TL Davis: Why “Lies Of Omission”?

lies of omission

BLUF: If we as a community don’t make this documentary, the freedom movement’s words and ideas of this day & age will be lost forever.

Who else cares about such things?

Thank you to the people who have already contributed.

Thank you to those who have passed the word around their circles.

Thank you to those who have considered a donation but could not, due to circumstances.

Please continue to pass the word.

6 responses to “TL Davis: Why “Lies Of Omission”?

  1. Happy to have pitched in. Good luck!

  2. He needs to have more reward levels not just 2…Like a 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000…And the rewards could be more DVDs to pass out to friends that don’t have a clue, Books by Bracken, Wolfe, etc, Spending a day with one of the guest speakers things like that to motivate would help this project out…Just a Thought…

  3. Hey everyone, I’m asking as a brother dirt guy for you to pitch in on this, it is a few bucks well spent.
    I’m out of work laid off and I figure at the very least 25 bucks isn’t going to make or break me, but id that 25 greenbacks helps more dirt people to join the honorable resistance, well hell ya, that is an investment.
    Not to mention TL is a straight up guy who has been out front for years risking everything, retaliation by the regime, even an FBI hit by the Ruby Ridge wife murderers, you know like the ones who executed LeVoy Finnicum and put everyone from the Bundy’s Ranch and Burns in the amerikan gulag to shut them up and keep incommunicado, so they can’t tell the truth about what they discovered regarding the Clinton deal with Uranium One for mining rights up in Oregon and how mind blowing dirty everyone involved in the selling of our heritage and legacy of kland and resources to the highest payoff.
    People got to know the truth is they are going to be free American’s.

  4. outlawpatriot

    Mmm… dunno. Vanderbaugh? Marginal. Buppert? Not a fucking chance in hell.

    I appreciate the sentiment, but ya gotta get the cast right. 🙂

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Just think of it as the cast from “The Magnificent Seven”. You didn’t have to like them all either, but it sure played it out well, didn’t it? 🙂