The Saker: By Way Of Deception Thou Shalt Lose Your Empire


Read the whole thing before dismissing it as pro-Russian propaganda.

Or if you do, then view this WaPo piece through the same lens.

The most important foreign affairs distinction that anyone can make in these days of madness is the difference between “the American government’s interests” and “the interests of the American people”.

Curtis has more on the point.

7 responses to “The Saker: By Way Of Deception Thou Shalt Lose Your Empire

  1. His conclusion is probable. But how he gets there does not resolve the opposition of two forces —
    * US Liberal-facist press and their Democratic couriers.
    * vs US NeoCons (aka deep state) who oppose liberalism.

    Between the two we have the god Janus. The problem is both wish their face to be in the sun which is impossible. Conflict must ensue.

    • I disagree with that presumption (opposition of two forces). The former is a tool of the other, including the NeoCon war-makers masking in “liberal” clothing. Especially, in terms of Clinton I put that label – “liberal” – in quotes because it depends on what they’re talking about (and to whom) at the moment. NeoCon goals and those that hold them aren’t, in my view, delineated by traditional party lines. But the same length/grade of rope could be used.

      • My assessment does not exactly follow party lines, though the Dims seem to have packaged themselves as such. I am not convinced that the deep state is in cahoots with the libs. The libs focus on the state being subservient to the globalists. The deep state’s rice bowl would be affected under such an arrangement and hence they would resist.

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    Stopped after the first couple of sentences. Just couldn’t go on. 🙂

  4. This is as far as I got:

    “Not that Trump does not deserve some of it,”

    All of the cucks preface their statements with a kick to Trumps nuts and I’ll have none of it. Fuk em ded

  5. It’s kind of hard to read, let alone understand a rant about things foreign, with a semi-hysterical slant constantly promoting, “The Jews are taking over the world!” Question: If the Jews numbers are known, and their whereabouts, why aren’t they being attacked right now, to eliminate them from the face of the earth? Answer: Because like their Uncle Adolph, guys like Saker, and Haxo, and others have to wait in the shadows until the time is right, and then do it on the quiet, away from prying eyes. Serial killers and mass murderers alike are all psychopaths. They may do their evil right under peoples noses, and often do (the thrill of the in-your-face-atrocity) but the actual deed is a private affair to them, and no guests are welcome. That bastard in Cleveland, keeping three women locked up as his sex slaves for years, right in the middle of an otherwise normal neighborhood is an example. Or Dachau, right in the middle of the Third Reich. People heard rumors, horrible ones, but the distractions of WW2, and everything else, kept it pretty quiet. The psychopath Nazis were perfectly aware of it, and actual PUBLIC knowledge of it was verboten. Man is the only animal that kills for pleasure. Jew haters are one of the few kinds of people who parade their monstrous psychotic aims around in public before carrying them out, and telling everyone exactly what they want to do, before doing it. Of course, all the ridiculous claims about the “evil Jew” precede that, to prepare the ground. I know they are just biding their time. As am I. To defeat horror, you must make horror your friend. All you budding Neo-Nazis out there take note. There will be no free hand, this time.