Barnhardt: Notes On Trump


An alternative POV, and worth the read.

Darkness approaches.

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  1. Her analysis may be impeccable, but the truth is I can live thru a buffon who falters (I have already lived thru 8 years with Obo, 4 more of Trump is a cakewalk.) but not a fascist with the aim of stripping me of everything I own.

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  4. Well,that was an icy bucket of water to the face. Interesting points,as usual,for Barnhardt. What moved me into the Trump camp was listening to his grown children,they’re not the usual worthless snotty rich brats. I find it hard to believe he would so badly betray Veterans,of all people. Reminds me of George Carlin’s quote,referring to the political class: “It’s a big club,and you’re not in it.”

  5. Not just no, but heavens no.

    I’m sorry, but Jesus Christ is not going to descend from heaven and lord over the executive branch, ushering in a new era of millennial peace on earth…not this election cycle.

    Hope is not a plan.

    Ms. Barnhardt can wait for a savior. As for me, I don’t have control over when a savior is going to show up, but I damn sure can control the fuck you at the polls in t-minus 3 weeks.

    Folks, wake…up.

    The choice is really simple. It’s binary. The moral high ground is great for self-congratulatory, “I told you so’s.”

    Fuck the “moral” high ground.

    You have a choice.

    Live your life in a dystopian Matt Bracken novel, which may be unavoidable at this point, but at least you can get in a solid, “Go Fuck Yourself” on your way to the bunker.

    I’m not buying the Trump-As-Kabuki-Theater Schtick.

    If he’s a pied-piper, so be it. The “Fuck You” resounds regardless.

  6. *Addendum:

    I’m not attempting to dump on Ms. Barnhardt; she’s focused on the bullet, when the focus needs to be on the target.

  7. Not to throw cold water on Ann, but I’m betting she ain’t never been around men talking for any length of time and them not know she’s there listening, ’cause most talk devolves pretty quickly into talking about women and making the beast-with-two-backs.

  8. We’ll know soon enough. I haven’t voted in a general election since 1992. That was when I realized what a farce it all was. I haven’t seen anything to change that view since. I have always said, in order to know what a candidate for office really thinks, go back and read/listen to what he said five years before he ran for office. Trump fails that test. Did he turn over a new leaf, or, is Miss Barnhardt right? Is this all a farce? Is the joke on us? Is all of the “Republican” establishment in on it?

    We shall see clearly, very soon.

    One thing to remember, Reagan was almost murdered three months after his inauguration. He was not supposed to happen. He was a wild card to which the entire electorate readily clung. He was a speed bump, an interruption. The assassination almost succeded. Who then would have been president? Daddy Bush. The program would continue apace.

    Trump wasn’t supposed to happen either.

    We’ll know soon enough.

  9. Miss Ann a 40+ year old virgin who knows less about sex and men than a nine year old in a convent. Her commentary on both carries about the same water. She should stick to things she knows something about.

  10. FUCK YOU Ann.

    No! Wait! I read the FU article. Then I read the Buppert article. And now this!!! C’mon, Matt, WTF!

    A moment please, as I soul search………………


    The FU article is how all of us “feel” viscerally. We’re pissed off and we totally identify with that article! Emotion.

    The Buppert article is thoroughly well reasoned and cogent. It’s our evidence. Or so we thought… Mind.

    And now Ann shows up and beats us over the head with truth! (why does truth always hit us in the head!?). Deep down in our soul, we know she’s right….. Soul.

    Yup. Guess that covers it all.

  11. If Hillary wins, I fear we Americans will ALL LOSE whatever freedoms we currently have. I consider Trump to be the Lesser Of Two EVILS.

  12. I like Anne’s screeds; however, in this case, I gave up after the first few sentences. Anne knows nothing of the male psych, and to say that no moral man would think such things just shows ignorance. Remember Jimmy Carter? “I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times.”. And a finer, more morally correct man you would ever want to meet.

  13. “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”

  14. It seems like every commentator including Barnhardt is trying to be the smartest person in the room. They feel compelled to enlighten us as if we were… well, Deplorables.

    We know this once-great nationy is lost, both constitutionally and spiritually. Let’s just vote and get it over with.

