TL Davis: A Vote Of Treason


TL’s latest.

WaPo this am has HRC +4.

But see The Hill: Clinton, Trump in statistical dead heat

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  1. “A vote for Hillary is, in effect an act of treason.”

    Conversely, a vote for Donald Trump is an act of patriotism.

    Semper Paratus

  2. Timely indeed. Most truly do not grasp what is at stake. Our Republic, is/ has been subverted into a fascist aliening nation, one that we the people have zero say in, and big business and the rich routinely circumvent for their needs, and personal gain, not the needs of We The People.

    A nation that allows its media, to set national policy, strategic policy, is a doomed nation. I know the future, ” sadly” and it’s crystal clear ” how.”

    I, in good conscience just can not support those who subvert a nation, for personal gain, anymore then I can support a nation who has allowed it’s very leaders to subvert/ distort the premise of our once great republic.

    I hope daily that a meaningful change can happen, I deep down already acknowledge the outcome.

    As noted, by Davis, this breaks down to simply Good VS Evil.

    To NOT vote IS a vote for the Evil spoken about by Davis. You support Clinton You are the enemy, you are the problem.

    As stated here and many other places in print, a vote for Trump, IS the fuck you, to those who seek the destruction of what we know and hold true.

    Dirk Williams

    • If one cannot be confident that one’s vote will be counted as cast, far better to not vote at all. Or better yet, to make sure one is not even registered to do so. My county office of elections is so corrupt that I de-registered in 2012.

  3. The hits keep on coming:

    “In return for altering the classification, the possibility of additional slots for the FBI at missions overseas was discussed,” Chaffetz said.

  4. Gotta keep it close so the sheepsies think it was a horse race… Otherwise the electorate will experience cognitive dissonance and stop participating in this farce. I wonder if in the last days of Rome, if people had their heads buried as deeply up a dark and dreary place…? As for me, I am getting the a big bowl of popcorn and and Coke and watching the fires rage. Got Tribe?

  5. So if i vote for trump its a vote against – basically everything I hate, however what difference does it make when the machine will still be moving along at light speed if he wins the white house? He’d be an instant lame duck and the gimmedat’s, etc will make life living hell for the next 4 years (assuming it comes to that). If hillary wins (and i believe she will given how fixed and corrupt this process is), the trumpeteers will have targets on their backs and their lives made a living hell. they, as always will take it up the ass (while calling their reps!) as they seek to go back into the shadows and try to eek out an existence and hope “no one shows up on their doorstep”.

    We got a few weeks to go and no matter what comes out about her and her lies and corruption – it doesn’t matter. the lines are drawn and minds made up already,

    What it really boils down to is how prepared mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically people are for what’s coming.

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  7. FrozenPatriot

    CA, your blogspot links the past couple days have been pointing to the .fr TLD. (Here and Sensing yesterday) Is there something you know that we don’t?

