Ending This Edition On A Happy Note


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Broken friendships as a concern suggests the need for more realism in considering the post-election landscape.

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  1. yup, I’ll vote for them to leave me alone and stop taking my stuff. they will vote for mess’n with me more and taking more of my stuff…….but why can’t we be friends?

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    People need to quit wringing their hands over lost friendships, business partners, and neighbors-who will dump you or berate you because YOU don’t support THEIR candidate/point of view/plans for the future. Screw all of them. I have dumped a lot of assholes that I used to refer to as friends. What I feel is more free, lighter of heart, and unencumbered. I don’t need approval to live my life on my terms. View things as the actually are-no excuses.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That’s a good point. Enjoy being freed from a bad relationship. It’s always a good thing. However, don’t make the mistake of forgetting about them, because they almost certainly aren’t forgetting you.

    • In my case, the people who support Killary because of their beliefs or feeeeeeeelings (without any actual evidence to support their delusions), I’ve been happily posting the following meme: https://memecrunch.com/meme/100C3/fuck-your-feelings/image.jpg?w=404&c=1

      I just don’t fucking care anymore. They support the corrupt government, support Killary, they’re a fucking enemy. When SHTF, won’t help them, will send them on their way (at best) empty-handed.

      Fuck every ONE of ’em in the neck. TWICE.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      I’m watching the debate. Everytime Hildabeast says “It isn’t our values”, I am taking a shot. I should be drunk in 10 minutes.

  3. Re your conclusion: Exactly so.
    I dropped two friendships the first year or so after 9/11. I was no longer willing to pretend to respect certain viewpoints for social reasons.

  4. “Internment camps??” Did you say.”Internment Camps???” Whiskey Tango Foxtrot have you been smoking??????? There ain’t gonna be no Camps!! Go Figure??? Why would they “B-O-T-H-E-R-??????” There ain’t no body that would go into one that would come out alive any way!!! None of us would get “Re-Educated!!” There is only one answer!!!!.”FIGHT AND OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOT THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GOT GUNZ……………..OUTLAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
    skybill-out……………….for now
    PS. sorry I had to go into “Hyper Space” but the Thought of “Internment Camps is a real “JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  5. I have burned many a bridge, even if the other end is unaware.

    I have long since tired of trying to reach them.

    Like amputating a rotting limb, it’s painful but preferable to the alternative.

  6. If you were “friends” with ANYONE who would consider viting for Hillary Clinton then you need to seriously reconsider your curcle of friends. I will not knowingly let a fuckibg Democrat in my house, much less be fruends with one – and that includes inlaws and other so callex “family “.

  7. I have very directly informed my ‘friends’ that a vote for Clinton is an act of treason and will be dealt with appropriately. I have directly informed said ‘friend’ group to cease any and all contact with me if they support that lying, traitorous cunt.

  8. James Free Man

    No we cannot be friends because I will not be interred. I may be dead, but I will still be a free American. You on the other hand, unless you join me, will be a slave of the state. If you vote for Hillary I hope you rot in hell. That is all.

  9. How can anyone who votes to kill me (Democrat) be considered as a friend in the first place?

  10. If the election that hasn’t happened yet is already ending friendships, imagine what the civil war will do.

    • Tired of all this sh*t

      Your logic is impeccable.
      I am shamelessly stealing it, to be shared with my family and *real* friends.
      P.S. I already dumped several of my old “friends”. It hurts, but at the same time it feels liberating.

  11. I’ve already had a version of this thrown out there by one of my “friends.” The only reason I haven’t given them the boot has to do with target acquisition.

  12. The bible says in the last days many will turn on one another. Mother against daughter, etc etc.

    When everything is discussed along political lines including the type of coffee I drink – the ability to get along with anyone these days unless they are of the exact mindset as you is nearly impossible.

    At this stage in the game, anyone that doesn’t see eye to eye with me is no longer in the picture or “circle of trust”. It’s not worth it and quite frankly a serious risk/liability.

  13. The minimum sentence for “people” who vote for Clinton should be a lifetime of civil innatention; step 2 should be a boycott all their businesses.

    Some people have been doing this since 11/2008.

