ZH: The Elite “Have No Idea” – Society Is Near The Breaking Point


Worth a read, subject to the following caveat:

It’s likely worse.

Do you really think that top-enders know or give a tinker’s damn what a bunch of their inferiors think, say, or do?

They believe they’ve got it sussed.

And until coup is counted – many times – they have every reason to keep on that line of thought.

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  1. I think I’ll get that in a tattoo .. it’d be a awesome pic for when they start torturing me!

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    As someone in comments mentioned “what gun license?”
    If you still think you need a license at this late stage of the game, there is no hope for you. If you’re that compliant, I don’t want you near me.
    Gloves are off now.

    • Hi Semp,

      Comments closed before I could reply to you in an earlier thread.

      Our two viewpoints represent 2 of the 3 possible views on any situation: First is my point of view (spark of hope). Second is your point of view (no hope) and Third is the objective point of view (truth absent any bias).

      Of the three, the last is probably the closest to real-world, on the ground reality as it stands right now – which is somewhere in the middle between your POV and my POV.

      Yes, there are many, many family secrets in the far flung places of the world – things sealed beneath the kitchen floorboards or squirreled away in various attics or cached in the deepest forests (which do exist, by the way, and are known to the locals).

      I comfort myself with the knowledge that what Man has made, Man can make again – made easier if you have a working example to go off of.

      The question of merit I concern myself with at this point, is “Will it be enough?”. The combined family secrets, caches and what is home-brewed in small basement workshops…

      And the only way to answer that question (much like answering the question “How will I act when I See The Elephant?”), is to actually have it happen… unfortunately.

      There will always be weak links in the chain, though… Play to your strengths and take steps to minimize or eliminate your weaknesses.

      At this point, it is all one can do.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Well, none of us can predict how this will play out.
        And as much as I personally hate being called a naysayer, I just don’t see much hope out there for the masses to get their shit together. Look at history, it shows time and again, most folks are dumb sheep who just sit around waiting to be told what to do, and does anyone think today is any different?
        Even in our most recent disasters, people sit around waiting to be rescued, very few take the initiative to go out and rescue themselves. Survival instinct is a thing of the past, it’s bred and brainwashed out of us.
        Besides, picking up a gun and defending yourself is so not PC, it shows aggression which is not very nice to show to our minority groups. Victimhood is what it’s all about!

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    (The Elites first (and Last) realization something is dreadfully wrong)

  4. Shutting down Assange’s site went over without so much as a silent protest, but Facebook is probably going strong….

    • Only for lack of an identifiable target. You may say “the government”, but frankly whe don’t know WHICH government (At least I don’t) and, even if it’s USFedGov, what is the target? Should roving bands be taking out Department of Agriculture sites? DOT weigh stations on the freeways?

  5. Obama and McCain’s NDAA destroyed our Bill of Rights. So-called Patriots did jack. That was 4-1/2 years ago. Even Chuck Baldwin has abandoned his ‘Tip of the Spear’ in favor of legalism. Why should the Elites fear us? We just kick the can down the road, squandering precious time. That will be or legacy.

    • Do we really need a bill of rights to know right from wrong, the truth from a lie, a world war from a civil war. God granted each of us, free will, and a ability to read tea leaves. ” Reason”

      The ZH, article is pretty on point. I share their vision. I’m not going to waste my time fighting our govts selected enemy. I’m focused on who MY enemy is, and where I can best locate each of them and their families, on those coming days.

      Sad times.


  6. This is a very important article. Due to the fact that it is being written right now, it indicates that the thermometer is damn near reaching boiling in the pot. FreeFor needs to have a common message prepared to provide to the populace at large that those with similar mindsets as us here will find themselves attracted to. The message needs a sprinkling of Declaration of Independence, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, and TJ. At the end of the day, if we are truly as close as to the edge as written in the article, a freedom message leaves a better taste in the average man’s mouth as compared to bolshevik propoganda. Always remember this. This is our mandate being part of a free liberty people. And as always, buy more fucking ammo.