  15. I like Ann, but I hope she’s wrong in this case especially as many see him as the last hope. Her proposal is possible even logical on some level but I happen to believe him. And, besides what choice do I have?

  16. Shinmen Takezo

    Barnhardt’s comment above…

    “Um, excuse me, but NO. I don’t know who y’all hang out with, but let me assure one and all right now that there are plenty of heterosexual men who DO NOT and WOULD NEVER think, much less say those sorts of things about any woman ever.”

    Are you freakin’ kidding me? Okay–if you’re a emasculated queer, or Mr. Peeper’s Jesus freak–no you would not make comment like this.

    And about yourself Ann–men would look at you and also rate you. I give you a 1.5 for being a naughty librarian type. Too skinny. No tits. Okay–there.

    Deal with it. This is how the species is perpetuated–and you aren’t gong much perpetuation, huh?!

    Fuk–get off your pulpit will ya’?!

  17. “You all think I am a person of above-average intelligence, right? ”

    That tears it.
    Stick a fork ALL the way in her.

    Hint: Able people need no confirmation. Ever.

  18. Yup, Ann, cuz nothin’ increases the value of one’s “brand” like being smothered by the love of the entire MSM + “opposition-party.”


    Ann’s POV has some merit. The bigger issue is how she, along with many others are dwelling on off-the-cuff remarks this man made some time ago. Her self-righteous Catholicism is getting in the way of common sense.
    Ann, before condemnation, comes forgiveness. Jesus himself used that when the mob was set to stone the adultress. And, do not lecture me. I am 69 years old and was born and raised in the Catholic Faith. When the smoke of Hell penetrated the vestibule of the Church vis-a-vis Vatican II, I voted with my feet and my conscience.
    Please do not tell me you are acquainted with good men who would never talk like that about women. I have a flash for you Annie, dearest. ALL men at one time or another talk or think about women in those terms! If they do not, they are not normal. We all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. Get real, young lady. Your moral high horse is about to stumble, or at least try to buck you off.
    In reference to the rest of your article, your are most probably spot on. I do not trust the man and I am sitting this election out. I have not even registered to vote and have not intention of doing same. Another contributor on this site has opined that when the election is over, the losing side will be screaming bloody murder and the festivities will start. This is closer to reality. Get ready to react to that situation. Quickly.

  20. You say darkness approaches. Point of view is important. For some, daylight approaches.

  21. As one of the dying breed of American factory workers, I have heard my fair share of locker room talk. I’m not a super Trump fan by any means, but am willing to look at reality. IMHO all rights are lost w/o the second, and of the two choices we only stand a chance of avoiding open warfare with one candidate. To say I’m not voting for pope, but president is too easy. In reality I don’t believe the behavior Trump has been accused of actually happened. When I asked my wife what she would do in the position of the accusers, she uttered an occasional expletive and the threat of physical violence, all of which were set in context of the scenario, not 20-30 years removed.

  22. Kevin Horton

    I admire her anti Islam fight but her analysis of trump is lame . I realize this site supposes there is no hope for America as founded, but if there is even a small chance to break the rule of the elites then Trump, as he proposes himself to be now, is it. I think most people prefer not to have a civil war.

    This repeated pic of Bernhardt shows the Craziest eyes I’ve ever seen. She needs a new pic.

  23. insightful remarks by the Barnhardt, who certainly knows all about personal corruption. Except that Trump scents the power now, and really would like to be Prez. Won’t happen though…and a good thing for us. Mrs. Clinton polarized ‘Murka more with one remark – “deplorables” – than Obama did in 7 years. She’ll do us even better as Clinton45.

  24. Wot rot.That woman is a Christard kook.

  25. colddeadhandsdays

    I’ve talked worse than Trump before I was 15. Any man who hasn’t is either a fucking beta nerd or a pussy.

    as far as selection goes take your fucking foot out of your ass and realize it’s Hillary Clinton who is a hard-core glovalist, warmongering shit who will stack the Supreme Court with progressive judges, flood the nation with leftist or fascist foreigners and be our sides worst enemy.. she will bring this country down we know what she’s about. Trump talks a good game and he’s a question mark. So I think that we definitely know what Hillary will do….Ann is off and the rest if you Trump Haters are not getting it. EMERGENCY!!!! It’s Binary and you need to vote Trump or you’ll get the most corrupt person ever to grace the White House.

