Things are already frisky.

With a growing number past DEFCON Spicy.

See also Buppert in the same key.

A little more than three weeks.

Tempus fugit.


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. “A little more than three weeks.” I hear that ! I agree with the linked articles on a big FU. I am certain this country is going down, as the legendary Neal Boortz has stated, the moochers now are in the majority and they know it. However, it’s not taking me down with it easily. It better come at me and my stuff in the dead of the night and in ways I can’t defend or I’m taking as many as possible with me because the majority gave up the country with decades of apathy but I did not.

  3. It will be the women of America that will say ” that is enough ” and Hillary will put this once great nation over the top . Keep in mind it was women not men started the French Revolution and the Scottish lass Jeddy Geddes that pitched her chair at a minister in Edinburgh that started the Scottish Civil War . For those that still believe in voting and the Magical Parchment called the Constitution you are being duped. .

    • colddeadhandsdays

      This election in particular has made me seethe with anger at women. I mean fuck them. What the fuck are they good for? We create society we were in the machinery we get the electricity working mine the coal pump the oil invent almost everything… they vote fucking collectivist most of the time it’s cock of the government. They need their goddamn voting rights revoked. The proof them selves the bane of civilization. Back to the fucking patriarchy I say… I have ONE USE FOR THEM.

      • Provocateur?

        Is a tyranny created by men only, that much better than one created by women? Maybe the thing to do is stop creating tyranny, stop believing the Government Religion altogether.

      • Rule by female insanity is coming to an end one way or another. If we manage to rescue Western Civilization, it will necessarily involve a big heaping dose of reality for these Neo-Suffragettes. If we fail to rescue Western Civilization, its men will embrace the new Islamic reality and women will remember with fondness those days when their oppression came in the form of merely microaggressions.

  4. People have to realize that it might be important who becomes POTUS this election, but it won’t matter as far as the economic collapse is concerned. The central bankers have already baked the cake. So whomever is POTUS is going to be the equivalent of the caterer; not responsible for the cake but taking the flack anyway.

  5. Read Bupperts article yesterday, and must admit that
    his audio recording are very revealing too.
    He is very close to what true anarchy is, you know,
    leaders NOT rulers; so as I share the folowing with an
    image in my mind of a man, or woman, even both together
    turning into trees, I really hope the following history helps
    gather thoughts into action:
    Keys Of The Kingdom Hour 1:
    [audio src="http://wwfar.com/mp3s/KOK_SAT.HR1.MP3" /]
    Keys Of The Kingdom Hour 2:
    [audio src="http://wwfar.com/mp3s/KOK_SAT.HR2.MP3" /]

    Burning “our” Ships, could be done in a righteous

    ” Every man to his family and his belongings”

  6. Bupperts essay is simply brilliant! I wish I’d read it this morning before heading off to the rifle range for some serious freedom training.

  7. HAHAHA!!! I love it!!! Ok, I’ll admit it, I can be lead by that (or whom) inspires me. That said…. FUCK YOU!!!!

    To the establishment, of course, not to our host or guests here. I wish the author could say every word of his post live on CNN, et al. for all to hear. What a joy it would be….

    If he wins, they’re not going to accept it… they’re going to fight it Marxist style… just sayin’

  8. I’m curious how a nation with no government fits into the geopolitical paradigm. I’m not entirely sure how m4gerys stack up against strategic bombers and conventional forces of even second rate nation-states, but perhaps I’m underestimating what a 1911 is capable of. I have been assured by all that the Russians, Chinese and every other nation will adhere to the principle of non-aggression we have seen successfully implemented since we outlawed war in 1928. Really a superfluous gesture, since nations have hardly ever invaded others to plunder natural resources, land and people. We should give up our military post haste because nobody needs a high capacity air force, or ‘ghost subs.’ I’m not even sure why we have nuclear weapons, since as the warrior poet Disney wrote in Peter Pan, ‘all it takes is faith and trust.’ It’s for the children! Ignorance is strength, weakness is virtue and everyone loves everyone. If corporate interests can run the world’s superpower with a government, I suspect they will be the government in 7-10 business days after .gov closed its doors. How I look forward to the Microsoft River and Soros’ east and west coast territorial waters. The ‘company store’ scam on a nationwide scale, sounds delightful.

    • Dr. James,

      This high technology best of breed hyper-military you speak of hasn’t won a conflict by itself since the end of the War to Save Josef Stalin. Nada. Riflemen in the mountains of Afghanistan have authored a defeat and not stalemate of US forces in country. I’ve been there and seen it with my own eyes.

      Per no government, probably unlikely on the North American continent but a multitude of polity options in different nation states where the US was would be preferable to the present state of affairs. The coasts would go Marxist and the interior may have an interesting panoply of allegedly “limited government” combines to choose from along with some localized Zomia offerings for those who have lost all faith in any ruler they don’t consent to.

      Per other nations coming to North America after the collapse; fascinating for war-porn fiction but I wonder at the sheer lack of strategic airlift and sealift for all those countries and the attention paid to invasion successes in the post-colonial globe.

      You cling to your totem of limited government and call the folks who think all government is corrupt wrong. Appears we’re both snorting fairy dust. A curious position indeed.

      Good luck with that.

      I agree: outlawing war is just as silly as outlawing any human behavior which is the primary engine that drives Western government; war on malum prohibitum behaviors.

      BTW, I do enjoy your writing.


      Bill Buppert

    • Anarcho-libertarianism shares a couple of things with communism: they both exist only on paper, and the adherents of both double down on theory when this is pointed out.

  9. WOW! The first FU article was a college degree in true literature. Bupperts article was a PhD in silencing the Harvard debating team with truth! I have disbelieved that the pen was mightier than the sword… I’ll be re-thinking that one in the spirit of inspiration…

  10. Stealth Spaniel

    Money shot:
    Enough is enough.
    Well Amen to that. Outlander must be a retired Marine, because to read such heartfelt, plain speaking, righteous and honest prose warmed my inner core. Thank you sir, for such honorable and sincere writing.
    Mr. Buppert is always worthy of praise.

  11. Dammmmmn Bill, yet another outstanding screed on the current situation we find ourselves in with a few accurate U.S. historical references thrown in to “wake em up” with a 2×4 and trash can at 0500.

    Mike, a great interpretation of this election cycle… it’s spot on. Sticking together is great as long as you are of a like mind or nearly so.

    So to all the MSM, Rs, Ds, Propagandists and Collectivists who think they are pulling the wool over gunowners eyes during this election, I say elect whomever you want, but when they come after the guns and God knows they can’t help themselves, they will. We then will see who dies FIRST, because everybody here knows that politicians and cops are “on the list” and not off limits when the dirt people are finally pushed over the cliff. All you collectivist fuckers from all political parties consider yourself duly warned.

    Grey Ghost

  12. Buy two…. and one should be an MBR.

  13. I can certainly relate to the big FUCK YOU that will be delivered no matter what happens in this election. It’s almost certain the ruling thugs will make it even worse by using voter fraud in a lot of venues, adding spice to the mix.

    FUCK YOUS are well worth delivering, as long as we don’t fall prey to the hope that The Donald can actually turn this mess around. If he keeps us out of a nuclear war, that will be all that can be reasonably asked. I’m doubtful of even that though, because the oligarchy in DC certainly have the resources to assassinate him.

  14. Fuckin’ A, Mike.