Got That Right


From Curtis via Twitter.

To everything, there is a season.

5 responses to “Got That Right

  1. Exactly.

    Stay positive, keep prepping. Breathe. PT. Garden. Raise Chickens. You don’t have much time left so DO IT NOW. Those things in the back of your mind that have been nibbling at you should be getting knocked out. Focus on local.

  2. while we are well prepared, ” locally”. I’m not even close to prepared here, or anywhere for a nuclear event. Have some old 80s mop suits and a few high end masks, not enough for everybody who is important to me.

    All the FEMA and nuke maps show my local as safe, but who knows anymore.


  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. To that I add, get some gold and silver coins for exchange. Also, the lowly and under praised chicken actually made human civilization possible. Provides a steady source of high protein food. Eggs, meat (50% roosters are born and you need just one.) Can fend for itself without being fed. Multiplies like crazy. Sticks close to its owner. Just needs a safe place to spend the night. I’ll thank the Lord if the breakdown does not happen, but he helps those who help themselves.

  5. Fear not, they WILL wake up. The alarm has to go off first. That sunrise will be like my coffee, bitter and murky.