  26. Sorry, I read the first few sentences of “I know a few guys, and they’re even my *friends, and they don’t talk that way…” and… I hit the”Back” button.

    If that’s where she starts from, then she’s DONE. She’s not a guy, doesn’t*IU understand* guys, won’t ever understand them, so dit down and STFU about her interpretations.

    Given that pathetic beginning, I’m not going to waste any more time reading her grossly ignorant opinions on Trump, guys and dude-talk.

  27. Who knows, maybe she’s right. I don’t think so. I have never seen the media, the DNC, all the expected liberal institutions and to include with that the GOP so totally aligned against a candidate. I would think that if Trump was a plant meant to lose and hand the election over to HRC, that the GOP would be in on the deal and would be backing him – they are not.

    Maybe she is right but I don’t think so. Trump pisses off exactly the right people in my mind. Anyone who does that I think deserves at least a chance. There is no question who we have to vote for and I have no problem doing so.

    One more thing. Ann is hot.

  28. I tend to tune out when a woman tries to present herself as an authority on manhood. By her standard the majority of men in this country – who are raising families, growing the food, maintaining the roads, keeping the lights on, defending the country, etc – are “effeminate” based on their political opinions. Um, no.

  29. thesouthwasrght

    Yeah I’m sure Trump views turning the entire globalist establishment eye of Mordor upon himself as a successful business strategy. Good grief.

    The Lord says “By their fruits you shall know them.” Trumps fruits, his children and businesses, say alot about the man. His kids are all productive citizens that are well adjusted family people too. Like it or not he is the last best chance to avoid a true calamity.

  30. ^^This^^

    Better an incompetent who claims to be a firefighter than a declared arsonist with your house on her target list.

  31. I’m still at “he’s the better of two humans”. Of course with my Christian understanding of the inherent sin nature and its outward manifestations, it may amount to the same thing, but since we are stuck with choosing among humans at this point, I have nowhere else to be.

  32. You’re wise not to buy it. The Establishment’s plan was to install Jeb! in to the White House against Hillary and Hillary’s job was to lose. Her health has been an issue for a long time and is an even bigger issue now.

    Barnhardt shows all the perception of an autistic NeverTrumper who still thinks that Cruz has a shot. And whenever I hear a woman start passing judgements on what she declares as a true and moral man, I tune out, because she doesn’t grasp masculinity.

  33. Hahahaha, and I thought I was the only one. 110-115 maybe. I am willing to let us slide on the condition she’s the weaker sex and that’s why she needs affirmation. Most normal women don’t ever leave the 9-year old in the princess outfit ‘Daddy so you think I’m pretty’ stage. Made someone pretty angry at me saying all women ask the male authority in their life that and if she’s not asking you then you are clearly not the alpha to her.

  34. I’m pretty damn sure that women ( of both sexes) telling us what we’re thinking is HOW WE GOT INTO THIS FUCKIN MESS to begin with.

    Fever eyed women don’t tell me what to do,they Should have stuck to saving stray cats and collecting precious moments figurines.
    Men in dresses claiming to be the sole conduit to salvation don’t tell me what to do. They Should have stuck to molesting little boys.
    Soft, round little weak men in suits that I paid for don’t tell me what to do. They should have stuck to debating about whether next Tuesday was going to be national whip out your root for awareness day.

    Right now my big question is just how goddamn many of each do we need to hang to get them to leave us the fuck alone?

  35. Randall Flagg

    Um, yes.

  36. Darling, you’re an idiot and know nothing of men.

  37. As to the first part…she NEEDS it. Really bad. Right now.

    As to the second…meh…maybe, but what difference, at this point, does it make?

  38. Senator_Blutarsky

    Poor Annie……again.

    She likes to think herself so….superior….so enlightened… ABOVE what mere mundanes can muster in a thought.( A lot like that has-been Claire Wolfe now )

    She reminds me of an obnoxious kid who makes farting noises under their arm as a way to get attention, when really she amounts to a sadly neurotic with more narcissism than Trump or Hillary.

