1. America has got to be the most dumbed down Idiocracy populace metric per capita of accessability & ability to get accurate truthful information vs. lazy – complacent – apathetic – consciouly stupid by choice vs. ignorance on the planet.

    Using a proven corrupt, criminal broken & rigged voting system under the pretext of a ‘Democracy’ or Democrstic process is beyond ineffable at times.

    Carry on & brace for impact

  2. Idiots are using the same old tired magics to try and control things. Get them off script and the polish wears off those participation trophies quick.

  3. That question was a beauty. What a way to preauthorize cheating. Predebate, im listening to the MSM talkinging about how “academic studies” show voter fraud is completely impossible. Then the setup question in the debate and now its their only talking point: will Trump destroy the US (when he catches us cheating?)

    If he said he would preconcede in spite of fraud then he would have pre-ok’d any fraud they commit.

    To top it off, after the debate, i watched multiple videos of NY state officials and pol operatives openly discussing the fraud they already commit.

    America is a child with an absent dad and an abusive single mom, and dad finally came home. Dad may be right but where the fuck has he been, cause we grew up without him and moved out. Mom is insane. Now their fighting in the livingroom. And all we want is to light the house on fire. Fuck that house. Burn it down with them inside. We’ve already left.

  4. Early voting is nothing more than some advance sampling to help determine if we get Hillarump or Trillary for president.

  5. If citizens of a state vote for a candidate; but the state delegates vote for the other candidate. The citizens’ vote is null and void. That is how the race for president will be stolen. Need to check the state delegates bank accounts for pay offs. AL

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  7. According to the DNC and their media lapdogs, we should all enter a courtroom on a promise not to appeal a guilty verdict. Especially after the evidence says says otherwise.

  8. It was a hell of a country.

    And CA, when they come for me im tellin em you made me write it.

  9. Don’t fear – Doodoo helps us! 🙂