  7. The Usual Suspect

    AAAaaahhhhhh , the Mean !
    Many Americans upon registering in their consciousness
    that the age of destruction is truly upon us, will literally
    go insane.
    I mean real textbook insanity, not the alternative reality
    diversity good, perversion good, government good insanity.
    They will go MORE CRAZY than they are now.
    I used to think when this country’s day of reckoning came
    I would feel some sort of satisfaction, but I won’t.
    Crazy people don’t feel remorse, guilt, or responsibility
    for the pain they cause, because their crazy.
    They will die , we will be left to fix it all.

  8. not bad essay. Several caveats:

    *the current Zionist/shabbatz goy U.S. regime is actually a good deal more on the q.v. than Marie Antoinette et al. That’s why the gun-grab will soon assume frantic proportions…they know the debtPonzi is fast approaching collapse.

    *the “alt-Left” wants war…with Russia?. That’s nonsense. I’m in touch with some of the hardLeft Tikkun Olas – (((Anna Baltzer))), for one – and they want no such thing. (((Jill Stein))) has said she regards Clinton as far more dangerous than Trump in this respect. Rather, the Tikkun OLas intend to liquidate the White Nations through internal war via the ethnic invasions. It is the Jewish neo-conz and their cuckgoy servants, from George Will through Clinton45, who are pushing for war with Russia…because Russia a) will not submit to open borders globalization and b) is beating up Isramerica’s pet Sunni terrorists in Syria.

    *Trumpaholics. No White man who permitted his daughter to convert to Judaism and marry a Wall St. Jew poses the slightest threat to the ZOG and its destructive projects.

  9. Make no mistake about it, the Trump voters, the Alt-right and the patriot community, combined, may be the largest army on earth. Most likely this above group owns at least 75% of privately held guns in the USSA. The left has given all their guns to the govt. How stupid.
    Obama, the Nobel peace prize winner, has fired off the first shots against the Ruskies today, freezing the bank accounts of RT. Wikileaks has driven Obama and Hillary mad. But mad enough to start a war with Russia BEFORE THE ELECTION!!!! Armed conflict with Russia will not set well with the voters nor with wall street.
    A prayer for the soul of Motorola, who was assassinated yesterday in Donetsk. He was a brutal commander who had no qualms about killing the Nazi Maidans. The Nazi’s couldn’t kill him fairly in combat. Quite the opposite. He killed the Ukronazi’s by the thousands, performing brilliantly, even though he was always out gunned and out manned. Poroshenko thinks he won this battle, but Motorola trained his Sparta Battalion to a frenzy during the ‘ceasefire’, answering every attack by the Azov nazi’s by killing far more of them. He may have been the finest infantry commander on earth when you compare his victory’s to what little he had to work with. Before Obama or Hillary decide to attack Russia, or the deplorables, they may consider that they may be facing a million Motorola’s

  10. A modern masterpiece of succinctness.

    Would that it were dead-tree published on the front page of some leading house organ, merely for the discussion it would provoke, and the cases of vapors among the airheads that would ensue.

    The overwhelming response would be “How dare those deplorables notice the Emperor’s nudity! Now I have to find actual clothes to wear.”

  11. ‘”The Elite “Have No Idea” – Society Is Near The Breaking Point”‘

    I heartily disagree with this statement. It is they who, by design, started us on this path and brought us to this point, and know precisely what the triggers are for the “breaking point” and can manipulate them at will.

    The imperative, the linchpin, the fulcrum upon which achieving their ultimate goal of complete control of the population — is to disarm us. As long as we citizens have guns and a strong dislike of politicians, the government and its agents and agencies, we simply cannot be forced to be the unquestioningly obedient bowed-head hordes that can be ordered about en masse.

    Armed people who have known freedom will not simply give it up because of .gov dicta or passes some law. Armed people, faced with the prospect of losing the freedoms they have known will go down fighting and take as many of their oppressors with them as possible, preferably as high up the chain of command as possible.

    When will the government’s springing of the trap be imminent? When gun ownership is legislated illegal.

    • What makes you think that just because you have a gun that you are free?
      For the entire life span of the United States there have only been a hand full of politicians who have personally faced a constituent voting with his firearm.
      They lost the fear of us a long time back.

    • I agree with you that it is incorrect to say the elites don’t know just how much strain they have put on the load bearing beams of society, after all as you point out they have been doing this quite deliberately. However I still think the overall premise of the article is valid in that the elites don’t know how close they are to producing an equal and opposite reaction.

