Molyneux: The Upcoming War Provoked By The US Against Russia, Explained

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  1. So what’s the bad news then?

    • HRC is the likely winner in about 3 weeks.

      • Well boss, you’ve seen me be impatient and write I was tired of waiting.

        Fuck it, just play the cards we’ve been dealt, wasn’t really going to get more ready than where I stand.

      • I don’t watch all that many “talk” videos – too slow – but I’d just finished this one when I loaded WRSA, and there it was. Wow, man, synchronicity.

        “HRC is the likely winner in about 3 weeks.”
        If you’re getting into Molyneux, you might want to check out this alternate view.

        “I hope no one here makes the mistake of believing the post Soviet oligarchy nationalists are the good bad guys on the global stage. ”

      • no, that’s good news. Polarization is our friend: non-urban Whites need to understand that only the gun can save them. And if, along the way, the urban ethnics and white cosmics get nuke’d, that’s good too.

      • colddeadhandsdays

        So you’re seeing her support in her AO? At her rallies? Stickers in cars, signs in yards? Social media is overwhelmingly trending her support? Non-biased, non-dem weighted polls have her ahead?

        I’m sorry, I’m not seeing it like you. AT ALL. Good luck to us all.

        • From your lips to God’s ears.


        • It does not matter who votes. It only matters who COUNTS the votes.

          Not a direct quote, but close enough for government work. The vote “counters” in this country are either Democrats, or Rove Republicans. And nobody else has “standing” in this country’s “Legal” system to contest the results.

          And that doesn’t even touch what they have planned in the Electoral College if Trump wins by anything short of an absolute runaway.

  2. I hope no one here makes the mistake of believing the post Soviet oligarchy are the good guys on the global stage.

    There are no good choices when the lesser of all available evils is still evil.

    • Rational interest analysis suggests, however, that the Russian government and the Russian people(s) pose less of a threat to a Deplorable than does the lethal combination of his own government, both political parties, the global banking class behind the charade, and >50% of his co-residents.

      Less Evil is still a better choice than Most Evil, as painful as that is to accept.

      • There you guys go again thinking that global management is somehow divided on key issues. Why should the Russians, Chinese, Europeans, and Saudis waste their own blood and treasure being globocop in the short term with bases around the planet when the serfs from the FUSA are there to do it for them. Also notice which countries are able to maintain borders and citizenship requirements with never a word mentioned in the FUSA media: Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, etc. Even Canada, Australia and New Zealand do better on who they let in.

        If there’s a conflict between FUSA and FUSSR it will be because it was good for both Putin and the P(uppet)OTUS masters.

        • I don’t disagree at the grand strategic level.

          I still believe that the closer ambitious thug of my country is a greater threat to me than the farther thug of another people.

          • If the FUSA administrators in DC lose actual control of the military machine here (and especially the nukes), then you will see the globalists sweat and the Russian nuclear arsenal warmed up. A Hillary or Trump win doesn’t challenge their agenda and has certainly been factored in. But a false or real escalation that still ends with population reduction doesn’t change their long term agenda.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Less Evil is still a better choice than Most Evil, as painful as that is to accept.”

        Fair enough, but it can be an academic exercise – between Hitler and Stalin, Hitler was probably the less evil, but they were both so far down the evil scale that there really wasn’t much practical difference.

        If both Hillary and Putin want me dead, I’m not inclined to view either very favorably. (Though I think both would be much happier simply looting their respective places, rather than stacking up bodies.)

    • FrozenPatriot

      Yeah those Russians are assholes for sure…

    • “There are no good choices when the lesser of all available evils is still evil.”
      Nonetheless, there are distinct differences between the various shades of evil at this time – like at all other times in history.

      Trump is a very bad candidate, and is not exactly my idea of Presidential, let alone Constitutional (though he’s getting a bit better over time). So you COULD say that he’s evil…but most definitely a LITTLE evil compared to the GIGANTIC evil of Hillary.

      WRT the Russians vs. us, it seems to me that they are mostly reacting to us. They lost the Cold War, their economy went tits up and still hasn’t recovered. They are at a significant disadvantage, but are trying to restore some of their former power to have more control over their destiny. Soros HATES Putin, and I’m sure that there’s no love lost going back the other way. Why? Because Putin is a nationalist and wants no part of the New World Order. I’m no apologist for Russia or the Soviet Union – my family was victimized by both over many, many decades by them – but I don’t view a rational nationalist as the enemy, but rather someone who can be dealt with on the basis of mutual self-interest. Trump, for all of his multitude of flaws, will try to do that. Hillary may get us a pre-emptive strike even before assuming office. BIG difference, HUGE! YUUUUUUGE!

  3. FrozenPatriot

    There is no excuse for pushing Russia — a country with the GDP of Italy — into a nuclear exchange. It is inexcusable. It is unforgivable.

    People do not start wars. Only governments start wars.

    People do not commit genocide. Only governments commit genocide.