  8. No matter the outcome of this ridiculous farce of a circus called an “election”, it’s conclusion on Nov 8th will be a carthasis. Because the outcome will tell us all exactly what will be required of us all.
    No matter which way the political wind blows, it is a fundamentally important turning point.
    Personally I believe the only redeeming value will be what us dirt people do after TINVOWOOT. Because TINVOWOOT was the whole point of this election, that the political powers that be have every intention circumscribed within the limits of their power to lay the final groundwork for TINVOWOOT.
    TINVOWOOT has been a creeping incremental instrument of their grasp on the levers of power, the culmination of which is the underlying turmoil and internecine warfare between the factions of the power elite we are witnessing and watching reach it’s crescendo.
    Hard to say who and what survives Nov 8th. I do know I as a dirt person will remain, with my freedoms liberty and self determination fully intact. And in the scheme of things that is what really matters. That people like me exist to be a threat to the political elite. This election will not and can not effect that truth about us dirt people. If they “win” their hideous victory on the 8th, they are going to have to come for us dirt people, with their diktat and their proxies and their guns.
    Really, it has boiled down to this, the framework preliminaries of coercion of marxism have been accomplished, it’s primary instrument of force being a wholly co-opted federal government and it’s power elite funded proxies, who employ force and threat of violence for those it deems none compliant, so all there really remains to impose consists of ratcheting up that force and threat of violence into application of measured strategic violence to make enough people so fearful they will comply, leaving only a relatively small percentage of dirt people alone and isolated from allies and support, hence they become easy targets to be picked off piecemeal or left to wether on the vine of liberty.
    TINVOWOOT was always an intention, it is a very very useful instrument in imposing tyranny, there are so many facets to it’s usefulness in controlling the mass of the people it is obvious why there is the mass of the power elites wealth channeled into it’s application as a prime weapon against, and for control, of we the people.
    At least that is how I believe the powers that be think.
    It is going to be a close thing this election. On the one side there is the collective power money and influence of an entire cliptocracy, an oligarchy consisting of the ultimate entitlement class who have strip mined the dirt people to the edges of revolution, whom turned around taken that wealth they have robbed us of and invested it in our final stage of slavery to them.
    On the other side is a robust people of the dirt who basically wish only to be left alone, who grok in their bones it doesn’t have to be this way. Who understand we have a pretty good thing going, there is more than enough for all, that it is honorable to live and let live. It’s not a profound concept, it is easy and the best way to live. But it is becoming clear even that basic premise of life can not be left alone by the meddling of the elites. And to me that is the crux of it all. It isn’t the grand ideas of the birth of this republic, the attempt to form a loose union of allied small nation states, even the primal God given fundamental rights well defined and codified aren’t at stake, because those things just are, they are natural and they belong to me already by birth. No law matters in regards to them. It isn’t those things, ideas that matter.
    I only want to be left alone by this crazy fucked up government, I want those within it to mind their own fucking business, keep their greasy fucking meathooks out of my wallet and piggybank. I don’t give a rats ass what comes after if I got to fight to the death to keep the fuckers from sticking their noses where they don’t belong. I already have a fucking plan, it’s called go along to get along, be courteous and kind, respectful of others, and mind my own fucking business.
    And those running things are going to either leave me the hell alone, or if they fuck with me, they are going to wish they where ever born if I have anything to do with it.
    It’s not complicated.
    When your backed into a corner, the only plan is to fight like there is no tomorrow, and if you get out alive, have faith there are men like you in the same boat, and then you go after the sonofabitches, and you put them in a corner, and make sure none make it out.
    End of problem of the problem here.
    The other problems like what after, they are going to take the efforts of us dirt people to figure out. There is no set what-after’s, not one thing fits all remedy. But there won’t be any after to even consider if we don’t first keep from getting cornered or if so don’t fight free to fight another day.
    And TINVOWOOT is a major fucking corner.
    And to those who say TINVOWOOT is an intellectual cop-out, fuck you, you need to grow up and have lived past a half century and lived and known what a great and wonderful place this country was before the marxist scum started fucking with us. There is TINVOWOOT specifically because the cunning motherfuckers set it up so they could get where they are today.
    There was no other way they could get away with usurpation of this republic, we the people, without the careful long term strategic application of TINVOWOOT.
    And that is what this election is all about, TINVOWOOT, about consent and withdrawal of consent. It ain’t about being a high speed bush ninja or how much ammo or food you got stockpiled. This is about people, hearts and minds. That other shit comes after and is complimentary to the one essential that matters more than anything, the one essential that makes or breaks the force multiplication of that other stuff. The small unit infantry tactics of the moment is hearts and minds. Nothing matters more than that now, and after, forever. Without it you got nothing now or whatcomesafter.

  9. Pisser, eh?
    All those October Shills trying to fling poo at Trump, and none of it sticks, but 50% of the electorate recognizes it all as the ham-fisted derailment attempt it clearly was, and yawns.

    When, despite her best dirt, and the sanctimonious caterwauling of the Perpetually Offended trying to pretend they give two shits for this spate of bimbo eruptions, after they spent 1993-1999 trying to sell us that “character doesn’t matter”, this doesn’t bode well for Shrillary’s chances in the only poll that matters early next month.

    Meanwhile Trump, doubtless encouraged by the bounce he got from the brutal schlonging he gave Shrillary at the last clown show, will pull out all the stops for Debate 3.0.

    Start laying in sandbag walls of chips and popcorn, and stack the beverage cans in pyramids for what’s coming. This could be epic.

    • to win in the EC (currently Clinton 340, Trump 198), Trump will have to flip Florida, NC, Ohio, and another state with 10 or more EV’s…and hold all those he currently leads in by no more than a point or 2. Not going to happen. In fact, any close state that has one or more large cities run by the usual, crooked Demoncrat ethnopolitical machine, with voting machines programmed by the SEIU, will be carried by Mrs. Clinton. To win, all she has to do is remain vertical through 8 November.

