Answers By Putin To Questions From French Journalists From TF1 TV channel — 11OCT2016


Clarity re Syria.

Please link to equally-cogent discussions of the topic by Obama or Kerry.

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27 responses to “Answers By Putin To Questions From French Journalists From TF1 TV channel — 11OCT2016

  1. This is a sad commentary, but I think I believe putin more than I believe anyone in our government. Only Trump can make things right. Hillary will lead us into WW III.

    • I was just thinking the same thing. It’s bad when you believe a Commie over an American. Of course, we don’t have an American at the wheel.

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  3. I believe Putin is sincere. Our government is trying to pick a fight.

    • You believe that a former KGB agent and current long time strongman politician is sincere?

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Putin has spent his career in military/spying/psyops, our gov’t is a group of childish, controlling, egomaniac, greedy narcissists.
        Does that explain anything to you?
        His uncle probably killed my uncle at Leningrad, he comes from a people who understand the consequences of war, while ours still see everything as a game of drones.

        • Not one bit of that well known information you just conveyed tells me why I need to trust that guy. I spent a little bit of my own time in military/spying/psyops and though it wasn’t nearly as long as Putin, it was enough for me to know that that particular career doesn’t make me want to trust the person anymore than average.

      • I do. While the USA is playing games with the various Sunni-Wahhabi “moderate” Islamic Jihad 4 “freedumb” terrorists… Putin is killing them.

        And by the way, who do you think is helping the Sunni-Wahhabi Saudi Arabia in Yemen? Who do you think is helping them with their strike packages?

        And I am just paraphrasing the John Kerry and John Kirby scam, but it’s true…

        After seeing that link above, go read the Putin interview link here at Pete’s blog. Putin isn’t saying anything I haven’t said and known for sometime.

        And turn off the booboisie tube. Try some actual source news. And by the way, there are still westerners who visit Damascus. They are to be found, and most are willing to talk. Make some friends with Damascus people. The vast majority are not the bogeyman you have been trained to thunk.

        And why, really, the “scare” words? KGB! Strongman! Ya know, it takes a strongman to rid Russia of its, say… bought and paid for western oligarchs. And that has helped the average Russian worker and their industrial base. Lord knows, America sure could use a strongman… or men.

        Anyhow, cooler heads, from America and US-NATO will not prevail, unfortunately.

      • Putin is sincerely concerned with the fate of Russia, which he will share.

  4. Clear and cogent, yes. Refreshing. But let’s all be cautious here. We can not trust our own government, but that does not mean that we CAN trust Russia and Putin by default. It’s likely that both are untrustworthy. Putin is no champion of Liberty and human rights, and Russia has used its own fair share of “freedom fighters” to do its dirty work in the past. I detest our so called “leaders” in the US, but I am under no illusions that Putin is someone we should be looking up to.

    • Define the strategic interests of the American people in Syria.

      Explain in detail the legitimate bases of American .gov overt and covert action in Syria.

      • the “American people” loves them their Jews. But for Jews to be secure in occupied Palestine, ‘scuse me Israel, the powerful Shi’a militia in south Lebanon (Hezbollah) must be destroyed. That, however, requires the takedown of Assad’s Shi’a regime in Syria in order to cut off the weapons flow from Iran to Hezbollah. Thus Isramerica’s continuing and increasing support of the various Sunni terrorist factions – ISIS, Al Q., etc – in Syria, and Mrs. Clinton’s repeated promise to “no-fly” the Russian AF in Syria.

      • Or Iraq or Libya or Egypt, etc… Tribal peoples need dictators. The ME was much more stable with Hussein, Mubarak and Gadhafy in power.

