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  1. Haha good .. shoulda had horns on bush and given hilderbeast a pitchfork dripping with blood..!

  2. Defeating them, is an initial first step. A follow up court appearance, sentencing and hanging the second day, is a logical second step.

    We The People MUST have accountability.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      “We The People MUST have accountability.”

      Oh, don’t worry. You peasants will be held very accountable.
      -Empress Hillary I

  3. Can they be defeated? They look pretty well in control of DC. Millions of fake voters on the rolls. Graveyards have even more democrats if the need arises. Count the vote until it comes out right. Nah, the dreegs wont be defeated. Ain’t gonna happen. If it does perchance, Trump gets McKinley’d. Secret Service looks the other way. No one is accountable or at fault. They have your nut sack, patriots. LaVoy found out the hard way.

    • nobody will assassinate Trump. He is one of Them. As to the late LaVoy, best not jump out of a truck and shout “shoot me! shoot me!”.

      • I fear you are correct about Trump, but if he tries to do 1/10 of what he says, they will kill him. As to LaVoy, I meant no one in the .gov is ever accountable, no matter how blatant the murder, traitorous actions, anything. They never pay the piper. What LaVoy did the final day wasn’t smart, but only he paid the price. The killers got hero badges. You do not stand up to Leviathan and live. That will include Trump.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          They don’t need to worry about Trump – whatever damage he can do is limited. The elites still control just shy of 100% of Congress, at least 7/9 of the Supreme Court, and pretty close to 100% of the bureaucracy. Think of it this way – Trump on his own can do about as much damage to Leviathan as the Doolittle Raid did to Japan – a pinprick, if that.

          The best thing Trump could do – assuming he wins – is simply to fire everyone within the purview of the Executive Office to fire.


    “Each month for 27 years, I received oral and computer admonishments concerning the proper protocol for handling top secret and other classified material, and was informed of the harsh penalties, to include prosecution and incarceration,” for mishandling such material, he pointed out. “Had myself or my colleagues engaged in behavior of the magnitude of Hillary Clinton, as described by Comey, we would be serving time in Leavenworth.”

  5. Good stuff from Matt. Here’s some unsolicited critique.

    We need to sell the globalist vs nationalist meme to the normies. The reptile stuff will appeal to Alex Jones types(love those crazy fuckers) but theyre already in the bag. I believe the “when did it become wrong to love and serve your country and people” thing will work better. Link to a speech in that vein at the bottom. Its also just a great speech.

    Also Dreegs wont work. Just wont. I want it to also, but it wont. I want to call them what they are: quisling treasonous traitor fucks, but that doesnt flow either. Cucks was nuclear, use the lesson of cuckservative as template.

    I critiqued a SEAL, shit, now hes gonna sneak up out of the pipes in my bath and kill me. Bro, on your way in, please fuck up any feds you see creeping in my bushes. And bring drinks. And thanks matt.

    • Matt Bracken

      I’m trying for a one-word acronym that captures it all. I came up with DREEG. I’m all ears for better ideas.

      • The following is an older org pushed through the web.
        I no longer get my “rocks off” believing this is a solution
        or thinking it will do anything to calm the whirlwinds of
        what is coming, and truly think as POGO said something
        like “We are are own enemies.”
        Therefore – “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”
        His Kingdom – Is The Way.

        C.R.A.P. (Citizens Refusing Anal Penetration)

        Governmental penetration of the rectal area has reached an unprecedented level of impact upon the ordinary American Citizen, giving rise to organized resistance.

        C.R.A.P., Citizens Refusing Anal Penetration, is forming an organized “front” to prevent attacks to the “rear” from government drones that are willing to ignore citizens freedom for a paycheck. Whether it’s the dog catcher snatching your puppy, CPS attempting to snatch your kid or some local Judge insisting that the CON-stitution is of NO IMPORT in “HIS” court, we all know this is just more anal penetration by power mongering governmental deviants and must be addressed as crap by C.R.A.P.

        Living in a country that openly brags internationally of its dedication to “liberty” and “justice” for ALL, then turns on its Citizenery by tracking them, citing them, prosecuting them, terrorizing them, and virtually imprisoning them through national I.D. requirements, SSN numbers, invasive banking laws, check points and sooner than you think implanting RFID chips in them, is “crap” and must be addressed by C.R.A.P.

        If your butt is tired of the unprotected invasive tactics employed by governmental “pricks” it’s high time you stopped the “crap” by enlisting in C.R.A.P.

        C.R.A.P. members are well armed, well trained, disciplined and dedicated to irradicating “crap” from their lives, by force if necessary. The fascist “pricks” in D.C. [District of Crap] are insatiable bootie bandits unable to control their unnatural lust for power, control and the pleasure they get from “sticking” it to the little guy”! Well, the little guys have had enough of this CRAP.

        The average Joe has lost his sense of worth to society because the zionazi fascists in HollyWeird and in D.C. [District of CRAP] demean, demoralize, and destroy the values of a simple, uncomplicated and moral lifestyle that has degenerated from the American Dream to bolshevic CRAP.

        Shipping our jobs overseas while importing illegal aliens is pure unadulterated CRAP that is constipating the economy and forcing many Americans to take “sh*tty” jobs in order to make a millionaire hero out of some fascist CEO, that has never fought for this country, feels no obligation to those that have and is able to impact governmental decisions by bribing political “pricks”.

        If you’ve noticed an unpleasant, often re-occurring sensation in the rectal area for the last 20 plus years, it’s likely to be an unnecessary load of “crap” that has lodged in your arse because of the voluminous governmental “pricks” that have been raping you, your parents, your kids and the nation with impunity and no intention of letting up.

        Washington D.C. [District of CRAP] is the North American enforcement agency for the real “dicks”, the IMF [International Molesting Fascists] bankers. These International Bankers are a diseased, decrepid and degenerate group of deviant scum that are intent upon forcibly raping the entire world at gun point. These filthy little Cock-Roaches demand submission of whole countries through the use of militarized American youth. Have you had enough of this crap shoved up your arse yet ?

        It’s time you contacted C.R.A.P. [Citizens Refusing Anal Penetration] @ 1-800-screw-you
        from here:

        Faith, Hope & Charity – WITHOUT FORCE
        “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  6. 🐸 > 🐲

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Justice Scalia,supreme court justice, get’s offed with no autopsy. Days before, e-mails were written concerning his impending death.
    The real news is the rapid and impending clusterfuck coming straight at the NFL and all the overpaid,overcovered crybaby fucking owners,operators,coaches and players. Please blow up like the fat man in Monty Python. About time for mathematics to kick in.Loss of revenue from the declining ratings will have a cascading effect. The effect coming their way is comparable to a large blowtorch. Say goodbye to the old NFL. Bankrupt,liquidate assets and pillage the skeleton of an era.Good fucking riddance.

    • I am glad that people are finally getting screwed over badly enough – that they are getting pissed off enough – to stop supporting shit shows like the NFL. Now if we can get them to migrate away from the big banks and the big political parties and so forth – we might actually get some change in this country. Unfortunately – I don’t think this will all reach critical mass until Hillary gets elected and finally sends the rage nuclear.

  9. “They control the media, IRS, FBI, NSA, DoJ and the military.”

    But, they forgot to take control of the electoral system. So, you still have the option to vote yourself free.

    What a stroke of luck.

  10. Come up with a better name?!Dreggs is awesome,stick with it!!Now,if you could help me with a bigger boat(kayak holds minimal gear) that would be fantastic!