    Her “reality” is what SHE decides should be “reality”, all based on her deep narcissism and cultish genuflexing to her “church” – a big ritual without reality CULT, second only to Islam.

    “Don’t believe your friends when they ask you to be honest with them.
    All they really want is to be maintained in the good opinion they have of themselves.”
    Albert Camus

    She can be glib, and mildly entertaining when discussing matters of finance……….a “wordsmith” of sorts on that topic alone.

    Maybe poor Annies’ opinion of “men” is jaundiced by her association with a CULT who blindly endorses ass-rape of choir boys and covers it up. Hence she can never understand real men, as flawed and imperfect as they usually are. Strong-personalitied, confident men intimidate her.

  39. As a former roughneck, commercial fisherman I can tell you. Yes we do talk like that and often creatively much worse. Trump, probably not heaven sent, but who knows? You don’t have to vote for Trump, but you do have to vote against Hillary or else when the SHTF just fuck you! This isn’t about moral choices. Trump is strategic relocation. I like Ann so I not going recommend any advice, but it involves eliminating some frustrations.

  40. Barnhart, your an idiot, a self righteous, self absorbed idiot. I’ve tried for a few years now to understand your logic, your direction. You lack street credibility. Academically your bright.

    This IS a fucking street fight.

    You have missed entirely what Trump represents.

    Sorry to be so harsh.


  41. Cold War Corpsman

    I occasionally read Ann;s pedantic ramblings hoping for a glimpse of her former glory. This essay is a case-in-point. She has gotten so out of touch that she is no longer relevant to the conversation.
    Is anyone actually under the delusion that Trump is a “good, Christian” man? Though the Bible is full of examples of God using fallen men to accomplish great deeds, I don’t presume to know that Trump is one of them. Regardless, I will still vote for him. Why? BECAUSE HE ISN’T FRIGGIN’ HILLARY!! And short of publicly renouncing Jesus Christ Himself there is nothing he can say or do that will cause me not to vote for him!
    Excuse me, I’m off to grab my wife by the pussy. Then get ready for church.

  42. ROFL. I’d like to see her ass before making a final judgement.

  43. ” impeccable”?, really her talking points are nothing short of a ” hit list” the far far far left could not have said what she attempts to say better.

    I’ve had an “odd” feeling regarding this lady since she came on the scene. Her agenda concerns me.

    I agree with you. I do not and rarely agree with Barnhart, I don’t need anybody telling me what I think.

    Have a good one.


  44. Folks: I snicker once again @ Annie girl……. a bit shallow in her opinions. She might try ditching some of her beta males, but alpha types are going to challenge her to showing just who has the larger tool with all her yammering.
    Just like her calling me a “Marxist” in a long gone conversation when I suggested bankers and wall street was the epicenter of the pus-filled boil.
    Of no mind was the fact that she was tits-deep in pushing the market futures at that time………stupid me……

  45. Jesus tapdancing Christ. We’re not electing the pope here. IF Ann wants to wait for the Messaih, I wish her her the best, but the rest of us don’t want to join her in the van by the river by throwing away this opportunity to pull America out of here current crash dive.

  46. Smiling Steve

    Anne is pretty much all wet this take.

    Actually she is full of herself and comes across as a dork.

    Not even going to refute her drivel blow by blow, but I will agree with her that she isn’t hot enough to inspire playful aggression, from a man that is.

    She can crawl back in her fantasy world of degendered polite menlettes and take her self righteousness along with.

    Bad logic, poor observations biased by sampling method and sample selection, and analysis dysfunction.

  47. yep!

  48. Amen To That and most of the comments here…For one what man in his right mind listens to a women on life or death/slavery issues anyway…We know without a shadow of a doubt Hillary is going to come for our guns which if we are men and not mouses then that means death for a whole lot of people…For Ann to even spout that nonsense means she doesn’t understand that simple fact…Trump’s a wild card and scares the piss out of the Oligarchy and that’s enough for me to vote for the Fuck You…

  49. I am willing to lay down my life for Liberty, but unfortunately I have in my past been a complete jerk with women and had the karma returned to me also. Life is a complicated affair, and politics is even worse. However a champion on a white horse is not coming. I’ll take Trump as a “voting option”, which doesn’t eliminate the other options. It’s not an either/or proposition, use everything you have to fight this NWO Tyranny.
    Trump more than any other politician since Reagan has pledged….
    “with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”
    If we would do the same, rather than wail over his imperfections, it would be wise.

