We Are The President


From over the transom.

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  1. Like the man says at https://outlandersystemsblog.wordpress.com/2016/10/10/fuck-you/, my vote today for Donald Trump was a fat middle finger to the elites, the deep state and the MSM propaganda arm for the elites. Fuck ALL of them.

    Yeah, I’m one of the “deplorable” people. Now come GET me, you elitist fuckers.

  2. The hell the Clitons have shared/put each other through in their insatiable lust for power, is nothing compared to the REAL INTERNAL HELL which their actions will inherit.

    In this world, that is a small satisfaction compared to the assault on our lives and our children’s lives which result from their predations.

    Crime…. Appropriate punishment.


  3. It’s rather easy to imagine BillyBoy on TV in the coming months, all smug, telling everyone, “Sure is nice to be President again.”

    To the cheers of the Donkeycrats everywhere.

  4. Soon, a new (to Americans) word,is going come into wide usage. Brigandage. Raping women, and burning villages. Leaders often unknowingly, show the people they lead, what they really mean, contrary to their words, by their actions. The people obligingly follow their lead. Notice if you will, through out history, that the more corrupt and brutal the leaders, the more corrupt and brutal the people they rule. It is said that the populace and their morality, produce leaders of the same morality. But the Bible is replete with overwhelming evidence of leaders who, “By their ways, caused all Israel to sin”. It is a much easier affair, for the many to see the one, and follow their example. In the hands of any man, riches and power turn choir boys into cut throats. Over the entrance door to every leadership school I went to in the Army, was a sign that said, “Lead by Example”. It’s not advice. It’s a warning.

  5. New caption for your sign:

    It takes a pair to rape a village.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. HHH Old Vet.

    Can You Imagine, the Clintoons, Obamo, the whole of Congress and Senator’s being waterboarded etc.to give up the Secrets of THE TREASON they have committed while in elected positions?? They would tell ALL on each other.
    What a LONG Report that would be. THEN HANG THEM ALL. NO PARDONS.
    The Problem with that is where do you find the right persons who are HONEST?? and Love our country and it’s people?

    The above would be the Ultimate satisfaction for ME and many other Americans.
    Can there ever be an Honest Government? I wonder.