Schlichter: Liberals May Regret Their New Rules


FUSA = former Yugoslavia.

With all of the excitement that implies.

Got allies?

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  1. The big difference between fusa and elsewhere is fusa is full of neutered Pussies. Not so sure that was the case in Kosovo or the Balkans.


      You’re on to something, Stewie. Those folks in the Balkans had been used to deprivation and living hand-to-mouth for centuries. Their children imbibed the lifestyle, culture, cultural hatreds from their mother’s milk. The only groups in the FUSA that come close to that are the “PEOPLE OF COLOR” and my Vato-Loco Homies I knew in SoCal.
      White Amerika will, for the most part, roll over and piss on themselves. And, they will be only too glad to become snitches. After all, they teach it in school. This whole “Anti-Bullying” thing is part of it. I see it with my own eyes every day.
      Veterans my age and older are rapidly entering geezerhood, with all of the attendant health and mobility problems. The False Flag-era vets are your current LEOS and “contractors” who are dancing in the FEDGOV’S pocket. And would just as soon shoot me as look it me, for a paycheck.
      And, while I am at it, another group of morons in Kansas, with the very convenient moniker of: “THE CRUSADERS” has just been busted by Comey’s stooges for: “CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT DOMESTIC TERRORISM” It seems they are alleged to have targeted a “local mosque” and “Somali refugees”. Since the false 20-year-old sex scandals cannot hold water against The Donald, let’s wheel out some more ignorant white trash with AK’s. Are we at a tipping point or not?!

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Although the readership here is probably aware of this, if you wonder just how spicy your neck of the woods may get, take a gander at
    This map shows the demographics of America as one dot per person. That is a hell of a lot of granularity. The data is circa 2010, it will be somewhat spicier than this map indicates, if that was possible.
    Kurt Schlichter’s article is a clear and dire warning to TPTB, but at this point, the majority of America really may not just care so much for a despised “eee-lite” coastal “ruling class”. There does not even need to be a violent response, just where the majoritarians openly and publicly ignore the clown brigade. They do not have the troop to task to police up even a few percent when that day comes.
    Do your own tabletop war games, go through the staff planning process for yourselves and you will verify this salient point.

    • Excellent, thanks for that link

    • That map is ok as a very general overview. Best Places is better if you are looking at your AO for more specifics or may be considering another to move to.
      You can look at state, county and city data.

    • That’s why I think Hines and others who want the South to become the South they envision is just fantasy and wasted effort…Trying to stop the tide with a pitchfork…

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  5. As predicted: absolutely goddam right, that’s exactly what the liberals are setting the table for, and if they don’t get a clue, and soon, they’re going to get it, good and hard.

    It’s one thing when a carefully nurtured urban chimp-out just targets a few geographically unfortunate downtown merchants.

    It’s going to be a lot less funny when most of a city comes to your neighborhood, torches your Prius, pulls you out of your condo by the hair, beats your face in, and burns you out.
    And then goes looking for the next name on the list.

    The po-po, lacking any recent experience in actually stopping armed riots, will probably sit shell-shocked at HQ, and hide behind their desks waiting for magical “help” from somewhere, including a notional guard that’s mostly found among the rioters.

    Then what, pajama boys? Cry for momma much?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “It’s one thing when a carefully nurtured urban chimp-out just targets a few geographically unfortunate downtown merchants.

      It’s going to be a lot less funny when most of a city comes to your neighborhood, torches your Prius, pulls you out of your condo by the hair, beats your face in, and burns you out.
      And then goes looking for the next name on the list.”

      Of course, the urban chimp-out demographic is vastly outnumbered by the suburban demographic. They can run wild in their own areas easily enough because they have the numbers (and because no one is overly motivated to stop them). They can run wild in some mostly-uninhabited urban areas, because there are no people there. But once they get outside their home areas, they will – as Thomas Sowell noted – very quickly understand what “13% of the population” really means. Not to say they wouldn’t do damage, but the game changes very quickly once they leave the ‘hood.

    • wrong-O. When Black Thugs Matter breaks out into the White suburbs, they will have a phalanx of White police protecting them. Remember? White police gunned down in Dallas – by a nigger – while protecting a gang of niggers. You cannot buy donuts w/o a paycheck.

      • Well, anybody up to the task of shooting rioters is not going to worry too much about shooting cops at the same time. After all, nobody knows where the shots come from. Also note that in any serious riots, the cops quickly leave the area anyway (LA riots, etc).

      • Good luck selling that. It only plays in your own press releases.

  6. “You cannot expect to change the status quo for yourself and then expect those you victimize not to play by the new rules you have created. You cannot expect to be able to discard the rule of law in favor of the rule of force and have those you target not respond in kind.”

    ^^^^^^^Libtards read those words…..VERY. SLOWLY.

  7. No the “WILL” regret there new rules… there I fixed it for ya… especially if Hitlery wins next month.

    Grey Ghost

  8. I do not know much about Schlichter, other then looking at his twitter feed periodically. My impression from that and having read an article or two of his is that he falls more on the cuck/establishment side of things. Am I wrong?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      He’s generally pretty establishment, but not totally. He definitely recognizes that it is badly flawed.

    • So think about what it means when Mr. Mostly Establishment gets where things have gotten, and where they’re headed.

      When one of their own can see there’s a frightful reckoning coming, you sort of get the feeling that someone is hearing the roar of the waterfall they’re drifting towards as the current picks up speed.

  9. outlawpatriot

    FUSA = former Yugoslavia? Sorry, Peter, not a fucking chance. This country is way, way too homogenized. There are pockets of course. For instance, the Cubans have pretty much totally colonized Hialeah.

    Secession has to be preceded by sectionalism. While I’m no expert, I suspect it should be based mostly on culture and economy over an area large enough to be viable. Last time that happened in this country was in the 19th century. Reconstruction saw to it that it was destroyed.

    Tell me where in this country a base culture and economy exists over an area large enough to be viable and I’ll be there by the end of the month. 🙂

    • Upper Appalachia. The interior South. WA and OR east of the Cascades. Texas if they build a big, beautiful, East German style wall.

      Energy, food production capacity enough for those who will be welcome there, and UA has an interesting position on the lines of communication to DC.

      In the meantime, read Schlicter’s People’s Republic – a fast good read.

      • outlawpatriot

        Ok, bought the book.

        Texas!? You’re kiddin’, right? Infiltrated with Mexicans, Muslims and Californian socialists. Upper Appalachia? Good majority of the white folk there are getting a government check. East WA and OR? Mebbe. Still infiltrated with Californian socialists and kin from the west. Muslims being dumped there on a regular basis now.

        In each place, you’d have to run off or kill a significant number of people. Texas being the absolute worst choice. Again, akin to ethnic cleansing as I’ve said before.

        But what the fuck do I know? 🙂

        • No place is perfect. Some places are worse than others.

          Anyone thinking about re-establishing freedom in any part of North America will have at the very least some political disenfranchisement to do (e.g., “You can stay as a non-property-owning former welfare recipient, but only as a disarmed, non-voting, second-class resident. And BTW, there is no more welfare. Here’s your shovel. You report for work detail at 0700 tomorrow morning.”). Universal enfranchisement on matters of import is a death’s pill.

          And yes, I do recognize the contradiction there.