  50. President Andrew Jackson was a flawed man if ever there was one, but “he killed the bank” and had it put on his tombstone as his greatest achievement.
    Trump said the “P” word, and maybe even grabbed one or two! What man hasn’t?
    Jackson ethnically cleansed the Cherokee out of the SE USA, was a slave owner, but led a Revolution in his day against the Eastern Established Politicians and Banksters. He also was an American 1st, dampening the calls for civil war, that proved to be disasterous and under Lincoln killed the Republic and destroyed the South.
    Fight if we must, but Mr. Jefferson’s Tree is watered by Patriots and Tyrants, never avoid that fact.
    Give Trump and your loved ones a chance at Life. War is a detestable gift from hell. Ask Sherman or any Southerner who knows our unfortunate history.

  51. She makes some good points, but she’s probably over-thinking this thing. We are truly at the “FUCK YOU” stage. Don’t need such analyses any more… I suppose you could say she is pissing into the wind.

  52. colddeadhandsdays

    Oh? How will the weak ass pussies take our god given freedoms? I’ll go rogue and take many a leftist with me. I don’t think I’m alone. What about you?

  53. FrozenPatriot

    “Fuck the moral high ground.”

    I hope this isn’t a common thread among patriots. Of it is, we’re done before we start.

  54. FrozenPatriot

    If the joke is on us, the republican establishment will have been right all along, even if for the wrong reason. Either way, they aren’t going to let another Trump happen. Look for superdelegate-selected nominees in both parties from here on out…

  55. outlawpatriot

    While I absolutely love Annie, she should really steer clear of what she thinks men think and say when they are together. It’s obvious she hasn’t a clue. If she would like to get a first hand experience, I know a militia unit she can come spend a week-end with. But she’s gotta have a thick skin. A very thick skin. 🙂

  56. *us = it

    Yuuuuge hands and tiny touchscreen. 😂

  57. This is an example of how women cannot understand the male mind. Everyone knows one of those women who are “just one of the guys” and who prefer male company (for a variety of reasons — sometimes because they have concluded their fellow females are bitchy, but often because they enjoy being the center of attention). Those women sometimes think because they spend so much time in male company that they know the male psyche. They are wrong. The male mind is far more lustful than even they can understand. It’s what perpetuates the species. If we were just as fickle and required the stars to align perfectly, like females do, then between the two of us no new humans would ever get created. We have solved this dilemma by having one half of the equation — men — in a state of perpetual readiness and sexual desire.

    I visually process every single female that enters my sight (not too young or old, obviously) and it’s the same way for pretty much every other man on Earth. When I allow you to get on the escalator first, was I being a gentleman? Or did I calculate I’d get a nice view of your nice ass while riding the escalator? Can’t it be both? 🙂

    I’d venture to say that the sort of men Ann is talking about, the ones who allegedly would “never” think such things…those guys are probably the ones harboring the truly twisted perversions.

  58. Sorry Ann, the whole election is about SCOTUS, SCOTUS, SCOTUS. Nothing more. Absolutely nuthin!

  59. European American

    This women author has issues with “men”, in general, and also has sexual issues about not being “in control”.

  60. In 2008 I held my nose and voted for poser and partial disaster McCain, knowing that, the now pResident Zero was going to be a total disaster.

    In 2016 I will hold my nose and vote for Donald Trump, knowing that Hellery will be (is currently) a total disaster exponent factor 10.

    Ann B. doesn’t realize that there isn’t a testosterone driven male alive today (beyond the age of 12-13) who is morally pure, thus disqualified.
    It’s a fallen world Ms. B.

    Given the forced choice between Donald Trump and Madam Broomstick One, I’m voting for the wrecking ball.