  10. I responded:
    “But, there is the question of who would be more likely to effectively fight that war.”

    Seriously? In a nuclear war, there is no effective fighting. There is just dying.

    Arguing that Trump will be a better war president than Hillary is… mind-boggling. That’s the kind of thinking that makes nuclear war thinkable. If it’s true that military commanders might ignore Hillary (and therefore hold their fire), is an argument for having Hillary in charge, not an argument against her.

    Of course only real argument for Trump is that he WON’T start a war with Russia (assuming he can resist the neocon element infesting DC and survive). All of the rest of your hopes for him are pure fantasy.

    War with Russia is NOT INEVITABLE, despite Ministry of Propaganda attempts to make us think it is. It only requires our government to stop being such royal assholes as they have recently been, to just tone it down a bit. Of course even that small change is asking a lot from the deranged fools who run our government.

    • Paul, I’ve read your post(s) and trying to figure out what your saying. I generally have a clear understanding, for some reason I’m not getting it today.
      Is it vote/ don’t vote.
      War/ nuclear war.
      Russia/ USA.
      Trump/ no Trump
      In no particular order


    • What makes Trump a more effective leader than HRC is the uncertainty factor he engenders. Doubt is the first cousin of defeat for any opponent. But once the ICBMs leave the silos it really does not matter who is in office.

  11. As to polls, with all the media demonizing of Trump that has been going on, I expect a large “BrExit effect”. That is, many people will say they support Hillary when asked, while voting Trump in the privacy of the voting booth. Whether that is enough to offset the certain vote fraud is another question…

  12. I like Russians:

    A few more of those, and they won’t have any more trouble with Muslims.

    You have to admire the Russians. Even though saddled with an absurd economic system (back when they were communist), even worse than the crony capitalist one we have, they (along with the Chinese) always managed to stand up to the Empire. Tough folks. The French did for a while under de Gaulle, but have faded into a satrapy of the Empire lately, sad to say.

    • that’s right. De Gaulle was no friend of the Israel mob, pr Jews in general. Now France is tun by the likes of Rothschild, Sarkozy, and Valle and his Jew wife.

  13. eminencefrontman

    I’m still holding out hope for a tie in the Electoral college, which would lead to the race being thrown into the House and the (albeit,) slight chance neither Trump nor cankles gets the office.

    • According to the 22nd Amend. its has to be a decision between the 3 voted for individuals. No walk on’s allowed I am afraid.

  14. There was a gentleman nominated at the convention in Salt Lake City on 16 April as the candidate of the Constitution Party for President. His name is Darrel Castle, a practicing Christian and a retired Marine (see him at http://www.castlereport).

    He would govern according to the United States “Constitution” and has promised to do so, not according to some empty campaign pledge simply trotted out in an election year, but by a pledge made in good faith.
    Moreover, he will not be influenced by special interest groups.

    Where is the support from all self-professed constitutionally-minded people?

    Furthermore, voting for unconstitutionally-minded office seekers has gotten us to where we are today. Voting again for such people will not remedy this, will it?

    • Look, the U.S. constitution DIED many years ago, you just haven’t groked that yet. The Constitution hating president dishonest Abe Lincoln literally destroyed the Constitution in the name of “forced union” which he believed was in the constitution. Since you are a great constitutionalist please show me WHERE the forced union clause is located in your vaunted constitution.

      How do you think the second tyrant from Illinois (STFI) got away with everything he has? I’ll tell you how…

      The country is NO LONGER a constitutional republic as founded and hasn’t been for many decades, in fact, it is nothing more than a fascist dictatorship officially supported by a collectivist judiciary and a corrupt power hungry Congress with not even one testicle nor care in the world for the constitution. I say this because if the constitution even mattered to ONE politician in DC, the STFI would have been impeached and out of office within the first two years for the crime of treason. The D’s don’t GARA about the constitution and the R’s just pay it lip service by occasionally reading it and praying. Neither of which has done a damn thing to stop the STFI from fundamentally transforming the U.S. ever closer to their collectivist wet dream of utopia.

      So grok this: there just are NOT enough people who actually think that parchment means a damn thing anymore… especially not after the last 8 years of the STFI. There is NO WAY some jackass claiming to RULE by the Constitution is going to get my vote, besides if I’m not mistaken, the guy is former CIA AND a former Goldman Sachs man. With that background… he can FOAD. Sounds like you been drinking the Glenn Cuck koolaid, good luck with that.

      Grey Ghost