    Do not validate their paradigm by helping them in any way.

  14. I considered and reconsidered posting this little
    reminder since last night. After getting a nights
    rest, thought it relevant to instill the goodness
    of Significance – A Fine Line, between how far
    should one go as to cease & decist between family,
    friends, and stangers in our midst.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  15. Two weeks ago I went apeshit regarding dumping people over political ideologies, “APN” Yesterday, I was taking a shot at many here who are not voting. I said I was going with Clinton, to get this party started.

    DanIII called me on it. Thank you Dan. I’ve been on record here from day one of Trumps announcement that I was in support of his candidacy, never wavered.

    I’m even more on board, with his latest que, of senate/ house term limits, and anti corruption policies.

    CA had a post up regarding doing the same thing over and over but expecting different outcomes.” Einstein “. Yet we the people continue to vote these same piles of shit into office.

    A small group of friends and me have initiated our own term limit rules. To alien with presidential policy. No more then 8 years. The career politicians are the REAL problem, their bullet proof, cuz the asshole public keeps seating them.

    I’ve been fighting with our local news paper asking them to,simply post the voting record of every second term candidate, let their votes be recognized and judged for what/ who they have supported.

    The papers stated no,way, not their jobs. Fuck them, their far left anyway.

    I have to believe in our nation, and to make informed choices, I have to know how these pukes vote. Here in Oregon, we have republicans who are closet Dems.

    We have a senator who is really a citizen a of New York State, representing us. WTF. conservatives have zero representation in this state, as in most states the population base is the northern part of the state, and vote dem.

    I’ve worked closely with our local conservative elected senators upper and lowe house, to make my vote count for my party.

    Our state rules are the majority of the votes gets all the votes, across the state. I find nothing about this fair or honest.

    So a presidential candidate you is speaking openly about implementing term limits is important to,me. A presidential candidate talking about addressing the corruption, is important to me.

    In the past 24 years I don’t recall ANY legitimate presidential candidate, ever openly talking about these issues. Also the truth in media, stuff is clearly needed.

    In my humble opinion these three platform issue would go along ways in cleaning out the sleaze that’s referred to as DC.

    I know, I’m grasping at straws. I’ve worn some sort of uniform since I was five years old, from cub scouts, thru the military and a 25 year career as a cop.

    My mistake was I really thought I could make a difference for the people I served, not the cities, counties and political scum who set policy.

    It took me retiring early, and searching out the truth to,come to the position and sentiment I’ve embrassed today.

    The fact that I’m on WRS, daily reading, learning arguing, is proof positive that some birds can indeed change their feathers.

    As they are silencing wikileaks so to will THEY, try and silence WRS, and other freedom based sites, their to dangerous to leave unchecked.

    The CIA and NSA are both on record saying that with sites like WRS, drudge, Breitbart etc etc, the minipulation of the general public is far more difficult these days.

    In my mind that’s a glaring tribute and testament to the good work the listed sites are having within the population.

    I’d like to thank each one of you for sharing your insight, and making me think. I may not always agree but you,make me think, which is the most important.

    Right wrong, I’m asking each one of you to take a chance, vote, as I see a no vote as a vote for that cunt, Clinton, and her criminal,cartel,namely DC.


  16. Let’s simplify, shall we…… I wouldn’t cross a street to piss in a leftists mouth if his guts were afire. Being friends/doing business with same isn’t something that even crosses my mind.

  17. After the election will we see the same situation that existed in Missouri and Kansas after the Civil War? Perhaps. Internment camps? Aren’t we already living in an electronic internment camp? A soft dictatorship waiting to go full gulag at any minute?

  18. HHH Old Vet.

    Had to throw out an family member, they are voting HRC, collecting 7500.00 a month retirement from Sam for national Guard and back stabbing family in a legal manner because they want “Free” property (his Mothers home).
    I let him live, screw legal, when some one violates your TRUST X4 that is way enough chances, if he comes to the door ever again, he’ll be carried away.

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  20. See those guns?
    See that guy refusing to submit comply or bend a knee?
    Look like they are pointed only at Trump?
    Look like Because Fuck You Thats Why?
    Any questions?