TL Davis: A Suddenly Prudish Press


The MSM is another institution in the process of autodelegitimization.

See also The Skinny Blonde.

Faster, please.


14 responses to “TL Davis: A Suddenly Prudish Press

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. The Usual Suspect

    The media are not really prudish, considering Trumps
    advanced age they are just concerned.
    Considering that every orgasim is a jorado del muerto ,
    they are just concerned with his longevity.

  3. You have to hand it to team Hillary. After a stunning Sunday, where Trump totally turned the tables on Hillary’s ‘grab the pussy’ scandal, by bringing forth 4 of Bill and Hillary’s rape victims, then destroying her in the debate ( and giving him a real bump in the polls), Hillary sent out orders that Trump victims must be found. Within 48 hours they began showing up, with trumped up ridiculous tales of Trump ‘suggestively’ bumping them in a hallway, 40 years ago. With Obamacare totally collapsing, war with Russia a reality, and with Wikileaks showing, easily, the most corrupt dem candidate and govt in history, the MSM is talking in detail for hours about the design of 80’s arm rests on passenger jets that prove Trump copped a feel 35 years ago. And we’re not talking about People magazine running this trash. The old Grey Lady, the NYTimes, shoveled this filth. This is rarefied air we’re breathing these days. Hillary’s candidacy is a mile wide and an inch deep. As is Trumps. Events could really explode in the next 25 days. Count nothing out. Either candidate could win big. If looks like a Trump victory, batten down the hatches. Stay close to home and family that eve. Don’t get caught out on a road where you gotta run someone over. And if you do, have a full tank of gas so you can drive 200 miles without stopping.
    Keep your guns holstered, but keep um real fucking handy for now on out.

    • Yeah. I’m taking a couple of PTO days at election time.

    • thanks for the cue, Rainman. I was just sitting at my office desk with Glock23 left in the kitchen. We’re back together now.

    • If it looks like a Clinton “victory”, the pigs had better be kissing their whores good-bye before they go to work, because those whores will be dead when they get home.

      Yuppers, may be a good time to give the pigs and their extended families a Thanksgiving to remember!

  4. Hadenoughalready

    Top pic: Same daydream I’ve been having for decades.
    Bottom pic: Made me drool…biggest “election” in years…lol


    2016! No matter who wins, you lose.

  6. The one thing that shows the lie on this whole kabuki rape theatre besides the timing is the fact that they can only find 5 women willing to make the claim. A billionaire celebrity married what?…four times is it?…and they can only pony up 5 sacrificial lambs, to pull stories up from their memory hole (and out of their asses) from as far back as the 70s???

    Holy shit, Tiger Woods and Wilt Chamberlin were doinking 5 chicks per week, sometimes per day. Trump is 70, so if this was any kind of legit, they should have 3000-5000 victims, all with identical stories.

    This is nothing but pure undiluted bullshit, launched out of Shrillary’s ass at the last minute to run out the clock and squeak past Trump’s polling of a week ago before he can recover, and it’s about as subtle as the enema Truman gave Hiroshima.

  7. Kinda like what they did to Herman Cain when it looked like he was gaining traction in the primaries… You have to give them credit though because look how many stupid fucks bought into it…Amazing how fast it went away though once they ruined him…

  8. The MSM committed suicide many years ago. Anyone, and I really mean everyone who listens to one bleating syllable from them is a damn fool. They are the enemy!

  9. NightWatcher

    Sorry, those are bowlines, not hangman’s knots.

  10. NightWatcher

    Oops, on further inspection, they’re not even bowlines, but slipknots. I guess the rope could be useful