And The Overture Begins…


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95 days.

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    Ignore it all. Keep prepping. Your community is your country. Make your lists, do your intell. Bleib ubrig.

  2. It’s stuff like this that makes me jealous of Europe. when the rubber meets the road for them, they only have to fight the muzzies for their survival. it is quite possible and probably very likely that the usa will have to fight the muzzies as well as races fighting each other and social classes fighting each other.

    • ‘cept in Europe, the Whites have nothing to fight with but harsh language and the occasional knife or club. Oh, and also the “vote”.

      • ‘cept in Europe, the Whites have nothing to fight with but harsh language and the occasional knife or club. Oh, and also the “vote”.

        That’s what you think. And apparently, the European authorities as well.


        Keep thinking that.

        Even if that statement were true, the same peoples who invented staggering advances whole cloth, have ridiculously anal attention to detail and dedication to quality, a command of mathematics, science, physics, chemistry that make the rest of us look like “special needs” kids…

        …that these people are somehow incapable of cobbling together a fully functional firearm in a basement workshop over a long weekend? Or anything else? (Energetic polymers, anyone?)

        Granted, they’ve been brainwashed and are mostly asleep right now, so it’s taking time for them to get any traction, but once they all get pointed in the right direction and get some momentum going…

        Well I, for one, would not want to be in their way.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          So making up some homebrewed Sten copies will work against how many dozens of trailer loads of smuggled AK’s and RPG’s? When it happens, those weapons will appear overnight, not leaving time to get the homebrewed stuff on the streets in time, let alone the ammo needed.
          Sure, there may still be lots of WW2 stuff hidden away, but the masses don’t have the brains or the heart, nor any training to fight for themselves. I just met several Swiss who never served in the military, as humans I found them to be arrogant worthless sissy boys, not worth fighting for. Same applies on this side of the ocean.
          You’re still expecting people to have some kind of survival instinct, this isn’t 1940 anymore, they don’t have the mindset of our parents generation. The youth of today have been mentally and physically neutered, they can’t fight back like we were taught. Peaceful protests is all they know, while the minority groups wax the floor with their naive asses.

  3. Ain’t it just great to live in NC?
    Ever wonder what it was like to live in the former Yugoslavia? I have a feeling that we are about to find out here. First Charlotte and then this…

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. I thought the firebombing would start AFTER the election but it appears the collectivist Demoncraps have decided to “go early” in NC and blame it on Trump. Yet another failed false flag narrative by CNN and the presstitutes.

    Now the question is: How many Demoncrap HQ’s will be firebombed in retaliation? I’m wondering how many political HQ’s have been firebombed in the past in the U.S.?

    IF you need any more guns by them.

    CA, with any more firebombings you may want to upgrade the threat level if this shit spirals out of control.

    Grey Ghost

    • Farmer Phillip and retired army guy

      Grey Ghost,

      This is a bit reminiscent of section of the book “Unintended Consequences”. Wonder if someone is beginning to use it as a playbook.

  6. This almost reads like a transcript out of office meetings of the Staatspolizei, circa 1936. That ATF, FBI et al are not all over this decrying the bias crime says it all. It will be no different when they come for you or me.

  7. Through the years I have met and known many folks.that are in the law enforcement community.They are a reflection and representation of our society. They are an accurate barometer of our countries health.
    We are in big fucking trouble.There are people in positions of power and authority who truly believe in a scorched earth mission of us vs them. .Protect and serve got flushed down the shitter years ago. FBI agents with morals and integrity are truly screwed. How do you look people square in the eye, have integrity and self-esteem, knowing you are a complete and total fraud? DOJ,FBI,NSA,HSA,CIA,CSP,ATF,SS.and on and on…
    .Rules of engagement.”Define circumstances,conditions,degree and manner, in which the use of force may be applied.” I found the ROE’s for Ghengis,Vlad,Hannibal and all the guys who won.Their ROE was scorched earth.Pretty simple really.You want to win. You destroy and decimate.That is what you are facing.No quarter asked.No quarter given.
    “As the officer fired two warning shots into the back of the suspects head”…

    • NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      We must instead “win their hearts and minds”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      We must “keep the moral high ground”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Unfortunately, the HTML sarcasm tags are still not working properly on this site.

    • “… You destroy and decimate…”

      Not to nitpick, but to decimate something means to reduce by 1/10th.

      That is not scorched Earth.

      May I recommend that the table gets turned and go on the offensive, and indeed, perform the S.E. policy?

      Seems fair to me.

  8. Spoke to an individual this weekend who singled me out as the only other conservative at a gathering. Former military, could see that in his manner… he and his wife had the dream and were watching as; with certainty, it melted away before their very eyes. Neither of us could have called what we are living through right now. Agreed that we must have tribe, more guns and more ammo. We determined that we were not depressed … clinically or otherwise… just sad to find that our future had be stolen vandalized and tossed in the shitter.

  9. demonizing “us”? as in “us Republicans”?? Whoever did it has my permission to firebomb every Republiscam HQ in the country. Only please do it when there’s some “Republicans” inside. We don’t need 2 Demoncrat parties. One is plenty.

    • Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/Mohammed

      Whaddya think about torching a few mosques there Mohammed ? Until your moslem boy barry was put in place by your pals, tne Democrats, this for erly great nation was pretty much moslem-free.

      When are going to call for firebombing every freakin’ mosque in fUSA ?

  10. robroysimmons

    It’s a start but no doubt the Left will disappoint again and not make burning of GOP offices a trend, I cheer them on but they don’t care.

    So my hopes are with SMOD

  11. That’s some weak shit as far as opening barrages go. More like a reconnaissance by fire.

    Hold your fire until they get close and get crowded.