  61. Ann truly believes the Protestant Reformation was Satanic. She also truly believes that *ANY* who are not beliving Catholics will burn in hell (as do all Catholics who eschew Vatican II). How about that, all you Protesants here?

    That should tell you all you need to know about her.

  62. Who cares if they won’t let another Trump happen? We’re not letting another Republican Party happen. That’s the whole purpose behind the Trump phenomenon. He’s the suicide bomber wearing a C4 vest running into the inner sanctum of the Party leaders. The Republican Party is finished, and about damn time too.

  63. I wonder if her priests talk about choir boys like we do women?

  64. All of them LF otherwise the cancer just spreads again…

  65. Amen Brother… If Ann actually did what she believes then shit would be married with a bunch of kids keeping her busy…Not out here in a man’s world telling us what we should do..

  66. I like Ann, and what she says, but her and the pussy-pants-people over at Survival blog are in the same category. They’re the goody-two shoes bunch I’ve been having to bear all my life, because they can’t stand the nasty fucking language. I look at people like that, and I see stunted growth. Work with your fucking hands all day with barbed wire, fill sandbags till your arms are ready fall out of their sockets, fight and kill and fight and kill, and then get told by your superiors what a lousy mother fucker of a soldier you are, get no mail, eat chow that tastes like vomit, and then go on guard duty half the night wearing filthy clothes, and stinking like a wet dog, you tell me how you’ll talk. It’s time to grow the fuck up, and realize that this fucking world is at best, a crap shoot, and at worst, a murder scene. The fucking freedom thing will not be got by sweet talking, respectable men. It will be got by blood drenched, filthy talking, dirty, lying, despicable men, who resemble humans. Given a little time and patience, they might start acting civilized again some day. If I’m rejected because I say things some one doesn’t like, that’s high praise, indeed.

  67. She;)

  68. Just one more comment on this great thread:

    There are four core doctrines of the Catholic Church (not having anything to do with Vat.II)  that I have always railed against and despised because they separate it from all other mainstream Biblical denominations.

    a) Papal Infallibility (in matters of faith and morals, when he speaks “ex-catherdra)

    b) Transubstantiation

    c) There is no salvation outside of the Church, and 

    d) The doctrine of the the Immaculate Conception (the belief that Mary was born free of sin, just as Jesus was)

    The last one is repugnant because if Mary was born sin-free why didn’t *she* go to the cross as the sacrifice for all mankind? It also has led to the Mary-Worship evident that is widespread, especially in all of Latin America (oh, and let’s not forget the doctrine of the Assumption, the belief that she was raised from the dead and was transported directly to Heaven as Christ was, another vile belief). 

    The first three maybe I could live with (easily ignored) but the fourth is equivalent to a denial of the very root of the Christian faith and contradicted many times in the Pauline epistles (which is why they love and venerate Peter but Paul, not so much).

    Ann can kiss my white ass with her Catholic Supremacist beliefs. She, herself, is skirting with Hell acting like some sort of Pharisee, and we all know what Christ thought of them.

    Ann should stick to cattle, her own church and moslums.

  69. @FrozenPatriot: don’t read too much into that.

    Some clarification is definitely in order:

    That statement was 100% in reference to the self-congratulatory, pietistic crowd that believe by not supporting either candidate, they’re somehow morally “superior.”

    I’ve only ever voted for Libertarian POTUS candidates. I’ve played the “moral high ground” / “not-voting-for-the-lesser-of-two-evils” game for my entire adult life. And, quite frankly, I’ve got nothing to show for it but MORE corruption, and MORE tax-looting than ever.

  70. You always have good things to say…Thanks Brother…

  71. The Marines I have seen around the world have the cleanest bodies, the filthiest minds, the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals I have ever seen. Thank God for the United States Marine Corps!

    Eleanor Roosevelt.

    Well, that description covers 98% of men. Marines are just trained to kill and break shit. So as much as I agree with Ann on Muslims, she is very wrong in this article about the current political climate.
    I’ve said it the entire time; Trump is the FU candidate.
    Our last chance before the Tree gets watered.

  72. WRT “A moment of reckoning”. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he said. And I don’t necessarily believe he’s entirely sincere. But I could listen to the man speak for five minutes without being appalled or outraged, or both, and that puts him way the fuck ahead of at least 99% of American politicians, for as long as I can remember.

