacked up. The million or so group have drone clubs, and they are very serious as to why. The yearly $200,000 to just under $1 million group are the largest bunch, and some of them have pooled and bought light armor. Bunkers, stores, and you can guess on arms, ammo, and food/water. I notice fewer really flashy cars ( I see Maserati. Porsche, Alfas, MB, Bently, and some I don’t know what they are, daily) and more of the Toyota Troopers, and HUMMVEE stuff, than in previous years. The mud people tried encroaching in my little area, but they seem to be receding now, having found out you really DO have to pay on your mortgage, every month. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Whether or not it will belong to me, uh, can’t say. Around here, liberal is spoken, but not much, and always laughed at. The Cloud people are known, and marked.

  20. a nice enthusiastic f-u song to my Federal yankee sjw enemies: