Sensing: Trump & The Constitution

159807.and+your+supreme+court will+find+it+constitutional

Limited government through inter-branch infighting.

That was the original design.

12 responses to “Sensing: Trump & The Constitution

  1. Yup and if need be they’ll just kill them all and replace with a more complaint version!

  2. I am not voting for president- I am voting for the next members of the Supreme Court and that is why Trump is getting my vote. Would not surprise me in the least that if Clinton gets elected Ginsberg will step down very quickly so Hillary can then two new radical members on the bench. Then we might as well have our trenches dug. S-S-S!!!!!

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Quote from the linked piece: “…we are about to elect one of the worst presidents in American history. ”

    Not worse than “The Great Emancipator”, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Jimmy Carter or Obongo.

    • Much worse- the presidents you mentioned never have or had the “connections” the Clintons have had over the last 20+ years.

  5. Ann sometimes goes a little loopy. I love her dearly, but Aunt Ann ain’t battin’ like she used to. Trump is the anti-president and that’s who we are supporting. All that I know fer sure is that —-> Trump ain’t Hillary, and I’m not done preppin!

    • Ms. Barnhardt wants Jesus for President. While that is a nice thought, he has other things he needs to do right now. Not to mention that even if he were to PROVE who he is to every voter, there is no way he could win the election this year.

      I’m quite happy with Mr. Trump as Charles Martel reincarnate instead.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Pretty sure Jesus is staying out of politics. The last time he got involved, it ended very badly for him.

    • And for entertainment, why don’t we ask Ms. Barnhardt to tell us some of the things SHE said and did before she converted…

  6. Sensing is a fool. The constitution he pines for was the result of a counter-revolution. It worked and is working exactly as designed. Patrick Henry was right: “I smelt a rat.”

    • outlawpatriot

      For something that is so repulsive (at least to you anarchists) it sure has provided at least a certain number of mankind with a pretty good life. I count myself in that number. I’m bettin’ your sorry ass is in that category too. 🙂