      I think they have calculated that people would just fall into line and assume their roles in the elites’ Brave New World. Up to this point, the vast majority of the population has given them every indication to believe their assumptions are correct on that point. What they have not properly accounted for is that Chaos doesn’t play favorites. They have to strain the existing order to the breaking point in order to produce the necessary conditions for ushering in their vision of things, but that also produces the necessary conditions for any number of things to be ushered in.

  12. The elite DO have an idea about what’s on the horizon and are already bringing in their troops.


  13. Arrivals is worth the read but to suggest ‘the Elite have no idea’ is nonsense. Of course they have an idea they read the planet’s metadata. They have lived amongst us for thousands of years sharing they’re Occulted knowledge within their own coterie’s. The think anything other than that simple truth is beyond naive & ignorant. They designed Wesrern Civilization’s construct & paradigm. Of course they know & are banking on the populace’s compliance to they’re manufactured & scripted design & new system.

    Stay frosty & brace for impact in 3-2-1 as the time is neigh & anything is possible now that the recently leaked FBI documents files reveal the FBI admitting a ‘Shadow Government’ exists.
    Duh, as millions of people already knew that but now that it’s leaked again perhaps more will pay attention & achieve a new consciousness of sorts.

    • Randall Flagg

      “They have lived amongst us for thousands of years sharing they’re Occulted knowledge within their own coterie’s.”

      You bet they have. The scene below is only an exemplification of it. Sure, we chuckle and snicker at an ignorant populace beguiled by an eclipse. Reality check: it ain’t all that much different than today.

  14. outlawpatriot

    I concur completely. 🙂

  15. Very insightful and interesting article. I really enjoyed it.
    Now here’s the question: Who’s first on your list? How far are you willing to go?
    I’m just finishing the latest read of ‘Unintended Consequences’. We’re there.

  16. The Usual Suspect

    Ya know what is cool though ?
    You just don’t see any of the those people at
    Camp Perry, do you !
    Big mistake ! BIG !

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. All very valid … except that no-one is being tyrannised by “the elites”.

    The tyranny is of a more mundane nature, and the product of your very own sons and daughters, dressed in the uniforms of cops and soldiers.

    Sure, kill all the elites … but the cycle will simply repeat itself, until you address the problem instead of the symptom.

    The problem is the general belief in “authority”.

  19. “On the other hand, Hillary is a lit match in a room of dynamite.”

    I actually think the opposite is true. With Hiligula, the globalists can and will continue their long and patient slide into 1984. A few “lone wolves” might “do something” but the majority will not. We all heard the same rhetoric when obongo was selected and he still enjoys his position. However, should Trump be selected, the opportunity will exist for the globalists to truly blow things up and point the blame directly at the “deplorables” they detest so; “proving” globalism is the solution we all require.

    Create the chaos, build “order” around it. satan ain’t stupid. He’s beaten; but he’ll take as many down with him as possible out of pure spite.

    The globalists/satanists know exactly what they are doing and we are screwed either way. It has been the plan all along. When the ship is going down, the best thing to do is get off the ship.

    God had Noah build an ark to the saving of himself and his family. God gave us deplorables the gift of Christ, Himself.

    Romans 5:8… “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

    Avail yourselves of such and let the ship sink. It is actively choosing its fate. Don’t follow it down.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The globalists/satanists know exactly what they are doing”

      They do seem to be making one big (and, for elites throughout history, common) mistake. They think they can control a force that they really don’t understand/have badly underestimated. These days, it’s Islam. Previously, it has been barbarian tribes, pirates and privateers, religious fervor, revolutionary fervor, ethnic conflict, etc. Islam has elements of almost everything that the elites have thought they controlled, but didn’t, or did, but lost.

  20. Notarealperson

    In short their quality of life has to be hammered. When they see banks failing, their IRA’s and 401K go poof and the real estate market implode, then you’ll have the basis for rebellion. Otherwise the people stay dormant save for a few hot heads.

    Why do you think the elites keep the stock and real-estate markets so pumped up? To give the proles the illusion they have wealth and ergo a future so they don’t eat the elites. Especially proles who armed to the teeth.

    Look the last time the U.S. was ripe for a rebellion of sorts was during the Great Depression that pushed a lot of folks into a corner where they were ready to lash out.

    But we’re not at the tipping point yet. Chances when it happens, it will catch most of us by surprise.