It’s Probably Nothing

angry hillary

Killing Scalia: The Clinton Crime Family

Podesta Documents Suggest Scalia Assassination


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. All ‘ unattended deaths’ are supposed to have an autopsy. Especially a supreme court justice. The events after his death never made sense to me. They still don’t. The family was horrified of any investigation. Was there a ‘live boy or dead girl’ set up?

  3. Too many “irregularities” re Scalia’s death. I said it then I’ll say it again. He was assassinated. By Who? I don’t know. Professional job. And now we get the Podesta emails. I shoulda guessed the Clinton Crime family though I would not put it past the Bush Crime family.

    Grey Ghost

    • I think you can just call it the Bush Crime family, Billy Bob was simply someone who grasped the brass coke covered ring when the family happened by his little fiefdom. Billy Bob’s to busy whetting his syphilitic whistle, but those Texas/Kennebunk boys don’t play. Big Joe’s kid was unavailable for comment having also traveled to Tejas……

  4. Jeffery in Alabama

    Nothing to see here.Let’s move along.

  5. If Chelsea has you shaking in your boots, you are probably a cuck.

    • Paul,

      Just looking at that mug of C. Klinton is enough to make any man quake in his boots. That puss is what nightmares are made of !

    • Chelsea is not the seasoned liar that her mother is. She might let details slip that have been overheard or are not “policy” yet.

  6. Little Webby needs to shut her pie hole.

  7. at this point, the (((Regime’s))) “passing laws” amounts to passing gas. And I’d rate the chances that Scalia’s death was a Regime hit at about 7/10.

  8. StBernardnot

    “WE”? Who the h— elected her?

  9. Piggies and their whores are in for some special times if Shrillary gets “elected”.

  10. now Chelsea is just an idiot liberal that doesn’t know the facts on guns and that sandy hook and most mass shooting happen because the person is mentally unstable and about 99% of all private guns never have an incident, the gun problem is with criminals and primarily in places run by liberal democrats and mostly where gun control measures are the strictest.
    however, what never ceases to surprise me is that when significant people die under sucipicious circumstances, especially around the Clintons; the people don’t see something stinks and accept whatever they are told. I do not understand this, but I do accept that this is reality and in this manner; I see easily why Hillary will win despite home ownership at 50 year lows, incomes declining and obamacare costs skyrocketing; people are run by their emotions; not by reality.

  11. she trowel on that lipstick?

  12. ALCON,

    Antonin Scalia was found tits up, room temp, with a (suffocating ?) pillow over his face. But no autopsy on a Supreme Court Justice found dead under suspicious circumstances ?

    I do wonder how the pillow info got out. Not that it matters seeing how shitbird Comey protected Klinton on the federal law violations. Then on the other hand, the (suffocating ?) pillow announcement may have been a message….”So what ? We don’t care. We’re untouchable.”

    What will you, we, us, I do if the bitch Klinton is annointed ? I’m starting to agree with Mr. Weasel….the bitch will be “installed” as POTUS….no matter what.

    Never give up your guns.

    Go Trump !

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  14. Anyone else noticing how the MSM is grooming Chelsea to be Hillary’s replacement? Our kids and grandchildren will pay for decisions being made now. What a future!

  15. I don’t remember ANYBODY in the government, including other SC justices calling for an autopsy or an investigation. They are all complicit, either through knowledge or their silence.

    Fuck ’em all. Hang ’em high.

  16. I exercised gun control yesterday afternoon at the range. Perfect. Gun. Control.

  17. Remember Andrew Breitbart
    Remember Antonin Scalia
    Never forget Gen J Mattis

  18. ((John Podesta))). Key Obama/Clinton fixer/hatchet man.

  19. S/C Justice visits a democrat’s resort-ranch on the Mexico/US boarder without a security detail (they were committed). He dies “in his sleep”, no autopsy, he is quickly embalmed and burried…..

    And not a fucking thing was done about it.

  20. Suggestion for the last debate, since Trump is not above telling that Bitch should she would be in jail if he were President. He should ask her, point blank, “Did you have Justice Scalia murdered?” Her unspoken reply would probably be, “Yes, and I know a ripe subject for another one”. Angela Lansbury could’ve solved Scalia’s murder in say, oh, forty-five minutes><.

  21. I don’t think the parties are delusional enough about strategy to make gun control a focus of the president’s first 100 days. But if they do it will be generally disobeyed, and that will be a cheap win for liberty. Also the first time many cucks will disobey their wives.

  22. And the pillow just left on the face? Reminds me of the sloppy birth certificate: mockery and contempt. Not even trying to hide but gloating over our powerlessness.

  23. Litle Webby needs to be irrelevant and missing.