Paging Both “The Big ‘F*ck You'” & “The Big ‘I’m Gonna Git You Sucka'” Constituencies


Contempt In Stone

Sample grafs:

…Politicians, lobbyists, pundits, and every one of you scavengers and parasites in the Republican ecosystem exist because its base of voters makes the party viable. Not you. A tick rides on the dog’s back for so long it eventually forgets who’s doing the walking.

You Paul Ryan, Ben Sasse, Rick Wilson, and John McCain are apparatchiks. Stewards. Showmen and functionaries. You only have value in the party to the extent you have value to its voters. They don’t serve at your pleasure, and they don’t require your approval of their choices. That choice was made clearly and unequivocally by tens of millions of people who do the actual work in this country that pays for your prostitutes and pomposity…


Ushanka’s got a pretty good list of the high-profile suspects.

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5 responses to “Paging Both “The Big ‘F*ck You'” & “The Big ‘I’m Gonna Git You Sucka'” Constituencies

  1. Mow that there is one excellent rant, by golly. Well done, Sir.

  2. The Great Fuck You is the evolution of TINVOWOOT. Because voting, in the idea of a constitutional republic, was never intended as a way to vote or way out of anything, it was intended as a resource of the will and consent of the people to not getting into the position of having to vote our way out of this, what is happened now, to begin with. And those with the political power have been busy little bee’s doing all they can to provide the allusion voting is a legitimate process while the truth is they have rigged the voting process so there is no voting them out of power. Until they are stopped.
    TINVOWOOT is not an intellectual cop out as some contend.
    It is the fucking truth until we dirt people change this situation.
    TINVOWOOT means that voting our way out of this it is not that voting isn’t a viable option, but by voting at this point, and then going back to Frito’s and Budwieser and your Easy Boy thinking you have done your duty as a constituent of a constitutional republic, is a low rent intellectual cop out.
    Regardless of all the philosophical mumbo jumbo in the world written by all sorts of really smart people to the contrary, it is the dirt people who have ever effected positive change in this world time and time again. It all comes back to the dirt people, Marx, Rothbard, Claire Wolfe, Mao, who have you notwithstanding, no matter what. It will be the dirt people who will save the day so to speak.

  3. fine distinctions: Trump/not-Trump. Who cares. Best liquidate the entire Beltway Crowd: banksters, plutocrats, politicians, lawyers, lobbyists, apparatchiks, commentariat. Also the entire Hollywood – Silicon Valley – San Francisco corridor.

  4. Time to buy stock in the Ames company.