      • The interests of the American people in Syria SHOULD HAVE BEEN to allow Assad to stamp out the issue himself, as strongmen tend to do in that part of the world. Secular strongmen are just about the only thing that Islamic fighters respect, even if only out of tactical sense, being that it’s a terrible waste of men and supplies and time to try to set up a base in Syria while fighting Assad rather than just set up somewhere that you don’t have to fight, like Afghanistan pre-2001. But when you start receiving guns and supplies and money and training, then you’ll go anywhere your suppliers want you to.

        However, the strategic interests or lack thereof in Syria for the US citizen doesn’t have anything to do with us trusting or looking up to Vladimir Putin. He’s a communist strongman KGB agent who doesn’t support true Liberty for his people or anyone else. I have no trust for our own government pukes, but that does not by default mean that I have any trust for someone like Putin.

    • “I do not understand who could find this proposal unacceptable.”

      Well, Vladimir, it certainly does not align with the interests of the American crony class, working to extend the Empire.

      As to trusting Putin, that is true. It’s very doubtful he is an angel. However, simply compare what he says and does with what the American government says and does, concerning the same situation. He sounds reasonable; they sound like mad dogs. Some people actually do say what they intend to do; it has happened on occasion. Anyway, while I’m *cautiously* willing to trust him in what he says, at least until that trust is abused, I sure am not going to trust a bunch of mad dogs for any reason.

      • If there is any such thing as a “statesman” in an honorable sense – admittedly a dubious proposition – Putin is one, and there sure as shit aren’t any currently in power in FUSA or its satraps.

        John @October 14, 2016 01:11:
        Consider also the status of Christians in Iraq at present, as compared to under Saddam.

  5. The Christians in Syria are backing Assad.
    With the Russians, they are the only protection
    they have from Barracks cutthroat jihadis.
    And how bloody ironic is that ?

    • Ironic? That’s not ironic. Afterall, Hussein Obama said we are the largest Muslim nation in the world.

  6. The Christians are on Assad’s side.
    It’s that or get their throats cut by
    BO’s jihadis. Me; I’m for the Christians.

    • This country’s pigs and their whores had better understand that. THEY are the enablers for the treasonous swill running this country. And for the whore who wants to take over from them.

    • Me, I’m for whatever harms the upper parasitic class because after they’re crushed we can have free reign to admister the lower parasitic class, who are in need of some Paul/ Miles Standish tough love.
      If Putin is the torch that the chattering class fears no matter. Shove it into the monsters face.

  7. Don’t think we’re going to find any US MSM reproducing that transcript for general consumption either, let alone an official US response. Besides the substance, it would cast a star-cluster contrast on what it looks like for a national leader to be able to reel off specifics, just talking on their feet without notes. Oh, the Shock.

  8. Remind me which country has a military footprint of some sort in virtually every country on Earth? Russia? Oh no wait, that’s Greenwoodistan.

    Putin may not be a choir boy, but he isn’t the one trying to kick off a third World War either.

  9. Nations are self serving, anyone who expects Putin to cut deals with the US because it serves the best interest of the US is delusional. That said, there was room for cooperation between both, But the US has a history of defining ” Taking the lead” as getting the lions share of benefits from cooperation. This kind of Middle east diplomacy is coming to an end fast.. Russia has Adopted Syria as its step child, and Iran as their best friend ( in exchange for getting parking passes for their Military.) We probably could have convinced Putin that the US was serious, back when Obama had his red crayon out,But he fucked that up.. then to add insult to injury he rolled over for Iran. Obama and his Illk have totally fucked us… Putin is to Russians what the Americans can only dream their leader would be..

    But Really, WTF did we expect from a Community organizer from Chicago and a Secretary of State peddling her own personal financial interests when the Bitch should have been focusing on the problems coming down the pike..

  10. The problem here is that hillery and her war-mongers think that war with Russia will be like their little adventures in the ME. Throw a few redneck-soldiers into the fire and (of course) your media-whore will applaud your efforts. None of them have apparently ever read anything about how Russia dealt with Napoleon or Germany in WWI or WWII.
    Their ignorance is libel to get a whole lot of us killed.