Project Veritas Action: Two Videos On How The DNC Plans To Win


First video above; second below:

Best to have a well-thought-out plan for 8 November forward.

Tempus fugit.

26 responses to “Project Veritas Action: Two Videos On How The DNC Plans To Win

  1. Welcome to the list, sir…..

  2. Hang from bridge.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      No–not from a bridge.
      Hang upside down from a gas-station…. like Mussolini and his girlfriend.

  3. Leftists are evil because they are eaten up with the mortal sin of Envy.

    • Yesser, they are “right at home” and comfortable with being their own gods; crooked, vile, violent, rude, obnoxious, and they love to redefine things to suit their likes and dislikes.

      No wonder they usually win.

  4. “We’ve got a little list, they never will be missed……” The Mikado

  5. Fogal and creamer both shit canned as of today. Thats about the most justice we’ve seen to date. Pray its the beginning of a giant snowball.

  6. I don’t care how the Demoncrats win. Just so they win. Go ‘way, Dead Elephants. You are a useless distraction, and the stench is overwhelming.

    • PO'd American

      How can you say that about the GOP? They are the best thing that ever happened to the dumbo rats. You are a total idiot and schill, go away.

  7. colddeadhandsdays

    So, does anyone on our side have counter operations going on? Opinions?

    • No. Rest assured the rnc is helping them.

      Well all know the end result though. Hillary “wins” and the the next day the largest gun/ammo panic ever will ensue — out of fear.


      cdhd: If they do have plans, they are not sharing. Just as well.

  8. Not only does the DNC plan to “win” in this manner, but the RNC will do their best to abet them.

  9. Notice how most of these tough-talking, pink-handed girlie-men get somebody else…like the homeless, the mentally ill, illegals, retard union thugs, clueless college punks…to do their dirty work.

    Useful idiots…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      To give just one example: vegetarian painter, chicken farmer, and violinist. Not exactly a trio of masculine tough guys, but quite adequate for killing millions. Most Leftist groups run the same – they may not win many fistfights, but their hatred of life lets them kill like nobody’s business.

    • And what else are they using these mentally ill for? Blatant false flags taken a step further and you get killed judge and shot Giffords in AZ or mass shooting for political purposes.

      The protests shutting down Lake Shore Dr. with Bushie Jr. “anti-war” lefty is another example of a set-up. Installing the undocumented pisslam allegiance puppet Barry Soetoro was the next deception.

      We’ve got three weeks yet — how much further corruption will be exposed from project veritas, wikileaks and the answer is the whole damn system needs an enema. Pretty much goes beyond an election what has to be dealt with, though population already goin hot as neither will accept the other’s nomination. Praise the Lord for the internet ultra filtered chocolate milk and talon hollow points.

  10. MichiganderJim

    I suggest that people sit back and wait to see what everyone else does. I figure it’s the easy way to eliminate anyone who would follow that crack advice.

  11. As revealing as the 2 videos show, I doubt highly that the exposure will do anything of a significant nature that makes any necessary difference.

    Even last night on Faux Nooz, the reporter describing these videos referred to them as “highly edited”, implicating statements taken out of context, and it would be interesting to view the entire videos to prove such a claim.

    We’ve all known for some time this was happening…but we’ve seen how truth is twisted to fit the narrative. No surprise here…

  12. Creamer was a regular @ Chalkie’s…

  13. Shinmen Takezo

    These two video are in fact just a snowflake on a vast conspiracy the size of Mount Everest.

    The problem is within every major DNC cell, in every major city in the USA.

    After the 94 earthquake in Los Angeles there were literally hundreds of earthquake damage vacant homes and large apartment complexes. The commies were having ballots delivered to these vacant apartment complexes and homes for an election cycle–you would see the postal workers still stuffing absentee ballots into these mailboxes even though no one was living in the buildings.

    Also in the Los Angeles bubble–the illegals vote by the zillions. There is no way or will to verify eligibility.

    Yes the system is rigged.

    And this is coming to most all red states with the influx of illegals and these mu-slime refugees… all of which go directly on the government tit upon arrival.

    The intent is to permanently change the voting demographics in red-state permanently as they did in California who elected Ronald Regan by two massive landslides… this changed after the first amnesty in the mid 80’s forever–and this is what is going to happen to Texas, Arizona, Florida, Missouri and other seemingly “safe red states.”

  14. You saw the full-court press on O’Keefe after his exposės on Planned Parenthood. How many people’s minds were changed after all the dust cleared? How many even remember that now?

    Hopefully Trump will eviscerate Cankels tonight with this (and more).

    Hopefully this won’t be forgotten because the election is only 20 days away.

  15. The “fix”, as they say, is in. Nice to see confirmation of what I already knew, but it’s like hearing the noise of a tank battalion approach, without seeing them. You know damn well what it is, but you can’t see it yet. Then they’re in your face, firing at you, and you’ve got confirmation of what you thought. Since I heard those noises long ago, I’ve been preparing for the appearance of what those noises will bring. We are such stuff as dreams are made on; And our little life is rounded with a sleep.

  16. These videos reveal inconvenient truth, just like the revelation of baby body parts from abortions being sold for huge sums to genetic research suppliers.

  17. Used to be hack media and DOJ were interested in this type of thing…well that mantle can be picked up by We The People…

    Creamer’s connection with White Mosque, headline reads different but well over 300 visits including one on one with Obummer:
    Why Did Vote-Rigging Robert Creamer Visit The White House Over 200 Times During The Obama Admin

    Henchgal who disrupted AZ and Chiraq rally paid by Hildeabeast with funds and burner phone:
    Proof the Hillary Campaign Had Protester on their Payroll