Bracken Says It All In Three Seconds

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  1. Yup definitely getting that tattoo!!

  2. That’s Trotsky there, right?

  3. colddeadhandsdays

    That’s great but they can come for you anytime once the laws on the books. Also if they catch you carrying once they outlawed they’ll throw you away and lose the keys. What good are having guns if you have to fucking hide them away and buried them? At that point they’ve essentially disarmed you.

    The better solution if they wrote your rights away but they don’t have jurisdiction over is to apply the Matt Bracken enemies foreign and domestic solution at the long range. See unintended consequences as well.

    • Matt is right like he is on everything. Amazing man.

      It’s pretty basic. There are no rights if you can’t defend them.
      It’s like the chicken or the egg.
      What came first, your natural rights or your natural right to guns to defend those rights?
      It isn’t a question, has no bearing on the matter, they are inextricably linked. One can not exist without the other.
      What anyone else says contrary about that doesn’t matter either.
      There isn’t anything to be concerned with, but a bunch of clowns who think, key word here, think, they are going to come take both.
      Because that is what it is about.
      It is not the guns, or the rights, they want to deny us, it is both.

      I think they should try it.
      I live in WV where no arms except what is defined as class II and “destructive devices” by the ATF are restricted by tax stamps and required paperwork, but no state laws restrict any of them. We even have constitutional carry. In spirit and practice, most already “constitutional carried”.
      To put it mildly, no pun intended, it is going to be a fucking bitch for Clinton Crime Inc. II to nullify WV states sovereignty regarding weapons.
      My experience as a West Virginian is it is impossible. They will have to send in fully loaded combat troops. Forget WV National Guard. Hillbillies in these mountains are the worlds consumate givers of the middle finger. It will have to be federal troops. It will be a meat grinder in these hollows and along the ridges if it comes to a fight. Fallugha will be akin to a fart in a mitten once it begins.
      We know the crown bitch and her pedophile husband hate us with a passion like no other people they despise. All they have to do is come try. Nobody but a few timid guys are going to even give surrendering their guns a second thought, never mind relinquish their property. It just isn’t going to happen. It runs deeper than that.
      Who ever it is that is sent in to do the deed, they are gonna be bled dry. To come into these hills and mountains with the intent to deny a WV man his rifle and guns is an act of cultural, political and military insanity.

      • Centurion_Cornelius

        Yepper, mtnforge! Me and my kin are just north of you in Buckeye Land. We know every river, creek, spring, oak tree, mire, floodplain, knoll, and valley in the tri-county area. All their fancy-jack electronic bullshit, choppers, satellites, and thermal imaging won’t help ’em in any gun grab.

        When it happens, I predict it will be staged and planned “local” to a large degree, as these will be “trial balloons” for tyrants trying to learn. An “apprenticeship” if you will. It will result in a journeyman’s fellowship of death. Some will die quick and easy, some not so.

        Once things go hot and blood is spilled, there’s no going back.

        All I can tell them—dying ain’t much of a learning experience.

      • Agreed, mtnforge. Yet, the important 3rd leg of that barstool of the rights and the right to defend them, is the willingness to use aggressive defense, especially under unfavorable/unpopular conditions.

        If the stormtroopers are coming up the valley, all those optics are in your favor. Anything short of that, and the hand-wringers will second-guess any violent stand by you and yours. Think Bundy Ranch and Malheur National Refuge.

        And Team Global has mapped out those same optics, which is why they almost certainly won’t be storming up the valley. Instead, they’ll have DNR report a “chemical spill” into a river, and order evacuations. That happened in WV about 3 or 4 years ago, and I noticed at the time how obediently a reported 20,000(?) moved out.

        Not casting aspersions about those folks, just sayin that if/when it happens again, and your gang digs in and fights back, whether the opposition is armed with M4’s or bureaucrat clipboards, you’ll find hearty endorsement in the Land of Livermush.

  4. Some people sell most of their firearms to people who have since died; who knows what the deceased has done with them…..

  5. Jeffery in Alabama

    As a friend told another friend not long ago referring to any gun grab, “Bury them?” Now is the time to dig them up and make ready for any “festivities” that might pass this way”! Excellent post by Mr. Bracken and yes, that sums things up in three seconds.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Spent day cleaning and reloading mags. Last several days have been spent reloading every last piece of empty brass, the empty ones don’t do you any good sitting in a can when you need them.
      Bury guns? What ancient buried his axe or sword, or shoved his bow into the mud?
      You’ve got to be fukn kidding me….right?

      • An offsite cache is the only reason to bury them. Otherwise they need to be readily accessible.

  6. All this is putting off the inevitable if laws are passed that ban (fill in the blank): when is ‘the right time’?, who/whom will push back? will there be push back? and how will the ‘festivities’ kick off (that would be team fed and their minions who will be the door kickers)? It’s good therapy to scream, rant, pontificate, thump your chest and it all sounds good but in the end, is there anyone out there with the balls to take a hard stand when ‘it’ happens?
    Inquiring minds (or what’s left of mine) would like to know …………..

  7. If you like your guns, you can keep your guns…

  8. The only problem with gun control is that we have been controlling ours. Think Matt Bracken.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Notarealperson

    When CA first enacted draconian gun laws because of a school shooting that made most so-called “assault rifles” illegal including the M-1 Garand. What happened, less than a thousand people registered their guns.

    It was a giant FU to the police and politicians, and they kept the numbers quiet for a long time because it showed how weak they really are. And they are.

    Hillary also doesn’t get that every major city is a frigging powder keg that is barely kept functioning. If something happened to make EBT cards stop working or if the police were sent elsewhere they go boom. So not only would she be fighting PO’ed whites but millions of Blacks on a rampage chewing up the business district and those liberal urban whitopias of the management class.