  73. “As a man thinks, so he acts.”

    Thank you Miss Barnhardt. All it took was a little dose of truth for the “patriot” toilet to back up here.


  74. Keep It Simple Stupid

  75. SemperFi, 0321

    The difference between who you learned all your bad habits from isn’t what will happen the next go around. Look at the youth of today, exceptional little pajama boys who have no intention of filling sandbags or spending the night shivering their ass off on an LP. They don’t want to be men like you or your fathers generation, hell, look at the folks today who complain of the nasty recoil from a M-14. Love to see them with a Trapdoor or ’03 Springfield in the target range.
    Unless the youth of today can be turned around mentally, they will continue on a downward spiral to all become bisexual alter boys. Or like Ann, eunuchs.

    Had a visitor here last month from Switzerland, all 120 lbs of tattoo covered sissy boy, smoked cigarettes like a little fashion model, wore his tapered combat pants under his ass, and I now no longer have to wonder what went wrong in Europe. This guy actually thought he was a tough guy…….the muzzies will clean house over there.

    Take care my friend.

  76. “…Don’t you realize that if Trump “won” and was “president” for the next four years that he would be blamed for all of the shit-hitting-the-fan that is going to happen? It would DESTROY HIS BRAND. Now, if Trump “loses”, as was always the plan betwixt him and the Clintons, he STILL has all of the cache of being a nominee for “president”, and still gets his brand transformed into that of “global statesman”, but instead of being blamed for all of the “shit hitting the fan” over the next four years, will instead be able to sit back, go on TeeVee, and EVERY TIME SOMETHING HORRIBLE HAPPENS, Trump will say, “If I had been President, that wouldn’t have happened. If I had been President, I would have prevented that….” And thus his brand will increase ALL THE MORE with each coming catastrophe. Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching. Folks, Trump only truly wins, if he “loses”…..”


    And he will be hollering all the way to the bank;

    “It was fixed”!!!!!

  77. SFC, clearly your vaginal mash needs tweaking.


  78. Stabat Mater

    Indeed. I am blessed to be married to a man whom I can honestly say would NEVER speak that way, and hasn’t in the 25 years I have been privileged to know and love him through the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. He ain’t perfect, but he’s got integrity, purity, and a heart for God. I only pray we are raising our boy to be a God-fearing man, too.

    I am a loyal reader of Miss Barnhardt. Occasionally, I think she may have gone too far. And then I get to the end of the article, and I know she is right. My favorite broad, hands down!

  79. Ann put a sock in it. I’ve stated many times I’d 9/11 that ass which if you take literal is not my intention. My understanding was Trump was saved this summer by Dobson anyway. Regardless he’s running on a platform, not for American Idol.

  80. ALCON,

    The woman needs a good, stiff one. And I don’t mean an alcoholic beverage.

  81. Totally agree… her male friends have her right where they want her…” Men don’t talk that way cuz my male friends say they don’t.”…Good Lord, this poor woman needs a night out at a working mans bar and a romp in the hay…

  82. Dude, don’t get on your high horse acting all saintly like you’ve never in your life said such about women.
    Arrogant douche.

  83. Saint Ann wouldn’t count that as saved. Not Catholic you know.
    In her mind man only needs to be warmed up a bit. He’s never very depraved and therefore never ‘dead in trespasses and sin.’ A little ritual here, a little churchy there and he’s good as new. Well, as long as it’s the ‘right’ church.

  84. High horse? Arrogance? Hardly. Even if we fail (sin), we Catholics still hold the properly-numbered Commandments as our (and your) objective standards. Aim high. Lapses from the standards are not acceptable excuses to aim low, to lower the standards to be like dogs returning to their vomit (2 Peter 2:22). Expectedly, this will chafe any parchment worshippers remaining after the coming chastisement. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

  85. Stop by any time and Ann, SFC Barry, and I can explain how Original Sin can be overcome by grace and good works, but it takes more cooperation than a one-time perfunctory expression of faith. It actually takes fear and trembling until your last breath to work out your salvation (Phillipians 2:12).