VDH: The Neutron Bomb Election Of 2016


Dying husks scatter the field.

With masks dropping on all sides, all that remains is Force.

And Guile.

10 responses to “VDH: The Neutron Bomb Election Of 2016

  1. Great piece….American society is being revealed to be a Potemkin shell of its former self, which this election will likely blow away like a ghost town….

  2. cuck Hanson’s on cloud 9. There’ll be no more of these Zionist-Uniparty fake elections after this charade. Cliinton45 and her flock of warmongering neo-cohens will see to that. The only real question: will CW II break out before – or after – the nuclear exchange. I’d prefer after. With most of the urban ethnics and White cosmics bar-B-q’d, the cleanup tasks of the surviving White Deplorables in flyover-country will be so much easier.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    Money shot;
    Who are the big losers of 2016, besides the two candidates themselves? The D.C. ‘establishment’ and its ‘elites’
    Well, Praise God! Thanks to Trump, we have finally got the party started. Someone please let Claire know that the first shot has been fired. The route (rout) has started, and now we need to start the clean up. These self appointed “Royals” should be gone asap-how is up to each individual liberty minded dirt person.

  4. Dry husks, mere shells of a “hollowed out” country, riven and raped by traitors, blown about by ill winds….

    Is this your legacy to your children?

    Are you men of honor, or merely helpless witnesses to the passing facade?

    What makes your lives too precious to spend in Liberty’s defense and preservation?

  5. Even if Trump wins and turns out to be the genuine article, there is still the angst of knowing how deeply entrenched the corruption is, how difficult it will be to root it out, and the fact that the lefties/commies just won’t STFU and go away, but will come back with fiery vengeance.

  6. “Oil profits — from Russia, the Persian Gulf, and the autocracies of the former Soviet Union — fueled the Clinton cash nexus.”

    There’s that FUSSR again that’s supposedly the enemy of the oligarchs on this side of the planet.

  7. The idiot Savant philosopher says: Absolutely power corrupts absolutely. Nothing kills like Ignorance, structural violence & poverty. Nothing, comes close.
    Red Queen Evolutionary Dynamics always in play.
    Danger close – brace for impact in 3-2-1

  8. I quit reading Hanson some time ago.

    In this cycle he has outed himself as the elitist snob he really is.

    He tries like hell to paint (actually, whitewash) himself as an oppressed grape farmer overwhelmed by the Mexican horde in the CA Central Valley when he actually “earns” his bread as a highbrow Uni professor and an “esteemed” writer at the cuck sites PJM and NRO.

    His tales of woe at the hands of the Brown Horde infecting my state (also CA) are legendary and full of “woe-is-me” tripe. Yeah, they are probably true but ring hollow to us peons in the trenches who suffer far worse on a daily basis from the decades of Mexican invasion we White Dirt People have endured. I’m a fucking CA native too and have experienced this shit firsthand for 65 years, from the Mexican gangs in my junior and high schools to fighting against bi-lingual ed in the public school (as a Sp-Ed teacher) for almost 30 years. 

    He wrote a couple of great pieces at City Journal a few years ago (well worth the read) on the complete destruction of our formally-rational water policy by the fuckers in Sacramento who prefer the survival of a 3″ bait-fish (Delta Smelt) over humans, but otherwise is snobbish prick.

    Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

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