    Remember that, government trough dwellers, when the balloon goes up and you’re singled out for the thanks and gifts you’re due because of your freely chosen profession. Remember what your organization does to otherwise peaceful, freedom loving people. Remember how your team has treated your fellow man throughout history. From the massacre at Wounded Knee, to the barbecue at Waco, to the open murder of LaVoy, you have earned every ounce of contempt we the people have been saving up with interest.

    If team government starts a hot war with a nuclear superpower, things may not go well for those playing for team government.

    • But things will CONTINUE to go well for those playing for Team Government as long as the Only Ones are around. Unless and until Mere Citizens understand that, NOTHING will change for the better.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “People do not start wars. Only governments start wars.”

      One exception – frontier areas. Governments have little to no control over those. Anything that happens in those sorts of regions tends to be a local fight that eventually draw government(s) in.

      Of course, the Western world doesn’t really have those any more, although some Western countries have ended up putting people in areas that do.

  4. Silver lining: Russian ICBMs with multiple independent warheads are likely to annihilate Washington DC, NYC, Chicago, LA. That alone would do more to bring back a constitutional American republic than a century of voting at the problem.

  5. There is no war with Russia being planned, or will be permitted to happen–would be too risky for the Khazarians’ next base of operations, Europe.
    What is happening is that the Khazarian fifth-column is working tirelessly to integrate Syria into Greater Israel (Look it up). Russia is blocking this for several reasons. The most important being to block the Khazarians and their US wardog from waging the war they DO plan with Iran–A war to cement Israeli and Khazarian hegemony over the Middle East.

    The other reason is to block Israel from gaining a pipeline route for their offshore gas fields to Europe. If permitted access to Syria, and associated pipeline routed, Israel would become a competitor to Russia in supplying energy to Europe.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

    • good analysis, but mistaken conclusion. The Tikkun Olas have decided Israel is safely south of the main blast/radiation zones. And killing off millions of diaspora Jews ( see: “holocaust”) to obtain a specific objective (Israel, then; extermination of Whites, now)) has never bothered the Zionists one little bit.

    • An American NATIONAL, not US subject.

      • Either way, not a US subject. However a “citizen” is concerned not just with himself but also with the well being of his country and fellow countrymen. A “national” is only concerned with himself. But I could stand alongside an American national against the US tyranny without any problem.

        An American citizen, not US subject.

  6. War is an exit strategy, a fail safe for the treasonous tyrant crowd. That and it’s great for piling more fear and stress on Joe Average.

    Stay positive, keep prepping. Grow. Learn. Do.

  7. Very dramatic presentation with some excellent points made. Is the Trump position really all that different however? I truly wish it was. Of course, Mr. Trump himself can’t say such, but what about his political sidekick?

  8. If you look, there are many serious people who think that the Israeli-Neocons and deep state and oligarchs are pushing for a war with Russia. Our fomenting the revolution in the Ukraine was just the first attempt of our oligarchs and their takeover of the world’s resources. People don’t count, neutron bombs, …

    That is a hell of an image, now that I think of it : EMPs and neutron bombs, leaving a pristine scene, just skeletons. And meanwhile, the oligarchs have survived in their deep bunkers, fully prepped for years.

    One can see why the Russians worry about a first strike. In their position, I would emphasize really big bombs and lots of them, I am afraid to look at their military doctrine vs ours.

  9. War with Russia = War with the New Troika … Vladville, MaoMart and Persia.

    It won’t go nuclear unless al-Amerikwa initiates. Read Club Orlov to see a rational explication of how it would go. Infrastructure interdiction, and no mass casualties, just a paralyzed opponent. Znayu ?

    ‘Kwa forces that are forward deployed will be Dien Bienb Phu-ed. Quickly. For background, see ‘Sunburn,’ ‘Yakhont,’ and S-400 – which ends Western air superiority moves. Vlad plays chess, Barry watches ESPN. Vlad was head of the KGB, Barry is the final fruit of PC-accommodative Affirmative Theft, and all he does is weed and reggielove. Thecunt is a tool for Banksters, so she’s onboard with mayhem to cover the $$ falldown

    The Troikas’ citizens are fluent with scarcity and duress. Kwafolk ? Notsomuch.

    Russia has no imperial ambition, unlike the AngloAmBanksters. The petrodollar is circling the bowl, so expect death throes from its’ Owners.

    Prepare Accordingly

  10. Extremely interesting. The discussion going on sees a post-nuclear world. I have zero interest in living in a post nuclear world. i want nothing to do with it. Zero tolerance is the only logical path. Why let logic get in the way of aggressive primates and their lethal toys.Any one that endorses nuclear use is out of their fucking minds. With feasible fusion technology in the near future, the nuclear paradigm could become a positive. Hand-held death rays will be available soon. An insect colony.getting run over by a lawn mower. .I enjoy and appreciate every day on this side of the dirt.